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Get paid to buy car insurance with these top car insurance cashback deals.

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January 22, 2020

The average cost of car insurance continues to rise, leaving a lot of drivers doing whatever they can to find the cheapest deal.

An often overlooked method to help save money on car insurance is to find a car insurance cashback deal. As buying car insurance is a legal requirement and cannot be avoided, you may as well use a cashback service to actually earn money for the policy you buy.

If you do your research and find the best policy for you, then it is always worth checking if you can buy insurance via a cashback website to get some money back on what you spend – it might be as little as 50p, but could be as much as £50.

You may also find that some policies that were not quite the cheapest at first glance actually work out better value for money when you factor in the amount of cashback you can get on them.

Below we have rounded up the best cashback car insurance deals for 2020 in the UK, taking into consideration their popularity and the amount of cashback on offer.

If you've never used a cashback website, read our guide: How do cashback websites work?

Most popular car insurance cashback deals

Using popular cashback website Quidco, we've identified the top 10 best cashback car insurance deals below:

Aviva car insurance logo

Aviva - Up to £75 cashback

Get as much as £75 cashback with a car insurance policy from Aviva, as well as saving up to 20% when you buy online.

The amount of cashback you receive will vary depending on your chosen policy, with cheaper policies typically offering less cashback.

Get cashback now - Read our review of Aviva

Admiral car insurance logo

Admiral MultiCover - Up to £55 cashback

Get up to £55 in cashback when you are accepted for Admiral's MuliCover policy (with car and combined buildings and contents insurance.)

If you’re looking for a standard car or van insurance policy (not a MultiCover policy), you’ll only be entitled to £35 in cashback.

Get cashback now - Read our review of Admiral

Hastings DirectHastings Direct - Up to £45 cashback

As its most comprehensive car insurance offering, a Hastings Direct Premier Car policy comes with up to £45 cashback.

The cheaper, less comprehensive, standard car policy will only net you £35 cashback.

Get cashback now - Read our Hastings Direct review here

gocompare insurance comparison site logoGoCompare - £28 cashback

Don’t pay more than you should for your car insurance. Get competitive cover at the right price for you with GoCompare.

When it matters, GoCompare.

When taking out a car insurance policy with price comparison website GoCompare, you could get up to £28 back in cashback.

To earn cash back you must follow the link below:

Get cashback now

esureesure -  Up to £81 cashback

Get up to £81 in cashback when you buy a car insurance policy with breakdown cover and motor legal protection with esure.

Removing motor legal protection from your cover will reduce your cashback offering to £73, while removing breakdown cover (but keeping MLP) will give you £67. A car insurance policy without add-ons would see you take home £65 in cashback.

Get cashback now - Read our review of Esure here

AA car insuranceAA car insurance - £52 cashback

Get award-winning car insurance cover from the AA and earn yourself £52 cashback. To qualify for cashback, you must buy your policy online - just be sure to go through a cashback site like Quidco first.

Get cashback now - Read our review of the AA

LV logoLV - £34 cashback

If you're looking to take out a car insurance policy with LV, you could earn £34 in cashback when buying cover through Quidco.

Car insurance from LV comes with benefits such as a UK call centre, 24/7 claims helpline and European car cover.

Get cashback now - Read our full LV review here

The Coop logoCo-Op car insurance - £50 cashback

A new car insurance policy from Co-Op Car Insurance comes with a £50 in cashback when buying through Quidco.

The offer is available on all policies, with no minimum monthly spend.

Get cashback now - Learn more about Co-Op car insurance


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