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Who is Admiral?

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Who is Admiral?

Admiral is an insurance provider based in the UK, offering products such as car insurancetravel insurance and home insurance.

Admiral is a member of the Admiral Group, which also owns other popular insurance brands like Diamond and Elephant as well as price comparison website,

Home insurance packages – what they have to offer

Admiral offer three levels of home insurance: Admiral Cover, Admiral Gold Cover and Admiral Platinum Cover.

All three policies come with unlimited buildings cover, insurance for lost and stolen keys and cover for damage sustained by garden furniture as standard.

On top of their standard home insurance packages, Admiral also offer a range of optional extras which you can add to both basic and gold home insurance packages – all of these extras come as standard for platinum policyholders.

By using Admiral InstaQuote, you only have to answer four questions in order to get a great deal on a home insurance policy. Or, you can select the most suitable level of cover online of by contacting Admiral directly.

Admiral Cover (Basic Home Insurance)

Admiral’s cheapest and most basic form of home insurance is simply named ‘Admiral Cover’.

With an Admiral Cover home insurance policy you are entitled to a range of core benefits, including unlimited buildings cover, up to £50,000 of contents cover and access to a 24-hour emergency helpline.

You also get £350 of cover for bicycles included as standard, with the option to purchase additional cover if necessary.

Admiral Gold Home Insurance

With an Admiral Gold home insurance package, you receive the same unlimited buildings cover as you would with a basic home insurance policy.

An Admiral Gold home insurance policy provides you with an extra £25,000 worth of contents cover, taking your overall limit to £75,000.

You also get access to Admiral’s 24-hour emergency helpline as well as boiler emergency insurance, covering you for a maximum of £500 per claim if you encounter a problem with your central heating, hot water supply or boiler. You are limited to making two claims per policy term.

You get up to £5,000 worth of trace and access cover, covering the cost of both identifying and repairing the source of any water leaks in your home.

Any bicycles are covered for up to £350 with the option to purchase extra cover.

Admiral Platinum Home Insurance

The most comprehensive home insurance package on offer, Admiral Platinum Cover is designed for those looking for extra security.

Contents cover is boosted to a comprehensive £150,000 while you also get home and boiler emergency cover, allowing you to claim up to £500 towards the cost of a tradesman making a temporary fix to plumbing and central heating as well as cover for home security and any pest infestation.

Platinum home insurance comes with £100,000 worth of legal protection for you and your family to assist with any property, employment or personal injury disputes as well as cover for any accidental damage sustained by your property, personal belongings or fixtures and fittings.

You will also be provided with a maximum of £2,000 worth of cover for your personal possessions and £10,000 trace and access cover, as well as matching items cover which will provide you with a replacement for all matching furniture if one damaged suite cannot be replaced like-for-like.

As with the other, cheaper policies, you get £350 worth of cover for bicycles with the option to purchase additional cover if you deem it necessary.

Additional extras

While an Admiral Platinum home insurance policy offers fully comprehensive cover, you can purchase specific extras to increase your cover on both a basic and Admiral Gold package.

Optional extras for Basic, Gold and Platinum policies

  • Family legal protection – £100,000 worth of support for any employment, property or personal injury disputes (as long as there is a reasonable chance of your claim being successful).
  • Home emergency cover – £500 towards the cost of a tradesman being called out to make temporary repairs to your plumbing and/or central heating.
  • Boiler emergency cover – £500 towards the repair costs of your central heating, hot water supply or boiler and 24-hour emergency call-outs.
  • Accidental damage cover – Cover for any accidental damage sustained to your home, personal belongings or fixtures and fittings.

Even with an Admiral Platinum home insurance policy, there are a number of extras you can purchase to increase your level of cover.

Optional extras for Basic, Gold and Platinum packages

  • Additional bicycle cover – Cover for bicycles worth more than £350.
  • High-value items cover – Cover for individual items worth more than £1,000, such as computers and other expensive technology, artwork or jewellery.
  • Host insurance – Cover for renting out your home on websites like Airbnb.

Admiral home insurance exclusions

As is the case with any type of insurance, some things are excluded from your policy.

For example, Admiral’s home insurance policies will not pay out for items which are damaged due to wear and tear or gradual deterioration, while they also require you to inform them if your home is being used for business use – failing to do so could invalidate your policy in the event of a claim.

You also won’t be covered if your property is left unoccupied for more than 30 days (without informing Admiral beforehand).

