Are Christmas presents covered by home insurance?

Christmas presents covered by home insurance

November 14, 2019

Christmas 2019 is just around the corner and, for many Christmas shoppers in the UK, that means they have the often unwelcomed task of hiding gifts around the house, out of sight from loved ones. Our recent survey showed that 12% of people started their Christmas shopping as early as July!

When you take out home contents insurance, you will have estimated the value of your possessions and household items, but you probably didn’t take into account the value of Christmas presents in your home throughout the festive period.

This includes presents to be given, which are hidden away in the wardrobes in the run-up to Christmas and also presents you and your family will receive on Christmas day.

Survey results: There has been an 84% rise in the number of people looking to spend more than £700 on Christmas presents in 2019!

So the question is - are your Christmas presents covered by your home insurance policy?

Christmas is, without question, the most magical time of year – but that could soon change should you suffer a not-so-festive insurance nightmare.

You could be the victim of a Christmas tree fire (it takes less than 10 seconds for a simmering flame to engulf an entire room) or targeted by burglars who, unfortunately, look forward to the festive period for entirely different reasons to you and I.

So, to ensure your gifts are protected around Christmas time, whether it be from burglars finding their way in, a Christmas tree fire or even a leaky pipe causing a flood, many insurance companies automatically increase the level of cover on your policy.

The amount of increase will vary from one insurance company to another but the average increase is around 10%.

You should check your policy documents to find out exactly how much (if at all) your provider will increase your cover by and also how long for. Again, this can vary with different companies but it is usually two weeks – the week before Christmas Day and the week after.

Some insurance companies will have certain conditions and exclusions attached to the additional cover, for example: an expensive musical instrument may not be covered as it needs specialist cover, as well as higher value items such as expensive jewellery.

Luckily, if you’ve decided to really splash out on a (tangible) gift worth a considerable amount of money (usually over £1,000), you can contact your insurer to have this covered on your policy individually.

To make sure you don’t get caught out by anything, you should always read your policy documentation or contact your insurer directly if you are unsure.

Home insurance after Christmas

Once Christmas has come and gone and you’ve finished indulging in what seems like an endless supply of turkey sandwiches, mince pies and leftover toffee pennies, it might be worth you considering re-evaluating your home insurance policy for the coming year.

As mentioned earlier, the 10% increase that sometimes occurs to cover the cost of Christmas presents doesn’t last forever and, if you find that Father Christmas has been extremely generous this year and you now have a swanky new 65" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with a state-of-the-art home cinema system sitting in your lounge, the value of your home contents will have increased significantly.

Even though you have cover from your insurer over the festive period, you still need to contact them in the New Year and update the value of your contents accordingly so that you are sufficiently covered for the foreseeable future.

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