5 very cool insurance apps

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Let’s face facts, the words ‘insurance’ and ‘cool’ are rarely mentioned in the same paragraph, let alone sentence.

But for one night only (or day, depending on when you’re browsing this) we give you the words ‘insurance’ and ‘cool’ in the same breath – as we take you through some of the coolest insurance-based smartphone apps available to use right now.

This selection of apps are designed to make the practice of arranging/checking/revising insurance policies more fun – as well as providing new insights and data for you to act on.

Admittedly not many of you will be reaching for your mobile or tablet devices to pay for your insurance premiums any time soon. Most of these apps are only used in America – but that is usually a precursor for them to become big on this side of the pond as well…

Liberty Mutual’s Home Gallery app

Liberty Mutual insurance app

A bespoke home contents insurance-obliging inventory platform which makes absolute sense to fall back on in the event of your home being subjected to a robbery, fire, flood or other act of God.

The app essentially makes filing a claim that much stress-free whilst also ensuring that your personal possessions are protected. Key features include being able to take snapshots of your belongings, catalogue each item according to room/category, scan item barcodes for images, record purchase price/date/receipt and export inventory as PDF.

Find out more: https://www.libertymutual.com/liberty-mutual-mobile/home-inventory-app

MetroMile app

metromile insurance app

San Francisco insurance provider MetroMile designed this usage-based motor insurance app which collates driving stats and figures for everything and anything, from calculating the fuel costs for each journey to locating your vehicle if you’ve mislaid it in the car park of Walmart.

What’s more (and really, REALLY cool in our opinion) is that if your car is parked up in either San Francisco or Chicago (expect this to be rolled out to other US cities – and hopefully Leamington Spa in the future if the app’s exported over to the UK soon!) it automatically assists you in swerving parking tickets by firing off reminders to your phone/tablet/device to move your car if it’s situated in a recognized street sweeping zone.

Find out more: https://www.metromile.com/technology/

State Farm’s MoveTools app

State Farms movetools phone app

The perfect app if you’re planning on relocating anytime soon as this iPad-primed facility provides the user with weekly checklists of moving tasks and then instructs you to go room to room (interactively that is, to save energy) to virtually pack up all your troubles. And toasters, college mascots and those hideous socks your nan bought you last Christmas.

It also proceeds to create and print packing labels for boxes as well as maintaining an item inventory so you can search anything you might have misplaced. The user can also add item value notes and receive moving advice courtesy of the app’s interactive articles and graphics.

Find out more: https://www.statefarm.com/customer-care/download-mobile-apps/movetools

Security First Mobile app

Security First Mobile app

In addition to affording you the virtual platform to micro-manage your home insurance policy and report claims, this amazing app features what’s referred to as a ‘Storm Center’ (note the American spelling), which effectively furnishes the app subscriber with hurricane tracking alerts, Red Cross emergency shelter GPS locations, evacuation routes and links to disaster-recovery resources, amongst other key storm-savvy features.

The app also provides a useful ‘Hurricane Facts’ aspect and an interactive hurricane preparedness checklist which apparently helps you keep track of supplies as you shop.

Find out more: http://www.securityfirstflorida.com/security-first-mobile/

Aetna’s iTriage app

Aetna iTriage app

Search symptoms and teach yourself about potential causes and most appropriate treatments for the health-conscious/borderline-hypochondriac app user with this unique creation from two emergency medicine GPs.

What’s more, users can scroll through for medication and disease info whilst locating the nearest treatment facility (or walk-in centre as us Brits call it).

The iTriage app also provides subscribers with access to emergency hotlines and nurse advice lines, in addition to letting you check in from your phone when you’re on the way to an emergency room or urgent care clinic and check average wait times for those facilities. And don’t forget its ability to log crucial (and personal) doctor, meds, conditions and insurance policy data as part of the package.

Find out more: https://www.aetna.com/individuals-families/mobile-app.html