Best car scrappage schemes 2019

January 13, 2018

Car brands offer scrappage schemes that provide discounts when you trade in your old car for a new model. We look at which car scrappage schemes offer the best value for money in 2019.

cars on scrap heap

Is it time you sent your old car to the scrap heap?

A car scrappage scheme allows you to trade in your old car and get a discount to buy a new, more fuel efficient model.

The government car scrappage scheme is yet to be fully revealed, but last year most of the major car manufacturers started offering their own discounts when drivers traded-in their old cars.

Manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, BMW, Mercedes and Vauxhall all now offer a scrappage scheme for motorists looking for a discount on their next car.

Some of the scrappage deals have expired, but there are still plenty on offer in 2019. Find out which car scrappage schemes offer the best deals and discounts below…

Which car makers still have scrappage schemes?

A total of 26 car makers offered some form of scrappage scheme / trade-in deal last year, although a lot of them expired and have not yet been renewed for 2019.

There are still many schemes still available which are set to run until the end of March from well-known car brands such as:

  • Toyota (ends 31 January 2018)
  • Audi
  • Ford
  • Dacia
  • Kia
  • Hyundai
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Mitsubishi
  • Seat
  • Renault
  • Skoda
  • Volkswagen

Are scrappage schemes popular?

Car scrappage schemes are designed to encourage drivers to swap their older cars for greener, more fuel efficient alternatives. However, according to recent research by carwow, UK motorists expect significant discounts if they are to be persuaded to buy ‘cleaner’ cars.

Over half of the respondents to carwow’s survey said they would not consider anything less than a £3,000 discount to buy a ‘greener’ car, with one in six motorists saying they would want a minimum of £7,000.

So with that in mind, how many motorists took advantage of scrappage schemes in 2017?

Vauxhall released statistics last year revealing that over 5,000 people had used their scrappage scheme after just two months of it being available. They also had schemes running in 2015 and 2016 and have said that they have scrapped over 20,000 cars through their various scrappage schemes.

Both Volkswagen and Ford, who offered similar schemes since last summer, have claimed to have scrapped over 15,000 cars for greener Euro 6-compliant car models by the end of last year.

So it’s fair to say that scrappage schemes have proved to be pretty popular over the last few years.

Can I trade-in my old car?

No scrappage scheme is the same, so depending on the manufacturer the type of vehicle you can trade-in and the type of new car you can get will differ.

Most manufacturers will accept both petrol and diesel cars, although schemes run through the VW Group stable of manufacturers (Volkswagen, Seat, Audi and Skoda) only accept diesel cars.

Just about every scheme only accepts cars that were registered before 2010.

Below we’ve listed which cars each of the manufacturers accept:

Dacia: Any Euro 1-4 rated DIESEL or PETROL car registered before 31 December 2009

Ford: Any Euro 1-4 rated DIESEL or PETROL car or commercial vehicle registered before 31 December 2009

Hyundai: Any Euro 1-4 rated DIESEL or PETROL car registered before 31 December 2009

Kia: Any DIESEL or PETROL car registered before 31 March 2011

Mazda: Any Euro 1-4 rated DIESEL or PETROL car registered before 31 December 2009

Mitsubishi: Any Euro 1-4 rated DIESEL or PETROL car registered before 31 December 2009

Nissan: Any Euro 1-4 rated DIESEL or PETROL car registered before 31 December 2009

PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroen and DS): Any DIESEL or PETROL car more than 7 years old

Renault: Any DIESEL or PETROL car (subject to an appraisal of its road-worthy condition at a Renault participating dealer)

Toyota: Any DIESEL or PETROL car registered before 31 December 2009

VW Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda): Any Euro1-4 rated DIESEL car registered before 31 December 2009

There can also be other restrictions in place depending on the scrappage scheme. Mitsubishi, Toyota and VW Group brands, for example, will only accept trade-ins from those who have been the registered keeper of the car for at least six months.

Others are more lenient though, with Ford, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai, Renault and Peugeot stipulating that drivers have owned their cars for just 90 days in order to qualify for their scrappage deals. Mazda requests that you own the car for just 60 days before you qualify.

Which new cars can I get a discount on?

As you can probably guess, this also depends on which car manufacturer’s scrappage scheme you go for. We’ve gone through each of them so you can see what new car you could get and when the deal runs out:

Dacia – offer on Sandero and Duster extended until 31 March 2018

Dacia only offer their Sandero and Duster models in their scrappage scheme, and offer relatively small savings of £1,000 off the Duster SUV and £500 off the Sandero supermini.

However, considering the low price of the cars to start with the discounts on offer actually represent a good percentage saving.

Ford – extended deal now expires on 31 March 2018

Ford offer quite a lot of different petrol and diesel cars in their scrappage scheme, which are all subject to different discount deals.

For example, a new Fiesta can come with a scrappage discount of £2,000, while you can save £4,950 for one of the higher-spec Focus models.

Some other Ford models available include the B-MAX (£3,500 discount), C-MAX (£4,700 discount), Kuga (£4,850 discount).

Hyundai – scrappage and emissions reduction scheme available until March 31

Like Ford, Hyundai offer different discounts across their range. With the i10 you can get a discount of up to £1,750, the i20 can come with a discount up to £2,865, the i30 up to £4,000 off, the i40 up to £3,000 off, the Tucson up to £3,500 off and the Santa Fe up to £5,000 off.

Kia – incentive runs until the end of March 2018

Kia only offers scrappage discounts on its Picanto and Rio models – for which you can get a £2,000 saving along with their attractive seven-year warranty.

Mazda – new car needs to be registered by 31 March 2018 to qualify

Mazda offers discounts on just a select few models, with bigger savings on diesel models – presumably to try and sell their stock of diesel cars quicker.

