Are you due a tax rebate? A complete guide to claiming tax back from HMRC

Every year thousands of workers in the UK miss out on potentially £100’s of tax refunds, simply because they either don’t know about the tax relief available to them or they don’t bother to submit a claim.

Below we outline exactly what tax relief may be available to your particular job, and how you can quickly and easily make a tax refund claim…



Types of tax refund

There are a lot of tax allowances and refund types available to UK workers, many of which people simply don’t know about. For instance, if you wear any kind of uniform for work and have to wash it yourself you can claim tax back on the laundry costs. Also, if you pay any subscription fees that are deemed necessary for your job e.g. union or professional organisations/bodies then you can claim tax back for those.

We’ve outlined some of the most common types of tax refund below…

Uniform tax rebates

If you are required to wear a uniform for work and it has the company logo on it, then you are entitled to a yearly tax rebate if  you wash and maintain the uniform yourself.

This yearly allowance is available to everyone from airline pilots and cabin crew to Tesco workers, McDonalds staff and anyone else who wears a uniform. As long as your uniform isn’t washed by your employer then you are entitled to a tax rebate. Below are some quick examples of how much of a refund you could be entitled to each year…

Airline Cabin Crew – £720

Airline Pilots – £1,022

Agriculture – £100

Ambulance Staff – £140

Fire Service – £80

Police Officers – £140

Prisons – £80

General sectors – £60

REMEMBER – you can claim tax back for the last four years, so if you have never claimed a rebate before you could be entitled to a big refund!

Mileage allowance relief

If you have to use your own vehicle for any work-related travel e.g. driving to visit clients, visiting different sites etc… then you could be entitled to claim a refund on your mileage.

HMRC’s approved rate for mileage relief is 45p per mile, so if you do not receive any reimbursement from your employer you can claim the total back from HMRC i.e. the amount of miles you drove for business during the tax year x 45p.

Mileage allowance tax relief is never just given automatically – in order to benefit from it you must actively claim for it.

Even if you do receive some reimbursement from your employer, if it is less than HMRC’s approved rate then you can still put in a claim for a refund. For example:

Lets say you travel 7,000 miles per year in your own car on business duties (e.g. visiting suppliers and client), and your employer pays you 30p per mile (15p less than HMRC’s Approved Rate). Over the past four years that adds up to:

Year 1 – 7,000 x (45p-30p) = £1,050

Year 2 – 7,000 x (45p-30p) = £1,050

Year 3 – 5000 x (45p-25p) = £1,050

Year 4 – 5000 x (45p-25p) = £1,050

Total Mileage Allowance Relief = £4,200

That’s a lot of money that is rightfully yours, but you can only get it if you make a claim for it.

Refunds on subscriptions and professional fees

If you are a member of a professional organisation or body and pay subscription or membership fees then you can make a claim for tax relief on those fees.

This tends to be an overlooked are for tax rebates, which means a lot of employees in the UK are currently paying more tax then they should do. Tax relief for subscription fees can also apply to self-employed workers, and can reduce your tax bill significantly.

In order to qualify for a tax rebate, the subscription or professional fees you pay must be necessary to your work and the organisation must be on HMRC’s approved list.

For example, if you are a medical professional then you may have to keep up a membership with the British Medical Association (BMA). As the BMA are on HMRC’s approved list, the yearly membership fees you have to pay would qualify as a tax deductible expense.

See HMRC's full list of approved professional organisations and learned societies


AABC Register Ltd (Architects accredited in building conservation) FY: 2016 to 2017

Academic and Research Surgery Society of

Academic Gaming and Simulation in Education and Training Society for

Academic Primary Care Society for

Access Consultants National Register of

Accident and Emergency Medicine British Association for

Accountancy Association of Lecturers in

Accountants and Auditors British Association of

Accountants Association of International

Accountants Natal Society of

Accountants South African Institute of Professional (SAIPA)

Accountants Transvaal Society of

Accounting Association American

Accounting Association British (Standing Committee for British Accounting Association)

Accounting Association European

Accounting Conference of Professors of

Accounting Technicians Association of

Accounting Technicians in Ireland Institute of

Acoustical Society British

Acoustical Society of America

Acoustics Institute of

Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials Seminar on the (SALALM)

Actuarial Profession The (name for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries)

Actuarial Society Bournemouth

Actuarial Society Manchester

Actuarial Society Staple Inn

Actuaries American Academy of

Actuaries Canadian Institute of

Actuaries in Ireland Society of

Actuaries in Scotland Faculty of (merged on 1 August 2010 to form the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries)

Actuaries Institute and Faculty of (new title of the Institute of Actuaries from 1 August 2010)

Actuaries International Association of – additional subscription may be paid for membership of specialist section for Actuarial Studies in Non-Life Assurance (Astin)

Actuaries of Australia Institute of

Actuaries Society of

Actuaries Students’ Society Faculty of

Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists

Acupuncture Council British

Acupuncture Society British Medical

Acute Medicine UK Society for

Addiction (to Alcohol and other Drugs) Society for the Study of

Addington Society

Administrative Law Bar Association

Administrative Management Institute of

Adoption and Fostering British Agencies for

Adult Education Association for

Adult Education National Institute of

Advancement of Science American Association for the

Advancement of Science British Association for the

Advertising Association

Advertising Association (UK Chapter) International

Advertising Managers Association Incorporated

Advisers and Lecturers in Physical Education British Association of

Advisers for Computers in Education National Association of

Advisers for the Under-Fives for England and Wales Association of

Advisory Officers Birmingham Association of

Advisory Officers for Special Education National Association of

Advocates Faculty of

Aeronautical Society Royal

Aeronautics and Astronautics American Institute of

Aeronautics and Space Institute Canadian

Aerosol Society

Aerospace Medical Association

Aesthetic Medicine British College of (BCAM) – FY:2015 to 2016

Aesthetics British Society of

African Institute International

African Law Association International

African Society Royal

African Studies Association of the United Kingdom

Agency Chief Executives Association (ACE)

AGILE Physiotherapy with Older People

Agrément Board (concerned with technical assessment of building products)

Agricultural Arbiters’ Association Scottish

Agricultural Botany National Institute of

Agricultural College Former Students Club West of Scotland

Agricultural Consultants British Institute of

Agricultural Development Association

Agricultural Economics Society

Agricultural Economists International Association

Agricultural Education Association

Agricultural Education Staffs of Local Authorities Association of

Agricultural Engineering British Society for Research in

Agricultural Engineers American Society of

Agricultural Engineers Institution of

Agricultural History Society British

Agricultural Journalists Guild of

Agricultural Labour Science British Society for

Agricultural Law Association FY: 2012 to 2013

Agricultural Management Institute of

Agricultural Science Northern Ireland Institute of

Agricultural Secretaries Institute of

Agricultural Society East of England

Agricultural Society Lincolnshire

Agricultural Society of England Royal

Agricultural Society of Scotland Royal Highland

Agricultural Society Royal Counties

Agricultural Society Royal Welsh

Agricultural Society Shropshire and West Midlands

Agricultural Society University College of Wales

Agricultural Society University of Newcastle

Agricultural Society Wharfedale

Agricultural Society Yorkshire

Agricultural Valuers Association Berks and Oxon

Agricultural Valuers Association Cheshire

Agricultural Valuers Association Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Agricultural Valuers Association Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Agricultural Valuers Association Lancashire

