10 of the most surprisingly expensive insured celebrity body parts

Our assets can be key to our financial futures and they need to be protected at all costs. Now this means pretty much zip if you’re an impoverished would-be artist, believe yourself to potentially be the ‘next Lionel Messi’ or so confident/sassy in your appearance that you think your killer legs are longer (and therefore more model-spec) than Taylor Swift’s extended pins. And don’t forget those whose voices might, one day, launch a thousand ships, a la Celine Dion (although hopefully not the ill-fated Titanic).

This is because you’re essentially NOT in the public eye and (once again) NOT in the monetary position to fork out excessive insurance premiums to guard against the unforeseen damage to your Monet-aping hand, cultured right foot, catwalk-shapely gait or cat-a-walling vocal chords. And let’s face facts here darlings, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever make your fame and subsequent fortune as the next Dali, Diego Maradona, Delevingne or indeed, Dion, so it’s not something you need worry your arty/footy/pretty little head about right now.

However it’s a very different case if you’re a bona fide current star in the entertainment industry. As your face, feet, hands, voice or indeed, booty (think Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, Beyonce, et al) are the tools of your trade and need to be financially safeguarded. Usually to the tune of many millions. But – and it’s obviously a big but – which unusual celebrity body parts have been insured for the most money?

We run down some of the top contenders below…

Gene Simmons


Long before Miley Cyrus was sticking her tongue out at any given opportunity, 80s wild rockers Kiss’ less than shy frontman Gene Simmons was lolling his tongue out left, right and centre. Simmons’ famously unruly tongue is apparently insured for a very tasty $1 million.

David Lee Roth


Another gnarled rocker of yore, this time fellow 80s power rockers Van Halen’s lead vocalist David Lee Roth was/is rumoured to have an equally gnarled body part covered (thankfully) for the same $1 million. Only this not inconsequential amount is to protect the vested interests of Lee Roth’s manhood according to reliable sources.

We’re not entirely sure by what means this amount is measured by, however it’s fair to say (financial) size does matter in this instance.

Dolly Parton


It’s not wrong to say that Dolly Parton has a bit of front; and long before Madonna was vogue-ing it all over the shop (and arguably one of the acknowledged pioneers of the body insurance trend having originally covered her conical bra-enveloping breasts for $2 million dollars), a certain buxom blonde was strutting her top heavy stuff/assets to much acclaim.

The American country singer, actress, author and philanthropist’s breasts were/still are worth an estimated $3.8 million in terms of a dedicated insurance policy. Neither Parton’s nor Madonna’s assets are receiving the commercial exposure they once did of course.

Daniel Craig


Given the on-screen scrapes he gets into it’s a wonder that James Bond’s chiselled torso remains in any semblance of shape, yet current 007 incumbent Daniel Craig’s buff body is reported to be valued by his insurer at a shaken but not stirred $9.5 million.

Still, given that Craig participates in most of his own stunts during film-making it’s hardly surprising he’s taken out an insurance policy just in case he’s injured whilst on her majesty’s secret service/has the living daylights knocked out of him.

America Ferrera


The actress who played the title role of ‘Ugly Betty’ in the hit US series, America Ferrera (a character known for her toothy n goofy smile, amongst other distinctive televisual features) had her prized assets insured for a dazzling $10 million apparently, yet not through choice.

The insurance policy was taken out at the behest of another of her employer’s, the toothpaste brand Aquafresh; who insisted that Ferrera arranged this cover ahead of a campaign they were promoting, which hers was the face of.

Rod Stewart


Love it or loathe it, gravel-voiced Glaswegian crooner Rod Stewart’s unique throaty rasp is said to be valued at $15.5 million. Just in case he loses his ability to sing. Please feel free to insert your own punchline here.

Julia Roberts


Thin-lipped it may be, but Hollywood actress Julia Robert’s smile is certainly worth its weight in gold. Described as a 1,000-watt grin in some circles, Roberts can relax in the knowledge that should her smile ever dim then she stands to pocket some $30 million for the subsequent blackout.

David Beckham


Although by comparison it pales into insignificance next to Cristiano Ronaldo’s $144 million dollar legs which his current employer, Real Madrid, have taken out as an insurance policy to safeguard their fiscal interests, David Beckham’s hairstyle, sorry, fashion sense, no, our bad, we mean facial hair…Grrrrr….legs! were at one point insured for $70 million. Which when arranged in 2010 came a little late to compensate him for his infamous 5th metatarsal foot injury he suffered in the lead up to the 2002 World Cup.

Jennifer Lopez


Back in 2006 J-Lo slapped a $300 million price tag on her shapely derriere, in a bid to stay one (bootyliciously) age and gravity-defying step ahead of, well, the inevitable onset of both age and gravitational pull.

Mariah Carey


Heidi Klum’s legs are (or at least at the height of her supermodel fame, were) insured for the sum of $2.2 million dollars. The underlying fact which you might find the more interesting however is that each individual leg is covered for slightly different amounts. We have it on good authority that Klum’s left pin is worth $200,000 less than her opposite number, due to it brandishing a tiny scar. Her blemish-free right leg is conversely insure for $1.2 million dollars.

Yet that’s nothing compared to pop warbler, Mariah Carey, whose legs were once insured for in the region of $1 billion!