Mazda models and savings: Mazda2 (petrol only with £2,500 discount), Mazda3 (petrol models offer a £4,000 discount and diesel £5,000), Mazda 6 (petrol models offer a £4,000 discount and diesel £5,000), CX-3 (diesel only with a £3,000 discount).

Mitsubishi – offer expires on 27 March 2018

Mitsubishi are currently offering a £4,000 discount on their most popular hybrid car – the Outlander PHEV. This can then be supplemented with a £2,500 saving via the plug-in car grant to get an attractive £6,500 off of the RRP.

They also offer £2,000 off a Mirage, £3,000 off the ASX compact SUV and a £5,000 discount on the diesel Outlander 4×4.

Nissan – ‘Switch scheme’ open until 2 April 2018

Nissan’s ‘Switch Scheme’ is unique as it allows for scrappage discounts on another used car, rather than just for new cars. This applies to their flagship electric Nissan Leaf, which can come with a discount of up to £2,000.

You can get discounts on new Nissan cars as well including the Micra, Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail – all of which are eligible for a £2,000 saving. Although if you opt for the Acenta trim level on any of them the saving will drop to just £1,000.

PSA Group – save up to £6,000 on a new Peugeot, Citroen or DS until March

With so many car models now under it’s control, this could get a bit complicated so here’s a quick list of all the scrappage discounts available from the French motor giant in 2018:

Peugeot: 108 (£1,750 off), 208 (£2,750 off), 2008 (£2,750 off), petrol 308 (£2,750 off), diesel 308 (£3,750 off), petrol 308 SW (£2,750 off), diesel 308 SW (£3,750 off), 308 GTi (£2,750 off), petrol 3008 (£2,000 off), diesel 3008 (£2,500 off), 508 (£6,000 off), 508 SW (£6,000 off) and Partner Teepee (£2,500 off).

Citroen: C1 (£1,750 off), C3 (£1,750 off), C3 Aircross (£1,700 off), C4 Cactus (£3,900 off), C3 Picasso (£6,400 off), C4 (£5,000 off), C4 Picasso (£4,200 off), Grand C4 Picasso (£4,700 off), Berlingo Multispace (£2,500 off).

DS: DS 3 (£3,500 off, DS 3 Cabrio (£4,500 off), DS 4 (£5,000 off), DS 4 Crossback (£5,000 off), DS 5 (£5,500 off).

Renault – Upgrade Event expires on 31 March 2018

Renault upgraded its 2017 scrappage scheme to run until the end of March, which only applies if you buy a new SUV.

Any roadworthy car can be traded in, and Renault will boost the part-exchange value by different amounts depending on which car model you want to buy.

If you want a petrol Captur then £250 will be added to the value of your trade-in car, which is increased to £500 if you buy the diesel version.

The Renault Kadjar comes with a £500 boost for the petrol and £1,500 for diesel, and the Koleo comes with a £2,000 boost.

Toyota – Scrappage scheme only up for grabs until 31 January 2018

It’s not running for much longer, but you can get pretty much any Toyota model in this scheme. Again, discounts will vary depending on the model with just £1,000 off the C-HR SUV and £4,000 off a brand new Land Cruiser 4×4.

Other Toyota cars available are: Aygo (£2,000 off), Yaris and Yaris Hybrid (£2,500 off), Auris and Auris Hybrid (£3,500 off), Verso (£3,500 off), Rav4 and RAV4 Hybrid (£3,500 off), Avensis (£3,500 off), Prius (£2,000 off), GT86 (£2,000 off), Hilux (£2,000 off) and Proace (£2,000 off).

VW Group – Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen schemes extended until 31 March 2018

The VW Group scrappage scheme offers discounts on a huge range of VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda cars, with deals ranging from £1,500 for the Seat Mii and a huge £8,000 off an Audi Q7 SUV.

VW’s new line of plug-in hybrids are also included, such as a new hybrid Golf GTE (£5,000 discount), and all-electric e-Golf (£5,500 discount).

The new Polo was added to the scheme in November, which can come with a £2,000 saving if you trade-in your old diesel car.

Which car scrappage scheme is the best value for money?

As Renault‘s isn’t a traditional scrappage scheme it arguably offers the lowest financial appeal, and with the SUV restriction it will likely not appeal to most motorists.

Their sister brand Dacia also doesn’t rate too highly when it comes to their scrappage scheme as they only offer relatively low discounts on just two models. However, £500 off a new car that only costs £6,000 isn’t a terrible deal – as long as you actually want that car in the first place.

The scrappage deal on offer from Kia is also limited to its line of small cars, but again it does offer a decent percentage saving when you take into account the low RRP of their new cars.

Toyota run a competitive scheme, but this is ending very soon and the savings aren’t quite as enticing as some of their rivals.

Mazda have a strong offering, with significant discounts on some popular cars and even bigger savings on diesel models.

Some of the biggest discounts come from VW Group in 2018, although the restriction of only accepting old diesel cars will limit the take-up.

Mitsubishi‘s scheme is also highly attractive, particularly as you can trade-in both petrol and diesel cars and get a big discount on the very popular Outlander PHEV. The only real drawback is that you have to have owned the vehicle for six months.

Hyundai also offer some good discounts in their scrappage and emissions reduction scheme, particularly for their popular Tucson and Santa Fe SUVs.

Nissan‘s scheme was very good, but the 2018 extension has seen a reduction in the discounts they now offer – with a maximum of just £2,000 off.

Perhaps the best scrappage deals come from Ford and the PSA Group stable (Peugeot, Citroen and DS). They will take older diesel and petrol cars as part of the deal and offer some significant savings on very popular cars like the Ford Focus, Peugoet 308 and Citroen C4 Picasso – with no ‘added’ discount for buying a new diesel.


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