Agricultural Valuers Association Midland Counties

Agricultural Valuers Association North Yorkshire and South Durham

Agricultural Valuers Association of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset

Agricultural Valuers Association of Lincolnshire

Agricultural Valuers Association Sussex and Adjoining Counties

Agricultural Valuers Association Western Counties

Agricultural Valuers Association Wisbech District

Agricultural Valuers Central Association of

Agricultural Valuers Club for Kent and Adjoining Counties

Agricultural Valuers Norfolk Association of

Agricultural Valuers Northumbria and Cumbria Branch of the

Agricultural Valuers Yorkshire Association of

Agriculture Association of

Agrochemicals Standards Inspection Scheme British (BASIS) Professional Register

Agronomy American Society of

Air Pilots and Air Navigators Guild of

Air Traffic Control Officers Guild of

Airline Navigators Council International

Airline Pilots Association British (BALPA)

Airline Pilots Association Irish

Airworthiness International Federation of FY: 2011 to 2012

Alchemy and Early Chemistry Society for the Study of

Alcoholism Medical Council on (J – British Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism)

Allergists British Association of

Allergology and Clinical Immunology European Academy of

Allergy and Clinical Immunology British Society for

Allergy Society British

Amalgamated School Nurses’ Association

Ambulance Service Institute

American Studies British Association for

Amputee Medical Rehabilitation Society

Anaesthesia Research Society International (IARS) FY: 2015 to 2016

Anaesthesiology European Academy of (J – European Journal of Anaesthesiology)

Anaesthetic Laboratory Technicians Society of

Anaesthetic Research Society

Anaesthetists Edinburgh and East of Scotland Society of

Anaesthetists Glasgow and West of Scotland Society of

Anaesthetists Liverpool Society of

Anaesthetists Midland Society of

Anaesthetists North East of Scotland Society of

Anaesthetists Northern Ireland Society of

Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Anaesthetists of Ireland College of (CAI) FY: 2016 to 2017

Anaesthetists of Wales Society of

Anaesthetists Royal College of

Anaesthetists Scottish Society of

Anaesthetists South Western Region Society of

Analysts and Programmers Institution of

Analytical Cytology International Society for

Analytical Psychology Society of

Anaphylaxis Campaign The (FY: 2012 to 2013)

Anatomical Pathology Technology Association of (AAPT) FY: 2014 to 2015

Anatomical Sciences Institute of

Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Andrology Society British

Anesthesiologists American Society of

Anglo-Saxonists International Society of

Animal and Behavioural Medicine European College of (ECAWBM) FY: 2016 to 2017

Animal Behaviour Association for the Study of

Animal Breeding Society for the Study of

Animal Cell Technology European Society for

Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority (AMTRA)

Animal Nursing Auxiliaries Association British

Animal Science British Society of

Animal Technicians Association

Animal Technicians Institute of

Anthropological and Folklore Society Scottish

Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland Royal

Antimicrobal Chemotherapy British Society for

Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (ABA) FY: 2015 to 2016

Antiquarian Horological Society

Antiquaries of London Society of

Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne Society of

Antiquaries of Scotland Society of

Apothecaries of London Worshipful Society of

Applied Biologists Association of

Applied Linguistics British Association for

Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy British Association for (BANT) FY: 2014 to 2015

Applied Philosophy Society for

Applied Studies in Education Oxford Society for

Appraisers American Society of

Approved Schools Staff Association Scottish

Approved Schools Staff National Association of

Arable Research Institute Association

Arbitrators Chartered Institute of

Arboricultural Association

Arboriculture (Europe) Ltd International Society of

Archaeological Association British

Archaeological Association Cambrian

Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland Royal

Archaeological Society Chester

Archaeological Society Derbyshire

Archaeological Society Hunter

Archaeological Society Kent

Archaeological Society Sussex

Archaeological Society Ulster

Archaeological Society Yorkshire

Archaeologists Chartered Institute for (CIfA) (formerly Institute of Field Archaeologists)

Archaeology in Iraq British School of

Architects Alberta Association of

Architects in Scotland Royal Incorporation of

Architects Institute of Registered

Architects Registration Board (allow the fee payable for retention of the taxpayer’s name in the Register of Architects)

Architects Royal Australian Institute of

Architects Royal Institute of British (subscriptions are paid to RIBA Professional Services Ltd (RPS))

Architects Royal Society of Ulster

Architects Society City and Borough

Architects’ Society County

Architectural Association

Architectural Association Birmingham and Five Counties

Architectural Association Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Architectural Historians of Great Britain Society of

Architectural Illustrators Society of

Architectural Ironmongers Institute of

Architectural Technologists Chartered Institute of

Architecture and Surveying Institute

Archives and Records Association (new name for the Society of Archivists from 25 May 2010)

Archives International Council on

Aristotelian Society (J – Proceedings)

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

Army Historical Research Society for

Aromatherapists International Society of Professional

Art Club Glasgow

Art Historians Association of

Art Libraries Society

Art Teachers Association Scottish

Art Therapists British Association of

Art Workers Guild

Arthurian Society International – British Branch FY: 2010 to 2011

Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour Society for the Study of

Artists and Designers in Wales Association of

Artists Royal Birmingham Society of

Arts Royal Society of

Ashridge College Association

Asian Society Royal Central

Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland Royal

Asphalt Technology Institute of

Assessors and Verifiers Institute of

Asset Management Institute of FY: 2011 to 2012

Assistants Teaching in Preparatory Schools Society of

Association Management Institute of

Assurance Medical Society

Astronomical Association British

Astronomical Society Canadian (CASCA) FY: 2015 to 2016

Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

Astronomical Society Royal

Astronomy Education Association for

Athens British School at

Atherosclerosis Society British

Atomic Energy Police Federation

Atomic Gardening Society

Audio Engineering Society

Audiological Physicians British Association of

Audiological Technicians Society of

Audiology British Academy of

Audiology British Society of

Auditors Faculty of

Australian Computer Society

Australian Rangeland Society

Authorised Public Accountants Association of

Automotive Electrical Technicians Society of

Automotive Engineer Assessors Institute of

Automotive Engineers Society of

Average Adjusters Association of

Aviation Psychology Western-European Association for


B.S.E. (Estate Management) Club

Back Pain Research Society for

Bacteriologists Society of American (J – Applied Microbiology)

