Close up of screen in car

Car Insurance Prices Could Increase Due to a Software Update

Many modern cars now contain ‘Software Over the Air’ (SOTA) technology which allows manufacturers to update a car’s software remotely. Some car owners with SOTA technology have been alarmed to discover that their car insurance premiums have significantly increased as a result of reporting a software update to their insurer. Of course, car owners are…

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How to Protect Your Savings from Fraud

While you’d like to think that tragic global events such as the Covid-19 pandemic mean that people come together in order to support one another through these difficult times, unfortunately, it appears that many fraudsters are using these trying times to prey on vulnerable people in the form of scams, phishing and hacking. Back in…

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Close up of woman driving

Could Covid-19 Cause More Motorists to Drive Uninsured?

It comes as no surprise that the Coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted millions of people’s finances this year, so with many drivers potentially facing difficulty when it comes to paying for car insurance, authorities fear that the number of uninsured drivers on UK roads may rise. According to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), 130 people…

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Credit Scores Could be Affected for Six Years Due to Covid-19

With the government’s Covid-19 financial support schemes coming to an end this month, UK lenders will soon start contacting hundreds of thousands of borrowers to discuss their plans for repaying any money owed from payment holidays. This means that consumers who have experienced financial difficulty throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and who are still experiencing this,…

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Mortgage documents

How do Mortgages Work?

Fixed rate? Tracker? Interest only? 25 years or 30 years? Getting a mortgage can be a minefield, with important decisions to make at each turn. Our complete guide to how mortgages work is here to simplify the process for you… With the price of houses being so high, the vast majority of us will never…

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A wooden house next to a key labelled insurance

What is the Average Cost of Home Insurance?

The average home insurance cost in the UK is now £146.04 (for a combined buildings and contents policy) and premiums are generally the highest they’ve been since 2013. This is according to MoneySuperMarket’s latest UK Price Index, which includes data and statistics from the second quarter of 2020 (April, May and June). The average cost…

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