electric car charge sign

How far can electric cars really travel on a single charge? New study reveals true range of electric cars

The term ‘range anxiety’ is a relatively new expression, but is becoming more and more pertinent as car manufacturers commit to making electric cars in place of traditional fossil-fuel-powered petrol and diesel motors. The likes of Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover have already committed to halting production of petrol and diesel cars by 2020, with other…

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Average price of van insurance drops 5.1% in a year

New analysis from insurance market experts Consumer Intelligence has shown that the average yearly premiums for van insurance have dropped by 5.1% over the past year, with the average policy now costing £1,442 per year. Although this will be welcome news for van owners, the cost of insurance is still as much as 34.9% higher…

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woman reversing looking backwards

The best reversing cameras – 2018

Reversing cameras used to be only for caravan and campervan drivers, who would use big and bulky wired cameras fitted to the back of the vehicle so they could see better when reversing. However, as technology has developed – both in terms of cameras and in-car driving assistance – more and more car drivers are…

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