Bakers Institute of British

Bakery Teachers Association of

Baking British Society of

Bankers Association Arab

Bankers in Ireland Institute of

Bankers in Scotland Institute of

Bankers Taxation Circle

Banking and Finance Women in

Banking Teachers Association of

Banks Personnel Management Group London

Baptist Ministers Fellowship

Bar Association for Local Government and Industry

Bar Association International

Bar Council – Senate of the Inns of Court and the Bar

Barristers Clerks Institute of

BASE UK FY: 2016 to 2017

BASO – The Association for Cancer Surgery (British Association of Surgical Oncology – title for the British Association of Cancer Surgery from July 2010)

Bath and West and Southern Counties Society

Bee Research Association (J)

Beer Writers British Guild of

Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies British Association for

Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy British Association of

Behavioural Clinicians Association of

Biblical and Theological Research Tyndale Fellowship for (J)

Bibliographical Society

Bibliographical Society Cambridge

Bibliographical Society Edinburgh

Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia

Bibliographical Society Oxford

Bibliography of Natural History Society for the

Biochemical Society (J)

Biodeterioration Society

Biological Education Scottish Association for

Biological Engineering Society

Biology Curators Group

Biology Society of (J)

Biomedical Andrologists Association of FY: 2013 to 2014

Biomedical Engineering Society Ulster

Biomedical Science Institute of

Biometric Society (British Region)

Biometrika Trust

Biophysical Society British

Blair Bell Research Society

Blind Chartered Physiotherapists Association of

Bliss Classification Association

Blood Transfusion Society Ltd The British

Body Engineers Institution of

Bone and Mineral Research American Society for (J – Journal of Bone and Mineral Research)

Bone and Tooth Society

Book Association Oxford

Bookkeepers International Association of

Botanical Society of America

Botanical Society of Edinburgh

Botanical Society of the British Isles

Bowen Therapy Professional Association BTPA FY: 2015-2016

Brain Injury Case Managers British Association of

Breast Surgery Association of FY: 2011 to 2012

Brewers Guild Incorporated

Brewing Institute of

Bricklayers Guild of

Bridge and Structural Engineering International Association for – British Group (J)

Bridge Union English

Brownfield Risk Assessment Society of FY: 2012 to 2013

Bryological Society American

Bryological Society British

Buddhist Studies UK Association for

Builders Merchants Institute of

Building Chartered Institute of

Building Control Institute of

Building Engineers Chartered Association of (title from 1 January 2014 following the granting of a Royal Charter)

Building Environmental Performance Analysis Club

Building Estimators Institute of

Building Faculty of

Building Services Engineers Chartered Institution of

Building Site Management Institute of

Building Trades and Handicraft Teachers’ Guild of Northern Ireland

Burglary Insurance Surveyors Association of

Burn Association British  FY: 2014 to 2015

Business Advisers Institute of

Business Agents Institution of

Business Analysis International Inst of UK Chapter FY: 2012 to 2013

Business Analysis International Institute of FY: 2013 to 2014

Business Archives Council

Business Continuity Institute

Business Economists Society of

Business Executives Association of

Business Historians Association of (ABH) FY: 2016 to 2017

Business Recovery Professionals Association of

Business School Association Manchester

Business School Association Scottish

Business Schools Association London

Butser Ancient Farm Project Trust


Cable Television Engineers Society of

Caledonian Society

Canadian Studies British Association for

Cancer Research American Association for

Cancer Research British Association for

Canoe Association Scottish

Canoe Union Coaching Scheme British

Canterbury and York Society

Car Fleet Management Institute of

Cardiac Rehabilitation British Association for

Cardiac Society British

Cardiological Science and Technology Society for

Cardiothoracic Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Society of

Cardiovascular Imaging British Society of/Cardiovascular Computed Tomography British Society of (BSCI-BSCCT) FY: 2015 to 2016

Cardiovascular Intervention Society British FY: 2011 to 2012

Cardiovascular Research British Society for

Cardiovascular Surgery European Society for

Care Catering National Association of

Care Council for Wales (allow the fee payable in respect of the retention of a name in the register)

Career Development Institute FY: 2014 to 2015

Career Management Professionals International Association of

Careers and Guidance Teachers National Association of

Careers Guidance Institute of

Cargo Surveyors British Association of

Caries Research European Organisation for

Carpenters Institute of

Carriage and Automobile Manufacturers Institute of British

Cartographers Society of

Cartographic Society British

Case Management Society UK

Caspari Foundation

Cast Iron Research Association British

Cast Metals Engineers Institute of

Cataract and Refractive Surgeons United Kingdom and Ireland Society of

Catering Teachers’ Association

Catholic Doctors Guild (St Luke SS. Cosmas and Damian Guild of)

Catholic Head Teachers Association of Scotland

Catholic Secondary Teachers Association

Cattle Veterinary Association British

Cell Biology American Society for

Cell Biology British Society for

Cemetery and Crematorium Management Institute of

Ceramic Society American

Ceramic Society British

Ceramics Institute of

Cereal Chemists American Association of

Certified Accountants Arab Society of

Certified Accountants Chartered Association of (ACCA) (now called the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

Certified Bookkeepers Association of

Certified Bookkeepers Institute of

Certified Executive Accountants Canadian Association of

Certified General Accountants of Ontario

Certified Public Accountants American Institute of

Certified Public Accountants Association (CPAA) FY: 2015 to 2016

Certified Public Accountants In Ireland Institute of

Chaplains in Healthcare Scottish Association of

Chaplains to Children in Residential Care Association of

Charity Finance Directors Group

Charity Fundraising Managers Institute of

Charity Independent Examiners Association of

Charity Law Association FY: 2010 to 2011

CharityComms FY 2015 to 2016

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Chartered Accountants Cape Society of

Chartered Accountants Hundred Group of

Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Institute of (ICAEW) (J – Accountancy – additional annual subscriptions to individual faculties also qualify for relief)

Chartered Accountants in Ireland Institute of

Chartered Accountants in Ireland Institute of

Chartered Accountants of British Columbia Institute of

Chartered Accountants of New Zealand Institute of

Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia Institute of

Chartered Accountants of Ontario Institute of

Chartered Accountants of Pakistan Institute of (ICAP) FY: 2016 to 2017

Chartered Accountants of Quebec Institute of

Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan Institute of

Chartered Accountants of Scotland Institute of (J)

Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe Institute of

Chartered Accountants Orange Free State Society of

Chartered Accountants South African Institute of

Chartered Accountants Ulster Society of (J)

Chartered Auctioneers and Estate Agents Institute

Chartered Banker Institute

Chartered Building Societies Institute

Chartered Business Valuators Canadian Institute of (CICBV) FY: 2016 to 2017

Chartered Certified Accountants Association of (ACCA)

Chartered Environmentalist (Cenv) (see Society for the Environment)

Chartered Financial Analyst Society of the UK (CFA Society of the UK)

Chartered Foresters Institute of

Chartered Institute of Credit Management

Chartered Insurance Institute (J – additional annual subscriptions payable for membership of one or more faculties are also admissible for relief and may include an admissible annual subscription paid by a member of the Insurance Institute of London)

