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The Best Short-Term Car Insurance in the UK

This guide looks at the pros of short-term car insurance and includes a list of the top providers in the UK so you can compare prices.


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What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary (or short-term) car insurance can offer you full cover on your vehicle for as little as an hour – perfect if you’re making a one-off journey, or are using somebody else’s vehicle for a short period of time.

Cheap temporary car insurance can be a more cost-effective option than an annual policy if you do not plan on using the vehicle for the whole year, with options ranging from hourly, daily and weekly car insurance to 3 or 6 month insurance.

For more information, read our complete guide to temporary car insurance.

The best UK temporary car insurance providers

AVIVA logo

Aviva work with DayInsure to offer short-term car insurance from as little as an hour, which is perfect if you’re trying out a new car or giving somebody a quick ride to the airport. Cover starts immediately, or it can be set to start whenever you need it.

Age restriction: 19-75

Term: 1 hour – 28 days

Cover: Comprehensive

Cuvva insurance provider logo

Cuvva are temporary car insurance specialists. Simply download their smartphone app, create a profile and search for a quote which suits you, with cover starting from just 1 hour. If you need to extend your short-term car insurance policy, it takes just a matter of minutes on the Cuvva app.

Age restriction: 19-65

Term: 1 hour-28 days

Cover: Comprehensive


DayInsure company logo

DayInsure’s policies are underwritten by Aviva, offering short-term car insurance on a wide range of vehicles. They offer personalised temporary car insurance quotes in a matter of minutes, starting from as little as 1 hour.

Term: 1 hour-30 days

Age restriction: 18-75

Cover: Comprehensive

Insure4aday logo

Insure4aday offer temporary car insurance for between 1 and 28 days, with cover for up to 2 drivers available both in the UK and Europe. Get an instant quote by answering a handful of easy-to-answer questions and be on your way in no time.

Age restriction: 21-75

Term: 1-28 days

Cover: Third party, fire & theft as standard. Option to upgrade to comprehensive.

InsureDaily logo

InsureDaily’s short-term car insurance gives you instant online cover with minimal information required, meaning that you can be insured for up to 28 days within a matter of minutes. They also offer a best price guarantee.

Term: 1-28 days

Age restriction: 19-75

Cover: Comprehensive

RAC logo

RAC offer temporary insurance in both the UK and Europe, including roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and onward travel as standard in their fully comprehensive short-term cover policy. Cover yourself for any amount of time, from an hour up to 30 days.

Age restriction: 18-75

Term: 1 hour-30 days

Cover: Comprehensive

Should I get short-term car insurance?

In the UK, short-term car insurance is a great option for those who do not drive – or drive a specific vehicle – on a regular basis over the course of a year.

Temporary car insurance could be ideal for you if:

  • You’re a young driver: Short-term car insurance can allow you to temporarily drive somebody else’s vehicle (your parents’, maybe) if you do not have a car of your own. Perfect if you’re home from Uni for the summer, or perhaps driving you and your friends to a festival.
  • You’re a learner driver: Short-term car insurance for provisional drivers is a good solution if you are getting in some extra practice outside of lesson time. You won’t need provisional car insurance for your lessons with an instructor, but can purchase it for a couple of hours in your own, a friends’ or relative’s car.
  • You’re moving house: Because you won’t get that three piece suite in the back of your Fiesta! If you need to borrow a van, you can get short-term van insurance for as little or as long as you need it.
  • You love your sports cars: Convertibles and sports cars are great to look at and even better to drive – just not in those rainy winter months. Get short-term sports car insurance for the summer months, or even just for a sunny weekend!
  • You’re buying a new car: When you’re splashing out on a new motor, it can be easy to forget that you’ll need to inform your insurer – this is where drive away insurance can come in handy. Taking out a cheap short-term car insurance policy will cover you until you get home, giving you a bit of extra time to change over your policy. You can also use it as test drive insurance, if you aren’t buying from a dealer which offers it.

When requesting a quote for short-term car insurance, you’ll need to inform your insurer of how long you want to be covered for.

The insurance is calculated by day, so have a good think of how long you really need it for so you don’t purchase cover that you don’t require!

Does short-term car insurance cover the same as annual?

When taking out short-term car insurance, you’ll have similar choices to make as you would with an annual policy: fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft – some insurers may offer short-term third party cover, but many do not.

Where can I get the best deal on short-term car insurance?

Bobatoo works closely with some of the UK’s top insurance providers to find you a deal that works best for both you and your wallet!

Whether you’re looking for car insurance for a month, van insurance for a week or motorbike insurance for an hour, we’ve got you covered.

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