A Guide to Garage Insurance


By Bob Atoo
February 28, 2015

As a general storage area for all kinds of equipment, power tools, gardening tools, bicycles and other expensive items, your garage could potentially contain thousands of pounds worth of goods.

It’s vitally important to give careful consideration to the security of your garage and take out adequate insurance to cover yourself.

Read on to find out how you can protect your garage and its contents.

Fit Tougher Locks

Most garages have a central locking door handle, but these are comparatively weak and can be broken or dismantled by burglars without too much difficulty.  You can drill a hole in the top channel above the wheels and fit an additional padlock, which will prevent the wheel moving beyond this point.  This will mean the garage door cannot be opened wide enough to gain entry and provides additional security.

Some garages have a pedestrian door on the side which are made of wood. It’s recommended to fit a mortice deadlock with a miminum of five levers to bolster this potential vulnerable point.  Make sure it meets British Standard (BS) 3621.

Always make sure your garage is securely locked as you will have difficulty persuading your insurer to pay out if you’re the victim of theft whilst your garage was unlocked.

Fit an Alarm

If you already have a burglar alarm for your home, you can extend this to your  garage also. If not, you can buy an alarm specifically for your garage, which  will either rely on battery power or mains electricity.

Consider Relocating Valuable Items

Items that are particularly expensive or valuable to you, such as golf clubs or power tools may be better stored inside your home.

Obviously some items are too large to move into your home, such as bicycles or your lawn mower.  These should be chained to a secure post cemented into the floor and preferably also to each other for additional security.

Insuring Against Theft

Although your standard home and contents insurance should cover the contents of your garage, it’s worth checking what the limit is. Most policies are restricted to around £5,000 for your garage and other outbuildings.

It’s possible that the contents of your garage add up to substantially more than this.  If you suspect this to be the case, contact your insurer to discuss arranging extra cover.

Insuring Against Flood, Fire and Natural Disasters

In many parts of the UK, our homes are vulnerable to flooding.  Regardless of where you live, you should also consider the possibility of fire or damage caused by severe storms or high winds.

Ordinarily, your garage will be covered under your home buildings insurance, but it is worth checking with your insurer to make doubly sure you would be covered, should the worst happen.  In most cases, there is no pay out limit imposed for damage caused by flood, fire or storm, so provided your garage is included in your buildings insurance, you should be covered.

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