How much does Admiral home insurance cost? – Finding the cheapest home insurance

Home insurance prices can vary, but the average cost of home insurance in the UK is around £160 for a buildings and contents insurance policy.

Admiral customers can expect to pay as little as £113 for a combined buildings and contents home insurance policy, depending on their circumstances (based on 10% of Admiral tier Instaquote buildings and contents combined customers between Jan and June 2021 who paid from £115).

The price of your home insurance policy can vary depending on multiple factors that home insurance companies take into consideration when calculating your premium.

These include:

  • The size of the property
  • The type of property
  • Whether or not the property is ‘listed’
  • Your address
  • Your claims history
  • Your excess
  • Your home security

You may wish to purchase your buildings and contents policies separately. People getting a cheap buildings insurance quote with Admiral could end up paying as little as £103, based on 10% of 856 Admiral tier Instaquote customers between Jan and June 2021.

For a single contents insurance policy, customers may be able to pay just £54, based on 10% of Admiral tier Instaquote customers during Jan and June 2021.

To find out exactly how much it would cost to insure your home, get a free quote with Admiral today.

Admiral home insurance: The pros and cons


  • Loss/theft of keys covered as standard
  • Boiler cover included under home emergency cover
  • 3 policies to choose from
  • £150,000 of contents insurance with platinum packages


  • Theft from outbuildings limited to £1,000
  • £25 for cancelling within the 14-day cooling off period

Admiral home insurance FAQs

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim on your Admiral home insurance policy, contact them by calling the Admiral home insurance contact number (0333 220 2035) or by visiting the Admiral website where you can make a claim online.

What is classed as a high risk item?

Admiral classify a high risk item as any individual item that exceeds £1,000 in value, commonly including things like watches, artwork, technology and collectables. These need to be added to your policy separately and can be covered while you’re away from home if necessary (useful for an expensive watch, laptop or handbag that you travel with).

Remember that, when considering what items are of high risk (or over £1,000), it is rare for items to maintain their price tag over time. If you bought a laptop for £1,500 5 years ago, it won’t be worth that now.

Can I cancel my home insurance policy?

Yes – when taking out your home insurance policy with Admiral, you are within your rights to cancel within the first 14 days and will receive a full refund (minus a £25 admin fee).

If cancelling after the 14 day cooling-off period, you will be charged a fee of £39.50 – if you have already made a claim on the insurance you will be required to pay the full price for a cancellation.

When does my home insurance start?

Your Admiral home insurance policy begins immediately, but you are only able to make a claim from 7 days after the start date.

Does my policy automatically renew?

Yes. Unless you state otherwise, your Admiral home insurance policy will renew based on the details that you have supplied, using the same payment method.

Do I need to provide proof of purchase when making a claim?

If you are adding a high-value item to your home insurance policy, you may be asked to provide Admiral with proof of purchase and/or valuation within the first month of your policy. These do not have to be the original copy, but should be good quality photographs or photocopies that can be read clearly.

You can send your proof of purchase via freepost to: Admiral Home Insurance, FREEPOST EUI LTD.

How will I know if a claim is covered by my policy?

All details and exclusions will be noted in your policy booklet that you received upon taking out your policy.

If you are still unsure whether or not your claim will be covered by your home insurance policy, you should contact Admiral directly and speak to one of their claims handlers.

How long does a home insurance claim take to settle?

This depends almost entirely on your individual circumstances as some claims take significantly longer to settle than others. When making a claim, an Admiral claim handler will be able to give you a more specific estimated timescale.

Is my smartphone covered by my home insurance?

Your mobile phone will be covered up to the amount shown on your policy documents. If making a claim on your mobile phone, be aware that the handset itself will be covered but additional lost expenses such as call, text or data charges will not be covered. Water damage is also exempt.


Customer experience – Admiral home insurance reviews

Using websites like Trustpilot can give you a rough idea of what to expect from Admiral in regards to their level of service.

From over 5,000 reviews, 67% of customer rated Admiral’s insurance services as either ‘great’ or ‘excellent’, with an average 4.5/5 rating – Trustpilot do not offer a reviews page for home insurance specifically, so these reviews also take car and travel insurance into consideration.

Admiral Trustpilot 4 star rating

Some of the positive reviews on Admiral’s home insurance are complimentary of the customer service offered by Admiral’s claims advisors, while many customers have said that Admiral offered the best home insurance at the most competitive price.

Ratings (out of 5)

Trustpilot – 4.5 – 4

SmartMoneyPeople – 4.5

Reviewcentre – 4

Average: 4.25/5

Home insurance with Admiral

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