12 reasons you should ALWAYS get travel insurance

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OK, who wouldn’t think it would be nice to be able to predict the future? It’s a superpower most people would jump at the chance of having if we were given a multiple choice.

Indeed, if we were blessed with clairvoyance skills we’d have long since amassed our fortunes and taken early retirement; preferably somewhere hot.

Unfortunately we are not; so instead we can only ever be wise AFTER the event thanks to at least being afforded the rare gift of hindsight.

That said, we all have it in us to ensure we do our utmost to avoid the fall-out from potentially financially-damaging situations, by actually remembering to plan ahead. And to make the appropriate contingency plans which will automatically come into play should things go awry. Which they can have a habit of doing while we’re on our holidays.

Contingency plans and protocol in this instance pretty much means the one thing; travel insurance. Without it, you could be left high and dry if anything where to happen to you during your holiday – so it’s imperative that you look to the future and safeguard any eventualities materialising which will compromise your wealth, health or both.

Below we outline 12 reasons you should ALWAYS get travel insurance, which explains why unanticipated travel delays, bad weather, lost luggage and medical emergencies in foreign countries cannot be side-swerved, but CAN be prepared for in advance.

12 reasons you should ALWAYS get travel insurance

As we’ve alluded to above, life is unpredictable. It just is. By this token you may need to cancel a holiday before you even get in the taxi and ask the driver to take you to the airport.

What if, for example, a close family member passes away shortly before your trip? You’ll obviously need to cancel said holiday and without travel insurance also face kissing goodbye to your plane tickets, hotel reservations and so on and so forth.

However by box-ticking holiday insurance in advance you’ll be recompensed for your cancelled/postponed break to varying degrees (depending on precise policy terms and conditions agreed at the time of sign-up).

luggage bag

Lost luggage. And what about if you rock up in the Maldives eagerly anticipating the holiday of a lifetime, yet your luggage – for reasons beyond your control – doesn’t follow suit?

Somewhere along the way it’s been misplaced. Or for want of a better word, lost. Or worse still, potentially stolen.

Who’s going to help you locate it? And more pressing still, who’s going to reimburse you for the all-important contents which, practically-speaking, you’re going to struggle to do without?

Statistics point to lost baggage taking some five days on average to be reunited with its owner, if indeed it has just been misplaced. Thankfully with an all-encompassing travel insurance policy then you’ll be seen right at the time and contingency plans will be put into place by your insurer so that you’re not inconvenienced more than you already have been.

Then of course in these troubling times there’s the prospect of your holiday being quickly cancelled without any prior warning or notice due to an unprecedented act of terrorism at – or en route – to your paid-for destination.

flights cancelledIt’s something to be very mindful of these days. Less appalling yet no less damaging in most ways is the alternative (and never to be discounted) threat posed by a natural disaster striking the location you’re supposedly set to touch down in or near in the foreseeable. Or even a airline strike. That can never be ruled out of the equation.

Either way your holiday will be put in serious jeopardy from the outset of official confirmation of any one of these unpredictable eventualities and you’ll be relying on your travel insurance policy to help compensate one way or another. That’s accepting that you’ve arranged it in the first place.

Another likely scenario which could prevent you from jetting off on holiday is the event of an airline, cruise liner company or tour operator going bust prior to your imminent departure time.

Travel insurance for as little as £7.85. Get a FREE quote now >>>

It’s not unheard of recently for financial hardships and bankruptcy to have forced many holiday providers to remain grounded indefinitely, and thus putting an immediate dampener on your long-looked forward to break. And it can literally happen overnight in some cases as a company is forced to liquidate its assets.

Who or what in this instance will pay your non-refundable expenses? Who or what will assist you in getting you to your destination now that this has happened?

Again, this is precisely the juncture that a far-reaching travel insurance product will make everything right; or at least do everything in its remit to reach an alternate solution/appease the policyholder.

There’s every chance you may need to get not just the one scheduled flight to and from the UK to your dream destination, but two or possibly more.

planesWhile the first one has taken off and landed without any delay, loss of luggage or commotion of any kind the connecting flight isn’t quite as straight-forward as you’ve just discovered for yourself. And all concerned.

To make matters worse, it’s also midnight, so who exactly are you going to turn to for assistance and advice right now?

