Car security: the best anti-theft locking devices

anti-theft locking device attached to car steering wheel

July 7, 2016

As well as helping to avoid the immediate inconvenience and costs associated with being a victim of car theft, making your vehicle secure can also lead to lower car insurance premiums.

Insurance companies will often reward those who commit to increasing their car security with lower premiums, as it ultimately means there is less risk of your car being broken into and/or stolen.

We previously wrote about car alarms and whether they are actually ineffective anymore, arguing that they do little to deter criminals and are more of a noisy nuisance than an effective car security device – Are car alarms worth it?

So if car alarms are not the best option for securing your car, what is?

We’ve identified some of the best and most popular anti-theft devices and car security products to help you keep your vehicle safe and protected.

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Mechanical Immobilisers

Most new-ish cars come with their own engine immobilisers, but there’s always room for an added layer of security.

They look a bit clunky and low-tech, but looks are all-important when it comes to protecting your car. An invisible deterrent is not much of a deterrent at all, so very visible mechanical immobilisers like steering wheel locks are great for putting off would-be thieves.

Steering wheel locks

Which brings us nicely onto the current best steering wheel locks you can buy today...


Stoplock HG 149-00 Stoplock Pro Steering Wheel Lock

Stoplock HG steering wheel lock Pro product image


RRP: £115.90

Current price: £45.00

  • Compact for storage
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Fits most cars and 4x4's
  • Thatcham approved - category 3
  • Restricts removal of steering wheel and airbag

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Universal Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Lock

universal steering wheel lock product image


Current price: £5.97

  • Heavy Duty locking mechanism with unique cross-key design
  • Fits most steering wheels even those with air bags
  • Fully disables movement of steering wheel
  • Hi-visibility design to deter theives
  • Two keys included

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Stoplock HG 134-59 Original Steering Wheel Lock

Stoplock Original Steering Wheel Lock product image

Current price: £26.95

  • Simple to use steering wheel lock
  • Fits almost any car
  • Can be fixed in seconds
  • Features flashing LED warning light
  • Over 10,000 possible lock combinations
  • Five-year guarantee 

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Bullock 011/146708 Defender steering wheel lock

Bullock steering wheel lock product image


Current price: £61.16

  • High quality Bullock car anti-theft system
  • The best mechanical anti-theft device for car today
  • Protect your driver airbag
  • Universal anti-theft with three keys
  • Fits easily to most steering wheels without setting off the horn
  • Very effective visible deterrent

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Wheel clamps

Using your own wheel clamps may seem like overkill, but if you're planning on parking your car for an extended period of time - maybe if you're going away or leaving it in a caravan park for instance, then wheel clamp locks can provide some welcome peace of mind.

Wheel N Bits Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp Lock

Wheel clamp product image


Current price: £19.49

  • Suitable for cars, caravans and motorhomes
  • Comes in highly visible yellow colour 
  • Supplied with locking system keys
  • Fits tyres between 13 - 16 inches, as well as some 17 inch low profile tyres

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Heavy duty car security wheel lock/clamp device

Heavy duty wheel clamp lock product image


Current price: £17.99

  • Completely immobilises a wheel from rotating or turning
  • Suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, boat trailers and more
  • Made out of weather resistant steel
  • Soft coated clamp will not scratch or damage wheels or rims
  • Portable and very easy to store

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FDS Car Wheel Clamp

FDS car wheel clamp product image


Current price: £23.49

  • Made from weather resistant steel
  • Soft coated wheel clamp so will not scratch or damage your wheels/ rims
  • Very portable and easy to store
  • Bright red and yellow coloursfor high visibility
  • Fits 7 to 11 inch width tires

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Handbrake and gear locks

These simple but effective devices render your vehicle completely undriveable, as would-be thieves are unable to take the handbrake off or change gears. This makes them a very effective and affordable car theft deterrent.

Heavy duty handbrake/gear stick security lock

Heavy duty handbrake and gear lock product image


Current price: £9.99

  • Effective handbrake/gear lock that fits most cars
  • Very simple to use with no-hassle locking mechanism
  • Comes with two keys

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OKLOCK-Car/Auto Handbrake Gear Lock

OK Lock handbrake and gear lock product image

Current price: £39.39

  • Unique design using high quality steel and alloy to prevent cutting
  • Precise snakelike anti-duplicate key slot lock
  • Unique design enhances reliability while making it easy to store

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