AA Car Insurance

  • 5-star Defaqto rating for AA's fully comp policies (11 years)
  • Uninsured driver promise, new for old cover and more benefits
  • 10% of customers paid £171 or less for fully comp cover (between Jun & Aug 2020)

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AA car insurance is one of the UK’s most reputable insurance companies, albeit perhaps better known for their breakdown cover service, which starts from just £15 when applying for cover with them as a new AA customer and purchasing Roadside Assistance alongside your insurance policy (this deal initially lasts for 12 months)

Founded in 1905, they have since branched into other services and products, now offering driving lessons, road maps, loans, leasing, car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, savings accounts and expert motor-related advice.

You can manage your policy online, over the phone or via The AA app, which you can also use to access AA membership discounts with hundreds of retailers, restaurants and cinemas across the country.

What does AA's car insurance cover you for?

The AA offers two types of car insurance policies: fully comprehensive and third-party, fire and theft cover (TPFT). The first type of policy will provide you with the most protection while out on the roads, and at Bobatoo, we always recommend that drivers opt for this level - in many cases, it may work out cheaper than TPFT.

Fully comprehensive car insurance

As part of a comprehensive car insurance policy with The AA, you will get:

  • A courtesy car as standard while yours is being repaired/has been written off or stolen
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Uninsured driver promise (keep your NCB when hit by an uninsured driver)
  • New for old cover (get a brand new car if yours is written off or stolen and less than 13 months old from registration date)
  • £1,000 towards replacement locks & keys
  • Replacement child seats if damaged
  • AA car insurance benefits (discounts, offers etc.)
  • Windscreen, window and sunroof cover
  • The option to save money with an AA multi-car insurance policy

To further protect yourself, you are also able to add the following extras to your policy:

  • Discounted AA breakdown cover - from just £15
  • Motor legal assistance
  • Excess protection insurance
  • Motor accident plan (extra benefits)

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT)

White a third-party, fire and theft policy from the AA, you won't have as much cover and protection as the fully comp policy. It will cover you for the following events only:

  • Other drivers and people (injuries), their vehicles and property in an at-fault accident (not damage done to you or your vehicle).
  • If your car is stolen, you will get a replacement.
  • Damage to your vehicle that occurs due to theft (broken locks, damaged radio, etc.).
  • Fire damage (accidental and arson).

Many drivers choose TPFT insurance because they think it will be a lot cheaper than fully comp, but this isn't always the case. Insurers have found through statistics that drivers with third-party, fire and theft policies tend to make more claims on their insurance policies compared to those with fully comp cover.

If you even have an accident, fully comp will also help you cover all costs involved, whereas with a TPO (third-party only) or TPFT policy, you will end up having to cover any costs that aren't included in your cover, yourself.

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AA multi-car insurance

Many UK insurers offer discounts for customers who are insuring more than one vehicle with one policy, known as multi-car insurance.

This type of cover makes insurance easier to manage as everything's under one policy, rather than having individual policies for each vehicle and trying to manage them all.

The AA is also one of those insurers to offer discounts to multi-car policyholders, where their single multi-car policy typically covers between two and five cars (provided they're registered at the same address). Generally, the more cars on the policy, the cheaper the insurance will be.

AA temporary car insurance

The AA offers short-term car insurance policies via a partnered company called Tempcover. By visiting Tempcover via The AA's website, you'll be able to get cover straight away for between 1 and 28 days - depending on your needs.

Many drivers may need to buy temporary cover if they:

  • Are borrowing a car from a friend, family member or colleague due to an emergency or work, for example.
  • Are lending their vehicle to one of their friends, colleagues or relatives.
  • Have just bought a car and need instant insurance to be able to drive it away.

The main benefits of temporary car insurance are the convenience of the policy length and the fact that your no-claims bonus (NCB) will remain protected with this type of policy.

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AA Smart Insurance - What is it?

The AA's Smart Insurance policy is a type of black box insurance that uses telematics technology to track a driver's performance, including speed, braking and cornering.

This policy is great for new and young drivers or those who want to cut the cost of cover, as the better you drive, the cheaper your insurance will be. Your renewal quote will always be tailored to the way you drive, which is why many drivers opt for this.

You can install the device yourself without waiting for an engineer to turn up, and you won’t be given mileage caps, lectured about any of your driving habits or given night time restrictions like curfews.

You must be 21 or above with at least 1 year's NCB to qualify.

Who underwrites AA car insurance?

If you take out car insurance with The AA, your specific policy will be underwritten by an insurance company from their panel of insurers that they work with.

The following companies are underwriters of The AA's policies:

  • AA Underwriting
  • Acromas
  • Ageas
  • ABC/Highway
  • Aviva
  • Allianz
  • CIS
  • Covéa
  • Premier
  • Zenith
  • Zurich
  • AXA

Can I pay my AA car insurance online?

