The Commonwealth Games. Be inspired to protect yourself

By Bob Atoo
August 4, 2014

With the Commonwealth Games now wrapped up in Glasgow, many of us may have been inspired to take up sport and get fitter and be more health conscious which can be good news if you’re thinking about protecting yourself and your family with life insurance.

Like the Games’ Athletes it makes sense to protect yourself if an unfortunate event occurs such as serious illness or injury.

For an athlete, the stronger their body the better their physical performance and income. An entire lifetime’s worth of earnings could be instantly cut off resulting in a financial catastrophe to them and their family if the worst should happen. This is the same for everyone else too.

Here’s a brief list of what can be covered for Athletes:

  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Cost of Agent and Managers
  • Team Stop Loss
  • Image Protection for Manufacturers of Products Endorsed by Athletes
  • Contractual Bonus For Achieving Pre-Determined Goals
  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion
  • College Athletes to be Drafted

Of course not everyone qualifies as a professional Athlete.

Bob hears you ask, “I have a very active fitness regime, what if I got injured and couldn't go to work”, well, don’t worry, Bob has many choices for you.

Here at we work with providers who can offer a range of insurances to cover you, the way you want. From a variety of income protection insurances to life policies, we help, you save.

Bob even has an Income protection policy available that rewards you if you are feeling inspired by the Commonwealth Athletes.

Prudential ‘Vitality’ Plan

With the Prudential ‘Vitality’ plan, there is a healthy living programme which helps you get healthier – and saves you money at the same time. When you take out an Essentials Plan, you start on a Bronze status. By taking part in Vitality activities you can increase your status to Silver, Gold or even Platinum. The higher your status the more we could reduce your premium.

Your exercise routine could be as simple as regular walks or full gym workouts so that everyone can get fitter.

Vitality also encourages you to be healthy by offering you discounts with a range of health partners.

To get a quote or for more information head over to our Income Protection page for a quote, or call us on 0800 080 6376 (Lines are open Monday to Friday 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM excluding Bank Holidays)

Terms & Conditions apply. The Vitality plan may not be the best product to meet your needs and the plan benefits are subject to change and availability. When you request a quote your personal circumstances will be reviewed and the most appropriate solution offered to meet your needs.