Chartered Land Agents’ Society

Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy Association of

Chartered Physiotherapists in Management Association of

Chartered Physiotherapists in Mental Healthcare

Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology Association of (ACPIN) FY: 2015 to 2016

Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics Association of (ACPOHE) FY: 2015 to 2016

Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice Organisation of

Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care Association of (ACPRC) FY: 2014 to 2015

Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine Association of

Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health Association of

Chartered Physiotherapists Manipulation Association of

Chartered Quality Institute

Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Institute of

Chartered Surveyors Royal Institution of

Chartered Trading Standards Institute CTSI

Chemical Engineers Institution of

Chemical Hazards Communication Society

Chemical Industry Society of

Chemical Institute Royal Australian

Chemical Society American (J)

Chemical Society Swiss

Chemical Structure Association

Chemistry Royal Society of (J)

Chemists Swedish Society of (Swedish title – Svenska Kemistsamfundet)

Chemoreception Research Organisation European

Chest and Heart Association

Chest Diseases Cardiff Post-Graduate Federation in

Chest Physicians American College of

Chest Society West Country

Chief Administrators of Health Authorities Association of

Chief Building Control Officers Scottish Association of

Chief Constables’ (Scotland) Association

Chief Education Social Workers National Association of

Chief Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Society of

Chief Executives of London Boroughs Association of

Chief Fire Officers’ Association

Chief Inspectors and Advisers Society of

Chief Leisure Officers Association

Chief Male Nurses (Mental Health Service) National Association of

Chief Personnel Officers in Local Government Society of

Chief Police Officers (Scotland) Association of

Chief Police Officers of England and Wales Association of

Chief Police Officers Staff Association (CPOSA) FY: 2015 to 2016

Chief Probation Officers Conference of

Chief Quantity Surveyors in Local Government Society of

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Association for

Child Psychotherapists Association of

Childhood Disability European Academy of

Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) FY: 2011 to 2012

Children’s Officers Association of

Children’s Officers Association Scottish

Chimique de Belgique Societe

Chimique de France Societe

Chinese Studies British Association for

Chiropodists and Podiatrists Society of

Chiropodists Institute of

Chiropody Teachers in the UK Association of

Chiropractic Association British

Chiropractic Association McTimoney (MCA) FY: 2016 to 2017

Chiropractic Association Scottish

Chiropractic Association United

Chiropractic Council General (allow the fee payable in respect of the retention of a name in the register)

Chiropractors College of

Chirurgie Societe International de (International Society of Surgery)

Christian Counsellors UK Association of

Christian Education at Home and Overseas Institute of

Christian Education Movement

Christian Teachers Association of

Christian Teachers of Wales Association of

Chromatography Discussion Group

Church History Society Scottish

Circuit Technologists Association of

Citizenship Teaching Association for (ACT) FY: 2016 to 2017

City and Regional Planners International Society of

City of London Society

Civil Aviation Authority (for aircraft maintenance engineers flight crews air traffic controllers – the cost of renewal of licence and associated medical and technical examination fees are allowable – any local flat-rate expenses arrangement for air crews usually include this expense)

Civil Defence Institute of

Civil Engineering Surveyors Institution of

Civil Engineering Technicians Society of

Civil Engineers American Society of

Civil Engineers Institution of (ICE) (J – Proceedings)

Civil Engineers Institution of (Traffic Engineering Study Group)

Civil Engineers South African Institution of

Civil Funerals Institute of

Classical Association London Branch

Classical Teachers Joint Association of

Classical Teachers London Association of

Clay Minerals Society

Clay Technology Institute of

Clean Air National Society for

Cleaning Science British Institute of

Clerks of County District Councils Society of

Clerks of the Peace of Counties and of Clerks of County Councils Society Of

Clerks of Valuation Panels Society of

Clerks of Works of Great Britain (Incorporated) Institute of

Clerks-at-the-Table in Commonwealth Parliaments Society of

Climatologists Association of British

Clinical Anatomists British Association of

Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine The Association for (title from 30 April 2013 formerly the Association of Clinical Biochemists)

Clinical Biochemists Association of

Clinical Cytogeneticists Association of

Clinical Cytologists North Western Association of

Clinical Cytology British Society for

Clinical Data Management Association for

Clinical Diabetologists Association of British (ABCD) FY: 2015 to 2016

Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision International Society for

Clinical Embryologists The Association of ACE FY 2015 to 2016

Clinical Genetics Society

Clinical Investigation European Society for

Clinical Microbiologists Association of

Clinical Molecular Genetics Society

Clinical Neurophysiologists Association of British

Clinical Oncology American Society of (J – Journal of Clinical Oncology)

Clinical Pastoral Education Association for

Clinical Pathologists Association of

Clinical Pharmacy Association UK

Clinical Physiologists (RCCP)The Registration Council for FY: 2015 to 2016

Clinical Professors in Medicine Association of

Clinical Psychiatrists Society

Clinical Research for the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of (ACRPI)

Clinical Research Institute of

Clinical Tutors National Association of

Clothing and Footwear Institute

Clwb TeithioLlawfeddygon Cymru – English name Welsh Surgical Travelling Club

Coaching International Ltd Association for FY: 2016 to 2017

Coal Industry Society

Cochlear Implant Group British

Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association for

Cognitive Science Society

Coke Oven Managers’ Association

College Management Association of

College Registrars and Administrators Association of

Colliery Managers National Association of

Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Colour Group (Great Britain)

Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology British Society for

Combinatronics and Its Applications Institute of (to do with mathematics)

Combined Heat and Power Association

Combustion Institute (British Section)

Commerce British Society of

Commerce Finance and Industry Bar Association for

Commerce Institute of

Commercial and Industrial Education British Association for

Commercial and Technical Representatives Institute of

Commercial Management Institute of

Communication Advertising and Marketing Society (CAM)

Communication Research and Education Association European

Communication with Deaf People The Council for the Advancement of (CACDP)trading name – Signature) FY: 2015 to 2016

Communications Guild

Communications Management Association

Communicators in Business British Association of

Community Child Health British Association for

Community Dentistry British Association for the Study of

Community Health Councils Society of Secretaries of Welsh

Community Home Schools Association of

Community Medicine (Child Health) Association of Specialists in

Community Medicine Environmental Health Group

Community Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Faculty of

Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association

Community Safety Institute of (ICS)

Community Workers in the UK Association of

Company Accountants Institute of

Comparative Education Society in Europe (British Section) (J)

Comparative Endocrinology European Society for

Comparative Literature Association British

Compliance Association International

Compliance Institute

Comprehensive Schools Centre for the Study of

Compulsory Purchase Association

Computer Association of the Blind British

Computer Consultants Association of Professional

Computer Control and Audit Group Scottish

Computer Graphics European Association for (short-title – Eurographics)

Computer Lab Ring Cambridge

Computer Sciences Institution of

Computer Society British (J)

Computer Telephone Integration users and suppliers Association of

Computers and Law Society for

Computing Machinery Association for

Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Concrete Institute American

Concrete Society (J)

