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Admiral car insurance review

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History of company

Admiral is one of the largest insurance companies in the UK and has won Best Car Insurance Provider 6 years in a row at The Personal Finance Awards.

Admiral is a UK based company, set up in 1993 to specialise in Car Insurance. They launched MultiCar insurance in 2005, designed to help people with two or more cars get a better deal on their insurance. In 2013, Admiral launched a Black Box Insurance product, LittleBox, which helps drivers to receive discounts based on their driving style.

Admiral now also offers a wealth of other insurance products including Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance and Van Insurance.

Admiral car insurance products

Admiral’s car insurance products are crammed with great features and benefits and its Comprehensive cover is rated 5 Stars by Defaqto. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Windscreen Repair
  • Courtesy Car
  • European Cover
  • Stereo Cover

There’s more to Admiral than just the flagship multi-car product though. As well as offering traditional car insurance, they have also introduced a specialist black box car insurance product called LittleBox, and MultiCover policies.

Admiral multi-car insurance

With Admiral multi-car, you can insure all the cars in your household on the same policy, with each new car you add earning its own No Claims Bonus. You’ll get an immediate discount when the policy starts. You get all the same benefits as single car insurance and could save £252* with a multi-car policy!

Watch the below video to learn more about Admiral multi-car insurance:

Admiral LittleBox insurance - Save over £408

LittleBox is Admiral’s name for their black box insurance product, which is targeted towards new and young drivers who are typically faced with high premiums. By tracking their driving habits and rewarding safer driving, Admiral is able to offer cheaper premiums to these drivers.

Unlike many other black box insurance companies, Admiral’s policy doesn’t impose any curfews on the policyholders – although it’s worth bearing in mind that if you regularly drive after 10pm then you will face higher premiums.

The black box tracks information like the times and distances you tend to drive, your speed, how you take corners, how smoothly you brake and how economically you drive. You’ll be given feedback on your driving to see how you’re doing.

Based on 507 Admiral customers, 10% of those made a saving of more than £408 during July and December 2019.

Learn more about Admiral LittleBox:

Admiral multi-cover insurance

After their success with MultiCar, Admiral launched a new MultiCover product, designed to cover a car and home on one discounted policy. It's a standard 12-month policy with the same renewal date. You can start with one car or home, and any others you tell them about are added when they’re due for renewal – each car or home added earns its own MultiCover discount.

MultiCover Insurance is great for renters too! You can combine your car insurance with a full home insurance policy, or just contents insurance if you’re a renter. You get the same benefits offered on Admiral’s MultiCar and flexible home insurance policies.

Use the Admiral App to get a discount on your renewal! 91% of customers who used the Admiral app to track and monitor at least 500 miles of their driving got a renewal discount between Oct 2019 - Mar 2019.

Is Admiral on price comparison websites?

You will find Admiral quotes on price comparison websites for their single car insurance policies, but if you are looking for MultiCar or MultiCover then you can only get a quote for that directly from Admiral.

How much does Admiral car insurance cost?

The price of an Admiral car insurance policy depends on a lot of different factors, for example:

  • Age
  • Driving experience
  • Driving record (claims and convictions)
  • The type of car you drive
  • Car insurance groups

The type of policy and level of cover you opt for will also influence the cost. A single car policy with Admiral could cost as little as £297**

It is likely that you will get a cheap quote from Admiral – just make sure you are getting the right level of cover you need.

Admiral customer reviews

Based on 10,074 people who responded to customer feedback between July and December 2019, 98% of customers said that they would buy a car insurance policy with Admiral again.

* 10% of customers who provided a best alternative price saved £252 between October 2019 & March 2020.

** 10% of customers paid less than £297 between July 2019 & December 2019