Amazon Prime Day 2019

By Bob Atoo
July 2, 2019

Is Amazon's Prime Day a reason to spend two days indoors?! Find out more below...


What is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Is it only for prime members?

Is it the same as in America?

What do you get with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Day concert

What sales will there be?

Exclusive early shopping on brand-new products

Take full advantage of the Prime systems

Once upon a time, there was the New Year sales, a period post-Christmas when people would get up early and rush to the high street to get things at cut-down prices. It caused arguments and chaos as shoppers who were super keen on getting the best bargains elbowed and shoved each other aside in a feral combat to the check-out.

Eager to start earlier and earlier, those New Year offers soon made their way to Christmas itself, with shops opening on Boxing Day morning to get in as quick as possible.

Then, Black Friday was born and slashing the prices off technology and other goodies became practically a national holiday. Again, there were queues, fights and other issues that excited the public mood!

Some years later, Cyber Monday was introduced and it comes after the now-week-long Black Friday, with the online approach helping reduce all physical fighting. Phew!

And now… Amazon Prime Day UK – set to beat them all!

So, what is it, how does it work, and why do we care? Let’s find out.

What is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

First of all, it’s not a day, it’s two! July 15th and 16th of this year encompass the fifth ever Amazon Prime day.

Amazon Prime Day started in 2015 to mark their 20th anniversary and it’s more than simply a shopping sale. This year, it’s a full-on event with a concert (yes!), streaming celebrity gaming and of course, free one-day delivery.

Is Amazon Prime Day only for prime members?

It is! As it’s all about promoting Amazon’s premium service, you need to be a fully signed-up member to Amazon Prime to be able to get the most out of Prime Day. Not that that should be too much of a problem - if you are the kind of person to buy more than a couple of things a month from Amazon online, prime membership is a bit of a no-brainer, and even if you’re not, then it’s worth trying it out just for the event itself!

Usefully, there’s an Amazon Prime 30 day free trial, so if you are new, start there and you can participate in all the Amazon Prime Day deals just like people who have been part of the program for more than a decade. Just don’t forget to cancel if you’re not happy with it, otherwise you will be charged the following month.

Is the Amazon Prime Day 2019 date in the UK the same as America?

Yes, prime day is a worldwide event happening on July 15th and 16th. There may, however, be a slight difference in the sale items shown as Amazon Prime Day offers differ from country to country.

Unusually for a sale, it’s taking place on a Monday and Tuesday, which means (cleverly) that you can take some time out to do your shopping during your lunch break, or sneakily while you’re meant to crunching numbers on a spreadsheet!

What do you get with Amazon Prime?

There’s plenty of value in Amazon’s Prime, though it can be confusing for some because getting the TV services alone (like Amazon Prime Video) doesn’t get you all of the other bonuses (like Amazon Prime same day delivery) – it’s a couple of quid cheaper per month and is more like a Netflix subscription than the full Prime experience.

To be considered a full Prime member (and to get access to Prime Day on Amazon UK), you need to go for the £7.99 / month version (or £79 for a year, which saves you £16.88 for the year) but for that, you get everything they have to offer, including Prime Video and more.

In fact, more is really more! There’s everything you could imagine on there from access to early releases on products and member-only offers to live streaming on Twitch and a huge range of books to read at no extra cost.

A list of everything you get with Prime can be found on Amazon’s site here!

And of course, you get to participate in the amazing Prime Day – thanks Amazon!

Is there really a concert?

Yes. On 11th July (that’s a few days earlier, so don’t miss it!) favourites including Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA and Becky G will be performing live and streaming across Amazon Prime Video.

As shopping sale bonuses go, we have to admit, it’s quite an eye-catching one!

What about the sales? What will there be?

You can expect massive savings on Amazon’s premier products – that means smart-speaker savings with Amazon’s Echo, the Alexa-powered smart system that even controls the colour of your lights thanks to Phillips Hue. No doubt, Amazon’s Fire tablets are going to see good offers, too.

The reach of Amazon is impressive though, with brands across every conceivable product range looking to get a 20% cut. Everything from garden furniture through to USB phone chargers is included here, so if you were planning on making a purchase in the next few weeks, it’s worth holding out until the 15th!

Categories looking to make 20% savings include:

  • Electronics and Office
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Sport and Outdoor
  • Car Accessories
  • Luggage and Travel
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Pets
  • Furniture

If you are into fashion, the savings might be even larger, with 40% promised off many clothing items available on the site.

Exclusive early shopping on brand-new products

If you’ve been waiting years to buy the complete 80s series The A-Team on BluRay (and who hasn’t?!) then Amazon Prime Day 2019 is YOUR day! This incredible collection is every reason you ever needed to schedule some time early each Saturday evening and recreate the excitement of the 80s in your living room.

Or maybe you’d prefer making some music with the Alexa-enabled Rock Jam keyboard, another exclusive for Prime Day! Use your fingers to make music like the old days or just tell it that you’d like to listen to Beethoven and lie back and relax!

The diversity of products available is staggering of course, coming from the world leader in online shopping. Amazon has come a long way from those heady early days of selling paperbacks and now getting a face mask delivered alongside your cuddly baby toy, a pack of nappies and the latest spy-story best seller is normal.

Taking full advantage of the Prime systems

Here are a few tips and tricks you should know to get the most out of the experience:

  • Download the app. Optimised for prime day, the Amazon app has everything you need.
  • Share your prime membership with your family – through Amazon household, you can set up sharing of your Prime benefits as well as sort out parental restrictions for Amazon Video and more.
  • Look out for the blue ‘Prime Day deal’ banner. If you see it near your product details, hold off on your purchase until the day itself to get the best price.
  • Use the ‘watch’ system to get alerts when deals become available. Some deals are timed, and you can keep up with them through ‘watching’ alerts, so don’t worry!

Enjoy Prime Day 2019!

It might not come after the over-feeding and alcohol-highs of Christmas or settle around an American national holiday like Black Friday, but Amazon Prime Day is set to make an impact this year and become a regular fixture in your shopping year.

If you are new, it’s worth taking a look, and if you already have Prime membership, then make sure you take advantage of this huge bonus!