Subscription pay monthly car and home insurance

Aviva launches new pay-monthly car and home insurance subscription product AvivaPlus

Aviva has become the first major UK insurance company to launch a new subscription-based service to put an end to loyal customers being punished by higher renewal premiums. The new product for car and home insurance is called AvivaPlus and aims to make insurance more flexible for UK consumers – allowing customers to change their cover…

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Mercedes A Class safest car

The safest cars of 2018 have been revealed

The safety organisation Euro NCAP has announced its top three safest cars of 2018: Safest small family car and overall 2018 winner: Mercedes-Benz A-Class Safest large SUV: Hyundai Nexo Safest large family car: Lexus ES The new fourth-generation Mercedes A-Class went on sale this and and scooped the top prize as the safest overall car….

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house for sale estate agent and family

Do you need life insurance for a mortgage?

People take out life insurance for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the most common reason for getting life insurance is to cover a mortgage. However, there tends to be confusion regarding whether life insurance is compulsory for getting a mortgage… Is life insurance compulsory for a mortgage? The reason there is some confusion is…

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New car tyre being fitted by mechanic

Tyre speed rating and load rating explained

Buying new tyres for your car is not really a job we tend to look forward to. However, as the tyres are the only part of the car that makes contact with the road, it’s worth putting a bit of time in to understand what you need and make sure you get the right ones….

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