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What to take to Uni: 5 things you need to buy before starting university

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If you’re going away to university, the chances are that it is your first time moving away from home. This can be overwhelming and many students find themselves over-packing, cramming their already-tight living space with unnecessary appliances, documents and more.

So if you’re busy packing for your first taste of life away from home, here are the 5 most useful things that may not be on your uni packing list:

1. A laundry hamper (with handles)

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You might get away with a fancy, wicker laundry basket at home, but when you’ve got to carry all of your dirty clothes to the on-site laundrette, you might want something a bit sturdier like this collapsible laundry basket from Amazon.

Alternatively, if you’re really organised, you could buy a laundry bag to separate the darks, lights and colours in your ever-growing laundry pile!

2. Tupperware

Lots of tupperware falling out of a cupboard onto a woman

Uni life is busy and it can be expensive, so many students opt to make their own meals in batches. Whether you’ve cooked 3 days’ worth of pasta or just want to keep some leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, a good Tupperware bundle like this one will meet all of your food storage needs.

If you’re looking for something of a little higher quality, you could upgrade to these glass meal prep containers, which we’re certain will make all of your new flatmates envious.

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3. A reusable coffee cup

A woman shouting 'where's my coffee'

Whether it’s to wake you up for that 9am lecture or to get you through a late night at the library, coffee is often a student’s best friend – but daily trips to your local café don’t come cheap, so you’d be wise to invest in a reusable coffee cup.

They come in a range of different colours and patterns, plus it’ll keep your drink hot for longer and is much better for the environment than a single-use cup!

Bob’s Tip: Take your own reusable cup to your local café (including Costa, Starbucks, etc.) - they’ll fill it up for you and might even take some money off your bill, making it a must for your university checklist.

4. Cutlery

An animated character with knives and forks in his hands

Depending on where you’re staying, you may have basic cutlery provided for you – but if not, it is certainly something you should buy before you move in. You may want to buy a cheaper Amazon cutlery set for your first year, as things will inevitably go missing in a shared kitchen, or perhaps pay a little extra to get a set which you’ll be able to distinguish from others.

5. Ear plugs

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At university, sleeping patterns generally go out of the window. Whether you’re getting in at 4am and snoozing until mid-afternoon or taking the night off to get some much-needed sleep, you can pick up a good pair of ear plugs for less than a fiver.

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