Concrete Technology Institute of

Conference Executives Association of

Conflict Management Institute of

Connective Tissue Society British

Conseillers du Commerce Exterieur la Comite Nationale des

Conservation Institute of FY: 2012 to 2013

Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works International Institute for

Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works UK Institute for

Conservation of Historic Buildings Association for Studies in the

Construction Heads British Association of

Construction Management Institute of

Construction Surveyors Institute

Consultant Orthodontists Group Scottish

Consultant Orthodontists’ Group

Consultants Association London

Consultants in Agriculture and Horticulture British Association of

Consultants in Restorative Dentistry Group

Consulting Actuaries Association of

Consulting Actuaries International Association of

Consulting Engineers Association of

Consulting Institute of (name from 1 February 2011 formerly the Institute of Business Consulting)

Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors Society of

Consumer Advisers Institute of

Consumer Affairs Professionals in Europe Society of

Consumer Sciences Institute of

Contact Lens Association British

Contemporary European Studies University Association for

Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists Association of

Continence Advice Association for

Continence Society International

Continuing Professional Development Institute of

Contraception and Reproductive Health European Society of

Contraception and Sexual Health London Society for (title from March 2011 formerly the London Society for Family Planning Practitioners)

Contraception and Sexual Health West Midland Association for

Contraception and Sexual Medicine Bath and Wilts Doctor’s Group for

Contract and Commercial Management International Association for

Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers

Contracts and Commercial Management Association

Conveyancing and Executry Services Board Scottish

Cookery and Food Association (relief is not due for any part of a subscription paid over to the National Union of Co-operative Officials)

Co-operative Managers Association National

Co-operative Secretaries Association

CoreNet Global UK Ltd (Corporate Real Estate Network)

Corn and Agricultural Merchants Institute of

Coroners Society of England and Wales

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Institute of FY: 2016 to 2017

Corporate Treasurers Association of

Corrosion Science and Technology Institution of

Cosmetic Scientists Society of

Cost Accountants Australasian Institute of

Cost and Executive Accountants Institute of

Cost Engineers American Association of

Cost Engineers Association of

Costs Lawyer Standards Board (allow relief under s343 ITEPA 2003 for the fee payable to the CLSB on applying for a Costs Lawyer practising certificate)

Costs Lawyers Association of (title from 1 January 2011 formerly the Association of Law Costs Draftsmen)

Cotton Association Liverpool

Council Secretaries and Solicitors Association of

Counselling and Psychotherapy British Association for

Counselling Society Ltd National FY: 2011 to 2012

Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Primary Care Association of

Counsellors in Education National Association of

Countryside Management Association

Countryside Rangers Association Scottish

County Archivists Association of

County Chief Executives Association of

County Clerks in Scotland Society of

County Court and District Registrars Association of

County Land Agents’ Association

County Medical Officers of Health Association of

County Planning Officers’ Society

County Surveyors’ Society

County Treasurers Society of

County Welfare Officers’ Society

Courtly Literature Society International (British Branch)

CPA (Certified Practicing Accountants) Australia

Craft Education College of

Craniofacial Society of Great Britain

Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery European Association for

Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association

Criminology British Society of

Critical Care Medicine Society of

Critical Care Nurses British Association of

Crop Consultants Association of Independent

Crop Research Scottish Society for

Crop Science Society of America

Crystallographic Association British

Culinaire de France Academie

Curriculum Association for the Study of

Customer Service Institute of

Customs Practitioners Group

Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru (English name -Welsh Translators and Interpreters Association of) FY: 2011 to 2012

Cymdeithas Pediatrig Cymru (English name – Welsh Paediatric Society)

Cyngor Addysgu Cyffredinol Cymru (English name – General Teaching Council for Wales – allow the fee payable in respect of the retention of a name in the register)


Dairy Farmers’ Association British

Dairy Technology Society of

Dam Society British (formerly International Commission on Large Dams (British Section))

Dance Teachers Association International

Dancing Royal Academy of

Day Surgery British Association of

De Nederlande Orde van Belastingadviseurs (English translation Dutch Association of Tax Advisers)

Decontamination Sciences Institute of (IDSc)

Decoration Faculty of

Defence Industry Security Association

Defence Studies Royal United Services Institute for (concerned with naval and military science and literature)

Delinquency Institute for the Study and Treatment of

Dental Anaesthetists Association of

Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology British Society of

Dental Association British

Dental Council General (allow the fee for the entry or retention of a name in the dentist’s register or in a roll or record kept for a class of auxiliary dental workers – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Dental Defence Union

Dental Health Foundation British

Dental Hygienists’ Association British

Dental Nurses British Association of

Dental Practice Managers Association British

Dental Practitioners Association General

Dental Protection Ltd (a sub section of Medical Protection Society)

Dental Receptionists Association British

Dental Research International Association for (British Division)

Dental Society Anglo Continental

Dental Society Herefordshire

Dental Society of London American

Dental Surgeons North Staffordshire Society of

Dental Surgery British Society for General

Dental Technologists Association

Dental Therapists British Association of

Dentistry British Society for Behavioural Sciences in

Dentistry for Children International Association of

Dentistry Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in (SAAD) FY: 2013 to 2014

Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology International Association of (J)

Dermatological Society Scottish

Dermatological Society St. John’s Hospital

Dermatologists British Association of

Dermatologists Irish Association of

Design and Art Direction British

Design and Industries Association

Design and Technology Association

Design Craft and Technology Educational Institution of

Design History Society (FY: tax relief is not due in respect of the journal subscription)

Designers Chartered Society of

Designers/Interpreters in Museums Group of

Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft fur Physikalische Chemie (concerned with chemistry and technology)

Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Mineralolwissenschaft und Kohlechemie (concerned with the science of petroleum and carbon chemistry)

Development Biology British Society for

Development Pathology Society

Development Professionals in Education Institute of

Development Studies Association

Diabetes European Association for the Study of

Diabetes UK (Medical Personnel only)

Diagnostic Engineers Institution of

Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association European

Diecasting Society

Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers Institution of

Dietetic Association British (see also – Professions Supplementary to Medicine Council for)

Direct Mail Advertising Association British

Direct Marketing Association British

Direct Marketing Membership Ltd Institute of

Directors Institute of

Directors of Education in Scotland Association of

Directors of Planning Scottish Society of

Directors of Public Health Association of

Directors of Social Services Association of

Directors of Social Work Association of

Directors of Welfare Services Association of

Disability and Oral Health British Society for

Disabled Professionals Association of

Dispensing Opticians Association of British

District Auditors Society

District Council Technical Association

District Council Treasurers Association of

District Judges Association of

District Nurses Association of

District Nursing Queens Institute of

District Planning Officers Society

Domestic Heating Engineers Institute of

Domestic Management Association of

Domiciliary Care Officers British Association of

Double Century Club

Drama League British

Dramatherapists British Association for

Dreams International Association for the Study of FY: 2011 to 2012

Driving Instructors

Drug Research Society for

Drug Utilization Research Group United Kingdom

Dugdale Society

Dyers and Cleaners Guild of

Dyers and Colourists Society of

Dynamic Psychotherapy North West Institute of

Dyslexia Institute Guild


Early Childhood Education British Association for

Early English

Earth Science Teachers Association

Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team

East India Association (India Pakistan and Burma)