Of course! If you are a new customer, perhaps because you've changed insurance companies to save money or it is your first insurance policy, you can easily set up cover and pay for it on The AA's website, or via a comparison site if you choose to find cheap AA cover that way.

If your policy is due to renew with The AA, you can also manage the renewal in your account with AA Insurance online.

If you can't find your AA policy number, they can help you on their website if you log into your account, which also allows you to enquire about your insurance policy, change your address or details if you need to.

The AA app

AA customers and members can easily download the AA app from Google Play or the App Store, which will let you quickly report a breakdown, see what member benefits are available to you, manage your car admin and plan your journeys.

If you report a breakdown via the app, an AA approved mechanic will be with you within the hour, and you'll receive text updates along the way, so you always know what's going on.

Do AA members get benefits and discounts on car insurance?

Yes. As an existing AA customer, you will automatically get a 10% discount on your next car insurance renewal quote, particularly if you apply online.

AA members also get:

  • £2,500 more personal accident cover than non-members
  • £250 more personal belongings cover than non-members
  • £250 more non-manufacturer-fitted audio equipment cover than non-members
  • £100 more medical cover than non-members

You can also view more potential discounts and benefits on your AA app, such as 20% off at Moto service stations or 25% off food and drink at more than 1,000 pubs and restaurants across the UK.

If you buy Smart Insurance with The AA, you'll get the following Smart Benefits:

  • Half-price MOTs
  • Discounts on eyecare
  • 20% off when eating at specific pubs and restaurants

If you find that your renewal quote is higher than it should be (or higher than last year for no reason), don't hesitate to get in touch with The AA to find out why the cost of your cover has gone up and enquire about discounted car insurance if you want to stay with them.

If they can't offer you a better deal or explain why they're charging you more for cover this year, you might be better off switching car insurance companies if you find a much better deal online.

Additionally, if you want to insure another car, get a new quote with The AA and you will receive a second car insurance discount and a multi-car insurance policy (rather than individual, separate policies).

AA car insurance - Where to send proof of no claims

If you are a new AA customer and you get a car insurance quote, you will need to provide the number of years no claims discount (or bonus) you have, which you can find on the cancellation notice or last renewal invitation from your previous insurance company. Check your email inbox to see if you can find these.

The AA may ask you for proof of your no claims bonus (NCB) so that they can validate your policy - in which case, you can send them a copy of the cancellation notice or renewal letter (or written letter provided by your previous insurer).

How good is AA car insurance? – AA reviews

Apart from having a 5-star Defaqto rating for the last 11 years in a row and a review of just under 5 stars from Feefo, The AA has a 4.1-star rating on Trustpilot.

Our of nearly 10,000 reviews, 73% of those rated AA car insurance as ‘Excellent’ of ‘Great’, while 20% of reviews are ‘Bad’.

As with any company, you’ll often come across negative reviews, but it’s a good idea to do your research and read a variety of reviews across a few different websites. This will help to give you an overall idea of the company.

Some positive reviews for The AA include:

  • “I called AA as it was a dangerous spot and at 17:00 hrs approx. I was on my own they were in constant contact with me.”
  • “AA engineer tried a fix again then followed us home safe and sound. Felt reassured he was behind us all the way.”
  • “A flat battery and faulty tyre valve fixed within minutes.”

Some negative reviews include comments surrounding:

  • Delayed services
  • Poor service when trying to cancel
  • No email address to contact them (see how to contact the AA below)

As you can see, reviews can differ significantly across the board, so it always pays to do your research online.

How to cancel aa car insurance

If you want to end your car insurance policy with The AA, you will need to give them a call on their contact number: 0800 316 2456.

By calling, you will be able to discuss your cancellation with The AA or make any necessary changes. Remember, they won’t want to lose you as a customer, so they will probably try to make you stay, but stay firm with your reasoning for leaving – they can’t make you stay with them!

How to contact AA car insurance

You can contact an AA advisor via their online chatbot in the case of a non-emergency or call them between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 5pm on weekends.

Their car insurance claims number is available 24 hours a day. You can view your existing AA car insurance policy by signing into the AA app or website using your AA login details.

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The AA head office address

Fanum House

Basing View



RG21 4EA

 AA car insurance telephone numbers

The AA has different contact numbers for specific requests. Here are the most common:

0800 88 77 66 (For instant quotes if you aren't already a member)

0800 316 2456 (Car Insurance)

0800 269 622 (For claims 24 hours)

0370 533 2211 (For policy queries)

AA car insurance Covid-19

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, AA car insurance is experiencing longer waiting times on the phones. If you can, manage your policy online via your account.

If it's an emergency such as a breakdown and you need urgen help and advice, you can notify The AA via their website or your app. By calling, you are more than likely to have to wait longer for their services.

For any other queries, check your account online before calling to see if you can receive help that way first.

If you're looking to buy AA insurance for your car, simply tap the button at the top of this page to get started.