What is Amazon Business and what are the benefits?

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Amazon Business offers all of the popular benefits available to Amazon customers, with several features added to make life easier for business owners.

But what exactly does Amazon Business offer, can you create a business account on Amazon, and is it worth it?

What is Amazon Business UK?

Amazon Business is a B2B marketplace programme, and is available for businesses of all sizes, giving them a one-stop-shop for all of their business supplies with exclusive discounts, offers and shipping benefits available to its Amazon Business account holders.

How does Amazon Business work?

Think of Amazon Business as an online auction – just in reverse.

Thousands of sellers log-on to the Amazon Business marketplace each day, competing with similar suppliers to offer the best possible deals on their products to small and large businesses across the UK.

The main Amazon Business account holder can add authorised users to the account, who will then be able to make purchases on behalf of the business while getting all the benefits that come with it.

Did you know?

Over half of the largest listed companies in the UK rely on Amazon Business for their everyday purchases.

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How to join/sign up for Amazon Business UK

When you sign up for an Amazon account for Business, you will have the option to either create a new account or convert your existing personal account.

If you choose to convert an existing account, all of your details will be carried over, including:

  • Order history
  • Addresses
  • Payment methods
  • Personal information

All of this information will be readily available when you make your first purchase on your Amazon Business account.


If you are converting an existing Amazon account to a Business account, you must be registered with an email address that is associated with your company (eg. [email protected]).

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How much does Amazon Business UK cost?

Signing up to Amazon Business is completely free of charge, with no additional fees.

Is there a fee for an Amazon Business account?

If you want to upgrade to an Amazon Business Prime account, you will need to pay a minimum annual fee of £80 (without VAT) – this will allow you to benefit from free next day delivery on your orders and convenient business delivery options, allowing you to combine large orders onto one delivery and select a dedicated “Amazon Day” to ensure that all of your purchases arrive at the same time.

What are the main benefits for businesses using Amazon Business?

According to Amazon, a Business account comes with the following Amazon benefits:

Save on business costs

  • Get access to competitive prices for thousands of products.
  • Flexible payment options mean you can pay for your purchases up to 30 days after shipment with Pay By Invoice.
  • Shipping is fast and free when you sign up to Business Prime.
  • Easy returns process.
  • Get your VAT back.
  • Get bulk discounts.

Save time and effort

  • Manage your suppliers in one place - from negotiation to delivery.
  • Easily manage your VAT invoice and filter suppliers who offer downloadable VAT invoices, which you can download in bulk through Amazon Business Analytics.
  • Quickly replenish frequently purchased items by easily adding them to purchasing lists, which are separated into personalised categories.
  • Quicker approvals - option to approve orders either in bulk or individually.

Have more control

  • See where your money is being spent by consolidating team spending and implementing your sign-off process with approval workflows.
  • Control your spending by setting limits and auto-approvals for selected purchases from selected sellers.
  • Use specialised tools to evaluate and optimise spending to identify purchasing trends and opportunities, reducing waste.
  • Set preferences by creating purchasing lists to identify preferred products and sellers.

Simple accounting

  • Receive detailed invoices when using Pay by Invoice.
  • Easily add Purchase Order (PO) numbers and other details for easy tracking, approval and reconciliation.
  • Utilise Amazon’s Business Analytics tool to download reconciliation reports, fully customisable to your needs.
  • If you use Coupa, JAGGER or SAP Ariba, you can seamlessly integrate your procurement systems to make purchases on Amazon.

Is Amazon Business the same as Prime?

Amazon Business and Amazon Prime are two separate services, but they can both be combined to make the most of purchasing on Amazon with an Amazon Business Prime account. Without upgrading to an Amazon Business Prime account, members do not get access to benefits such as free and fast shipping and dedicated delivery slots.

Can you get Amazon Business Prime?

Yes – like with a standard Amazon account, you can access a range of additional features by upgrading to a ‘Prime’ membership.

Business Prime plans


£80 per year (excl. VAT)

Up to 3 users


£250 per year (excl. VAT)

Up to 10 users


£600 per year (excl. VAT)

Up to 100 users


£4,500 per year (excl. VAT)

Unlimited users

Upgrade to Business Prime

What countries is Amazon Business available in?

Having launched in the UK in July 2019, Amazon Business is also available in:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • India

What can you buy on Amazon Business?

Whether you’re in need of a new pack of highlighters, an industrial-sized fryer or tractor parts, the range of products available on the Amazon Business marketplace is endless.

Here are a few things you can buy:

  • Mouse mats
  • Computer monitors
  • Industrial-sized fryers
  • Traffic signs
  • Antibodies
  • 55-gallon drums
  • Dent pullers
  • Office chairs
  • Video conferencing cameras
  • Printers
  • Drawer organisers
  • Pens
  • Commercial floor machines

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