Eating Disorders Association

Ecclesiastical History Society

Ecclesiastical Law Society

Echocardiography British Society of

Ecological Society British

Ecology and Environmental Management Chartered Institute of

Econometric Society

Economic Association American

Economic Association European

Economic Development Officers Institution of

Economic Geologists Society of

Economic History Society

Economic Palaeontologists and Mineralogists Society of (J)

Economic Society Royal

Economic Society Scottish

Economics and Business and Enterprise Association

Editors and Proof Readers Society of

Editors Association of British

Editors Guild of

Education and Children’s Trusts Association of Professionals in (ASPECT)

Education for Commerce National Association for

Education for Planning Association

Education in Art and Design National Society for

Education in Museums Group for

Education Law Association

Education Meal Advisers National Association of

Education Officers Society of

Education Standing Conference on Studies in

Education Workforce Council (allow the fee payable in respect of the entry or retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Education and Training Society for FY: 2015 to 2016

Educational and Training Technology Association for

Educational Assessors Chartered Institute of

Educational Assessors Institute of

Educational Gerontology Association for

Educational Guidance for Adults National Association for

Educational Institute of Design Craft and Technology

Educational Institute of Scotland (J)

Educational Management and Administration Society British

Educational Psychologists Association of

Educational Research Association American (J)

Educational Research Association British

Educational Research Association Scottish

Educational Television Association

Educational Therapy and Therapeutic Teaching Forum for the Advancement of

Egypt Exploration Society

Eighteenth Century Studies British Society for

Elbow and Shoulder Society British

Electoral Administrators Association of

Electrical and Electronics Engineers Institute of (additional admissible subscriptions may be paid for membership of professional groups and for publications)

Electrical Engineers American Institute of

Electriciens Societe Francaise des

Electricity Administration Institute of

Electroencephalographic Society

Electrolysis British Institute and Association of

Electronic and Radio Engineers Institution of

Electronics Institution of

Electro-Physiological Technologists’ Association

Electrotechnical Institution Swiss

Embalmers British Institute of

Embroiderers’ Guild (J – contribution to expansion fund not admissible)

Emergency Management Institute of

Emergency Medical Technicians British Association of

Emergency Medicine Royal College of

Emergency Medicine Research Society (J – Archives of Emergency Medicine)

Emergency Planning Society

Empire Forestry Association

Employability Professionals Institute of FY: 2013 to 2014

Employment Consultants Institute of

Employment Lawyers Association

Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons British Association of (BAETS) FY: 2015 to 2016

Endocrine Society

Endocrinology Caledonian Society for

Endocrinology Society for

Endodontic Society British

Energy Institute The

Enforcement Services Association

Engineer Surveyors Bureau of

Engineering and Technology Institution of

Engineering Associations European Federation of National (known as FEANI Subscriptions paid every 5 years – relief allowable each year on one fifth of the payment)

Engineering Construction Industry Skills Database (initial registration fee not admissible – allow annual retention fee only)

Engineering Council

Engineering Designers Institution of

Engineering Geologists Association of

Engineering Institute of Canada

Engineering Institutions Foreign Language Group

Engineering Metrology Association

Engineering Royal Academy of

Engineering Society Colchester

Engineering Society Liverpool

Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta Association of Professional  FY: 2013 to 2014

Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland Institution of

Engineers and Shipbuilders North East Coast Institution of

Engineers Australia

Engineers Belfast Association of

Engineers Institution of British (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Engineers Institution of Incorporated

Engineers Junior Institution of

Engineers Leeds Association of

Engineers Manchester Association of

Engineers Midland Counties Institution of

Engineers North of England

Engineers of Ireland Institution of

Engineers of the Province of Ontario Association of Professional

Engineers Society of

Engineers Society of Professional

Engineers South Wales Institute of (annual subscription may include admissible capitation fee payable to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Engineers-in-Charge Institution of

English Association (concerned with knowledge and appreciation of English language and literature)

English Place-Name Society

Enterostomal Therapists United Kingdom Organisation World Council of

Entomological Society of London Royal

Environment Conscious Building Association for

Environment Society for the (allow relief for the annual subscription for the award of the ‘Chartered

Environmentalist’ designation available through membership of one of the Licensed Constituent Bodies)

Environmental Archaeology Association for

Environmental Education National Association for

Environmental Engineers Society of

Environmental Health Chartered Institute of

Environmental Health Institute of Scotland Royal

Environmental Law Association United Kingdom

Environmental Management and Assessment Institute of

Environmental Management Institute of (merged to form Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment)

Environmental Mutagen Society European

Environmental Sciences Institute of

Epidemiological Association International

Equality and Diversity Practitioners Institute of FY: 2013 to 2014

Equine Practitioners American Association of

Equine Veterinary Association British

Ergonomics Practitioners of the Ergonomics Society Division of

Ergonomics Society

Esperanto Teachers Association

Estate Agents Corporation of

Estate Agents National Association of

Estates and Wayleaves Officers Incorporated Society of

Estuarine and Brackish-Water Sciences Association

Eugenics Society

Eurocall – European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning

Eurographics Association (concerned with computer graphics)

European Trademark Association

Evolution Society for the Study of

Executive Engineers Institution of Incorporated

Executives and Administrators Corporation of

Executives and Managers in the Service Industries Institute of

Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis British Society of (J – British Journal of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis)

Experimental Biology Society for

Experimental Medicine Scottish Society for

Experimental Psychology Society

Experimental Test Pilots Society of

Expert Witness Institute

Expert Witnesses Society of

Experts British Academy of

Exploration Geochemists Association of

Exploration Geophysicists European Association of

Exploration Geophysicists Society of

Explosives Engineers Institute of

Export Institute of

Export Research Group

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR Association UK and Ireland) FY: 2011 to 2012

Eye Research Association for

Eye Research International Society for (J – Experimental Eye Research)

Eye Study Group British


Facilities Management British Institute of

Factory Management Institute of

Family Mediators UK College of

Family Planning Doctors West Midlands Association of

Family Planning Nurses Scottish Society of

Family Therapy (London) Ltd Institute of

Family Therapy Association for

Farm Management Association

Farriers Registration Council

Feed Technologists Society of

Feline Advisory Bureau

Femmes des Carrieres Juridiques Federation Internationale des (UK Section)

Fertiliser Society

Fertility Society British

Fertility Society for the Study of

Field Club Essex

Field Society West Wales

Field Studies Officers National Association of

Film and Television Arts British Academy of (known as BAFTA)

