Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Is Amazon’s Prime Day a reason to spend two days indoors?! Find out more below… Contents: What is Amazon Prime Day 2019? Is it only for prime members? Is it the same as in America? What do you get with Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime Day concert What sales will there be? Exclusive early shopping on…

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles paid £20,000 for a train from London to Wales

Yes, you read that right! – The Prince of Wales spent upwards of TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS on a train from London Euston to Port Talbot in February. The figure – as shown on the royal accounts, published earlier this week – suggests that £20,049 was spent on transporting Charles from London to Wales in the…

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Asda petrol station

Asda triggers price war by cutting fuel prices

Asda has announced that it will be knocking another 4p off fuel costs, prompting other supermarkets to follow suit. Asda fuel prices have reached a yearly low, with UK residents being urged to make the most of cut-price petrol and diesel. Petrol and diesel prices will be cut by 4p and 3p respectively, with the…

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