Well, providing you have the right travel insurance policy in place, you needn’t fret too much, as rest assured your provider will see you right and get down to the job of making alternative arrangements on your behalf.

That’s precisely what they’re there for, depending of course on your terms and conditions (which we suggest that you check thoroughly before signing) to ensure peace of mind coverage.

And what if that lost/stolen baggage we mentioned earlier contained your insulin inside, or another equally vital medical supply which you rely on daily for crucially important health reasons?

Whether the lost item is recovered sooner or later in the meantime you’ll need replacement medical provisions. And who do you speak to/call if this emergency occurs whilst you’ve touched down in a country where English isn’t the mother tongue?

Time is precious as you seek to find someone who speaks your language and understands the potential severity of the situation. Again, your travel insurer will ensure that you receive the attention you require ASAP, by contacting the necessary people and instigating contingency measures to safeguard your welfare.

Then there’s the not inconsequential matter and hypothetical scenario whereby your passport and/or wallet is stolen while you’re on holiday.uk passport

Now that you’ve actually managed to get that far and unpack your clothes. As if it’s not bad enough losing/having your passport/tickets/money stolen, you could be then hit with bills to obtain a replacement document while you’re abroad if you don’t have travel insurance; which really would add further financial insult to financial injury.

Just who or where do you turn to for assistance should you need to obtain emergency cash and/or replace a passport with time being of the essence? Or imagine if somebody nabs your partner’s handbag, which itself contains everyone’s visa?

There are numerous unavoidable circumstances which could easily arise, resulting in your being left out of pocket and ostensibly marooned in an unfamiliar land.

Travel insurance for as little as £7.85. Get a FREE quote now >>>

Mercifully if you had the vision to arrange an appropriate travel insurance policy beforehand you need to do little more than make a phone call to set in motion a series of events which will get you out of a sticky situation.

Bad news. Very bad news. You – or someone in your travel party – are involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment isn’t an option/available to you at that particular time.

The straits are so dire in fact that you could well need to instigate medical evacuation procedures so as to get the injured/ill party back home as quickly and safely as possible.

Again, being in largely unfamiliar territory could otherwise seriously hamper this cause, were it not for the underlying fact that you had the long-sight to arrange a dedicated and suitable travel insurance policy way in advance of the holiday.

And if that’s not extreme, imagine if you should – God forbid – suffer an accident which leads to permanent loss of limbs, your vision or even worse, your untimely demise while you’re away.

The personal accident section/feature/add-on of your travel insurance policy will go some way to covering this situation and paying out levels of compensation to you/your family or dependents.

travel insurance quote

Like with all circumstances where you’d need to lean on your travel insurance plan, we can’t stress enough just how important it is to check the terms and conditions of your individual policies to determine what you’re covered for beforehand though; rather than being caught out after the event.

(Much) less extreme, however still a blight on any much anticipated get-away, is the prospect of one another of your group suffering an injury which renders them more walking wounded as opposed to needing an evacuation drill enforced.

We’re talking about twisting an ankle or stumbling and breaking an arm perhaps. These things can and routinely do happen on holiday, as fate doesn’t care what you’re doing, when or where at the best and worst of times.

Which makes it painfully obvious why travel insurance would make absolute sense in such an instance and help you find an English-speaking GP for a start. Whether that be at a walk-in medical centre, clinic or hospital where ever you’re staying at the time.

And then there’s the theoretical situation which might rear its ugly head where an accident which you are responsible for causing subsequently affects another person or property; rendering you liable.

In this case a personal liability clause written into a travel insurance policy will save you all sorts of problems should a legal claim result against you.

On this note, it’s also well worth arranging legal expenses cover whilst you’re at it, which for the uninitiated extends to professional help should the need to make a claim for compensation due to injury, accident or death manifest during your jollies.

And finally, what price would you put on peace of mind? After all, isn’t that the very reason why you’re jetting off to somewhere sunny/snowy after all?

Packing up your troubles and strife back home and heading for a fortnight of stress-free R and R. That price IS whatever you’ve paid for a decent travel insurance policy, which will alleviate the worries of everything which this documentation is designed to take care of should the various pre-meditated situations arise.

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