Film Council British Universities

Film Production Accountants and Financial Administrators Guild of

Filtration Society

Finance Association American

Finance Association European (EFA) FY: 2016 to 2017

Financial Accountants Institute of

Financial Controllers and Administrators Association of

Financial Planning Institute of

Financial Planning International Association for

Fine Arts Manchester Academy of

Fingerprint Society

Fire Engineers Institution of

Fire Prevention Officers Institute of

Fire Protection Association Fire Officers’ Committee

Fire Safety Engineers Society of

Fire Safety Institute of

Fiscal Association International

Fiscal Documentation International Bureau of (UK branch)

Fiscal Studies Institute for

Fish Pathologists European Association of

Fisheries Management Institute of

Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Flour Milling and Baking Research Association

Fluoridation Society British

Folk Life Studies Society for

Folk-Lore Society

Food and Wine Service Academy of

Food Hygiene Technology Society of

Food Science and Technology of the United Kingdom Institute of

Food Technologists Institute of

Football Association Coaches Association

Foreign Press Association in London

Foremen Engineers and Chief Draughtsmen Middlesborough and District Association of

Foremen Engineers West of Scotland Association of

Forensic and Legal Medicine Faculty of (this body is a Faculty of the Royal College of Physicians of London) FY: 2012 to 2013

Forensic Medicine British Association in

Forensic Practitioners Council for the Registration of

Forensic Sciences Chartered Society of

Forensic Sciences British Academy of

Foresters of Great Britain Association of Professional

Foresters Society of Irish

Forestry Society of England and Wales Royal

Forestry Society Royal Scottish

Forging Technology International Institute of

Foster Care Association National

Foundrymen Institute of British

Fraud Examiners (UK) Association of Certified

Fraud Examiners Association of Certified (ACFE)

Freight Association Limited British International

French History Society for the Study of

French Language Studies Association for

French Studies 17th Century Society for

French Studies Society for (J – French Studies)

Freshwater Biological Association

Friedrich Nietzsche Society

Froebel Foundation National (concerned with teaching methods)

Fundraising Institute of

Funeral Directors British Institute of

Further and Higher Education Association Scottish

Further and Higher Education for the Hearing Impaired National Study Group on

Further Education Officers in Scotland Association of

Further Education Research Network


Gallery Education National Association for (ENGAGE)

Gambling Commission (allow relief under s343(2) employees working in the Gambling Industry – who are legally required to hold a personal licence – have an entitlement to a deduction for a personal licence fee paid on or after 1 December 2012)

Game Angling

Games Theory Society The FY: 2015 to 2016

Garden History Society

Gardeners Guild The Professional

Gas Engineers Institution of

Gastroenterological Society Midland

Gastroenterology British Society of

Gastroenterology Society North of England

Gemmological Association of Great Britain

Genealogists and Researchers in Archives Association of (AGRA)

Genealogists Society of

General Practitioners Royal College of

Genetic Counsellor Registration Board (GCRB)

Genetical Society

Genetics Society of America

Genito-Urinary Medicine Association for

Geochemical Society

Geographers Association of American

Geographers Canadian Association of

Geographers Institute of British

Geographic Information Association for

Geographic Society National

Geographical Association

Geographical Society American

Geographical Society Royal

Geographical Society Royal Scottish

Geographical Society South African

Geographical Society with IBG Royal

Geography Teachers Scottish Association of

Geological and Mining Society Manchester (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Geological Association Manchester

Geological Curators’ Group

Geological Society Edinburgh

Geological Society Liverpool

Geological Society of America (J)

Geological Society of Australia Incorporated

Geological Society of Glasgow

Geological Society of London

Geological Society Yorkshire

Geologists’ Association

Geologists’ Institution of

Geologists’ Institution of Professional

Geology applied to Mineral Deposits Society for

Geomorphological Research Group British

Geophysical Union American (J (1) Geophysical Monograph Series (2) Translations of Russian Journals)

Georgian Group The

Geosynthetics Society International UK Chapter

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists Association of (AGS) FY: 2016 to 2017

Geotechnical Society British

Geotechnical Society Midland (J)

Geriatric Care Association of Great Britain

Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology West Midlands Institute of

Geriatrics Society American

Geriatrics Society British

German History Society

German Politics Association for Study of

German Studies Library Group

Gerontology British Society of

Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (concerned with chemical science)

Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute (GPTI)

Girls Schools Association

Glaciological Society International

Glass Technology Society of

Glaucoma Association Ltd International

Goat Veterinary Society

Goethe Society English

Golf Club Secretaries Association of

Golf Course Architects British Institute of

Golf Greenkeepers Association British and International

Graphology Association International

Grassland Society Berkshire

Grassland Society British

Grassland Society Buckinghamshire and District

Grassland Society Central Scotland

Grassland Society Devon

Grassland Society Dorset

Grassland Society East of Scotland

Grassland Society Essex

Grassland Society Hertfordshire and District

Grassland Society Leicestershire

Grassland Society North of Scotland

Grassland Society Shropshire

Grassland Society South West Scotland

Grassland Society Ulster

Grassland Society Warwickshire

Grassland Society Yorkshire

Greek Political Thought Society for the Study of (subscription paid is in respect of Society’s publication ‘Polis’)

Grocery Distribution Institute of

Grooms Association British (BGA) FY: 2016 to 2017

Grotius Society (concerned with the study of international law)

Groundsmanship Institute of

Groundsmen National Association of

Group Analysis Institute of

Group-Analytic Society (London)

Guardians Ad Litem and Reporting Officers National Association of

Guide Lecturers Guild of

Gymnastics Association British

Gynaecological Cancer Society British

Gynaecological Endoscopy British Society for


Haematology British

Haematology British Society for

Haematology International Society of

Haematopathology European Association for

Haemostasis and Thrombosis British Society for

Haemotology Association of Professors and Heads of Academic Departments of

Hairdressing Council The FY: 2016 to 2017

Hakluyt Society (concerned with geographical records)

Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association British

Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government

Harbour Masters Association of the UK Channel Islands and Isle of Man FY: 2013 to 2014

Hardware National Institute of

Harper Adams Poultry Research Unit

Harvard Business School Club of London

Harveian Society of London (concerned with medical science)

Head and Neck Oncologists of Great Britain Association of

Head Teachers Association London

Head Teachers Association of Scotland

Head Teachers National Association of

Headmasters and Headmistresses of Independent Schools Society of

Headmasters and Headmistresses of the Welsh Secondary Schools Association of (aka Welsh Secondary Schools Association)

Headmasters’ Conference

Headmistresses of Recognised Independent Schools Association of

Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland Association of FY: 2010 to 2011

Health and Beauty Therapists National Federation of

Health and Care Professions Council (allow the fee payable for the entry or retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003 – title from August 2012 formerly the Health Professions Council)

Health Care Chaplains College of

Health Care Information and Medical Records Officers Association of

Health Communications Association The (HCA) FY 2015 to 2016

Health Education Central Council for

Health Education Institute of

Health Management Institute of (Successor to the Institute of Healthcare Management) FY: 2012 to 2013

