9 incredibly simple ways to save money…

simple ways to save money

October 8, 2015

There are lots of ways you can start saving easy money – from sharing a bath with someone to making lipstick out of crayons and even hanging your used teabags out on the clothes line to be reused.

If these seem a bit too extreme for you, then don’t worry – there’s plenty of other ways for you to stretch your pay packet further.

We’ve outlined nine very simple money saving tips you can start putting into practice right now – if you have any better ideas let us know over on Facebook.

#1 – Use cashback and reward credit cards

credit card

Despite the likes of Santander, Barclaycard and Tesco charging a nominal annual fee for use of their cashback incentives, the annual savings could potentially dwarf this outlay. 5% cashback in department stores, 3% cashback on fuel and 1% cashback at supermarkets ALL add up.

If you’re able to do all of your monthly spending using your credit card, and then pay it off in full each month you could literally be getting paid to spend.

#2 – Recycle old mobile phone handsets

slider phone

Don’t just stop there either, as DVDs, CDs (remember them?) and clothes are all cash cows to certain extents. And along with MusicMagpie and MazumaMobile there is a raft of similar companies willing to afford you cold, hard cash in exchange for your corrupt old devices which have seen better days.

#3 – Use comparison websites

compare apples and oranges

They’ve been all the rage for a while now, and there’s no denying that virtual shopping around can really save customers a small fortune on a host of every day products and services. Especially useful for insurance policies, including carhometravelhealthlife etc…

#4 – Choose own brand labels

own brand cola cans

C’mon, we’re no longer supermarket snobs, are we? Who cares where we buy our weekly groceries from – and indeed, which plain labelled variations on an expensively branded food theme we opt for – when we can significantly reduce our weekly shopping bills?

#5 – Make the switch

light bulb

Energy suppliers that is. Again, use comparison websites to determine just what the difference is between your current supplier and a competitor and you’ll be surprised you didn’t jump ship earlier. Shockingly only 15% of the UK population swap their gas and electricity suppliers every 12 months and subsequently remain in the dark about savings they could make.

#6 – Sign up to discount websites

daily deals sites

There’s an ever-changing cornucopia of daily deals and impressive discounts for an infinite amount of activities, events, restaurants, hotels, experiences, gifts…you name it… in constant evidence on sites like GrouponWowcherLiving Social and Vouchercodes.

#7 – Share the expense and hassle of the daily commute

commute car traffic

Lift sharing websites are now commonplace as increasing numbers of us choose to hitch a life to our places of employment in our eco-friendly work colleague’s Toyota Prius. A brilliant way of halving one of our most expensive annual outlays.

#8 – Use a slow cooker

slow cooker

Did you know that by using a slow cooker you can save in the region of £2.30 on food cooking costs for every meal? Seriously. According to research it costs roughly 10 pence to use a slow cooker for 8 hours. An oven on the other (gloved) hand will set you back around 30 pence for just 1 hour’s usage. Plus you can leave a slow cooker unattended all day while you’re at work and by the time you’re dropped off in your colleague’s Prius your stew and dumplings will be tenderly cooked to perfection.

#9 – DIY didn’t I think of that earlier?

diy tools

Let’s face it. We’re obsessed with doing it for ourselves, inspired by countless TV programmes which show us how easy many household repairs can be if we put our minds to it. And perhaps enrol in a local adult education college course too, just to be on the safe side. Woodworking, plumbing, some basic electrical work – it’s all within our grasp and can save us a packet when it comes to tradesman’s call out charges and extra insurance policy features alone.