Convicted driver insurance – how to get a cheap deal

Convicter driver holding car key

October 10, 2016

Those with a criminal conviction - whether it's for driving or for something else entirely - can find it difficult to get car insurance, and when they do, it's even harder to find a good deal.

Luckily, there are specialist insurers who may be able to help...

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Can I get car insurance if I have a criminal conviction?

If you have a criminal conviction of any kind then you may find it quite difficult to get car insurance cover.

Cheap car insurance for convicted drivers can be difficult to find and even when you do find an insurer willing to offer a policy, it tends to be a lot more expensive than quotes for drivers who don't have any convictions.

Even if your conviction is for something minor that is not related to driving in any way, you may find that most major insurers simply will not offer cover. The reason is that, statistically speaking, drivers with criminal convictions are more likely to have accidents and make claims on their car insurance policy - so insurers see them as a very high-risk proposition.

Not all insurers will deny you cover though, there are still some major car insurance companies who will provide cover. However, you will still be viewed as 'high risk' and therefore, the premium price will be a lot higher.

If you are struggling to find a 'major' insurer willing to offer you cover due to previous convictions, there are some specialist car insurance companies who deal exclusively with convicted drivers - you can read more on how to find them below, or get a quote here.

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