Health Professions Council (title from August 2012 – Health and Care Professions Council – allow the fee payable for the entry or retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Health Royal Society for the Promotion of (short title – Royal Society of Health)

Health Service Unit Administrators Association of

Health Visitors’ Association Scottish

Healthcare Business Intelligence British (BHBIA) FY: 2016 to 2017

Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management Institute of

Healthcare Financial Management Association

Hearing Aid Audiologists Society of

Hearing Aid Council (treat retention fees as allowable -s343(2) ITEPA 2003)

Hearing and Deafness Film Association

Heart Failure British Society for (BSH) FY: 2016 to 2017

Heart Research International Society for

Heat Transfer Society

Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers American Society of

Hebrew Teachers of Great Britain and Ireland National Union of

Helicopter Association of Great Britain

Helicopter Society American

Hellenic Studies Society for the Promotion of

Henry Sweet Society

Heraldry Society

Heritage Interpretation Association for (AHI)

Herpetological Society British

High Pressure Technology Association

Higher Education Academy

Highway Incorporated Engineers Institute of

Highways & Transportation Civil Engineers The Institution of Chartered

Hispanists of GB and Ireland Association of

Histocompatability and Immunogenetics British Society for

Historic Building Conservation Institute for

Historic Houses Association

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire

Historical Association

Historical Metallurgy Society

Historical Philosophical and Philological Studies British Academy for the Promotion of

Historical Society Flintshire

Historical Society of the Church of Wales

Historical Society Royal

Historical Society Worcestershire

History of Education Society

History of Natural History Society for the

History of Pharmacy British Society for the

History of Philosophy British Society for the

History of Science British Society for the

History Society Scottish

History Teachers Association Hull and East Riding

History Teachers in Wales Association of

HIV Association British

HIV Association Children’s (CHIVA)

HIV Nurses Association National

Holistic Therapists Federation of

Home Economics Institute of

Home Help Organisers Institute of

Home Teachers of the Blind of England and Wales National Association of

Homeopathy Faculty of

Homoeopathic Chiropodists British Association of

Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons British Association of (where the subscription includes membership fees to the International Association for Veterinary Homoeopathy only the proportion relating to the British Association is allowable)

Homoeopaths Society of

Horological Institute British

Horticultural Therapy and Rural Training Society for

Horticulture Institute of

Hospice Social Workers Association of

Hospital Caterers’ Association

Hospital Engineers Institution of

Hospital Infection Society

Hospital Laundry Managers Society of

Hospital Physicists’ Association

Hospital Physics Technicians’ Association

Hospital Play Staff National Association of

Hospital Treasurers Association of (J – Hospital Service Finance)

Hospitality Accountants British Association of

Hospitality Institute of

Hotel Sales Managers’ Association

Housing Chartered Institute of

Housing Studies Association

Human and Animal Mycology International Society for

Human Biology Society for the Study of

Human Genetics British Society for

Human Givens Institute

Hundred Group of Chartered Accountants

Hunterian Society

Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida Society for Research into

Hydrogeologists International Association of

Hydrographic Society

Hydrological Society British

Hydromechanics Research Association British

Hypertension Society British

Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists National Register of

Hypnotherapy Society Ltd National FY: 2011 to 2012


Identification International Association for

IFS School of Finance

Illuminating Engineering Society

Illustrators Association of

Immediate Care British Association for

Immunology British Society for

Independent Schools Association

Indexers Society of (J – The Indexer)

Indirect Taxation Institute of

Industrial and Applied Mathematics Society for

Industrial and Cost Accountants of Ontario Society of

Industrial Archaeology Association for

Industrial Catering Association

Industrial Dental Surgeons Association of

Industrial Emergency Services Officers Society of (SIESO)

Industrial Engineers American Institute of

Industrial Hygiene Association American

Industrial Law Society

Industrial Marketing Association British

Industrial Marketing Research Association

Industrial Medical Association

Industrial Property Attorneys British Association of the International Federation of

Industrial Property Union of European Practitioners in – specialists in European Patent Law

Industrial Psychology National Institute of

Industrial Security Institute of

Industrial Transport Association (Great Britain)

Industrial Tribunal Chairmen of England and Wales Council of

Industrial Truck Trainers Association of

Industrial Tutors Society of

Industrial Water Society

Infection British Society for the Study of

Infection Prevention Society (formerly the Infection Control Nurses Association)

Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) FY: 2015 to 2016

Information Association European

Information Display Society for

Information Management and Technology Staff in the NHS (known as ASSIST)

Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of (AIOPI)

Information Scientists Institute of

Information Security Professionals Institute of (FY: 2011 to 2012)

Information Services for the Disabled

Information Systems Audit and Control Association – Winchester Chapter (ISACA) FY: 2014 to 2015

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA Scottish Chapter – only the subscription for membership of the Chapter is admissible for relief)

Information Systems Audit and Control Association London Chapter (relief is only due on the subscription for membership of the London Chapter not the subscription for membership of the international association)

Information Systems Institution for the Management of

Information Technology Managers Society of

Ingenieurs Civils de France Societe des

Inherited Metabolic Disease Group British

Innkeeping British Institute of

INSEAD Alumni Association UK FY: 2014 to 2015

Insolvency Practitioners Association

Inspection and Registration Officers National Association of

Institutional Management Association

Instrument Society of America

Insurance and Risk Managers Association of

Insurance Brokers Corporation of

Insurance Brokers Registration Council

Insurance Consultants Institute of

Insurance Institute of London (subscriptions are paid to the Chartered Insurance Institute)

Insurance Law Association British

Insurance Teachers Association of

Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg ) (IPReg is the independent regulatory body of Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys allow the practice fee payable for entry and annual renewal of registration status)

Intensive Care Medicine European Society of (ESICM) FY: 2016 to 2017

Intensive Care Society

Intensive Care Society Scottish FY: 2015-2016

Interim Management Institute of

Interior Design British Institute of (BIID) FY: 2015 to 2016

Internal Auditors Institute of (UK)

Internal Auditors Institute of (USA Body)

Internal Communications Institute of

Internal Medicine International Society of

International Affairs Royal Institute of

International Bankers Worshipful Company of

International City Management Association

International Health Education British Society for

International Law American Society of FY: 2016 to 2017

International Law European Society of (ESIL) FY: 2014 to 2015

International Studies Association British

International Understanding British Society for

International Water Association

Interpersonal Psychotherapy UK (ITP UK) FY: 2016 to 2017

Interplanetary Society British

Interventional Radiologists British Society of

Intravenous Anaesthesia UK Society for

Invertebrate Pathology Society for (J – Journal of Invertebrate Pathology)

Investigators Institute of Professional

Investment Management and Research Association for

Investment Property Forum

Investor Relations Society

Irish Academy Royal

Irish Legal History Society

Iron and Steel Engineers Association of

Iron and Steel Institute Staffordshire

Iron and Steel Institute West of Scotland

Italian Studies Society for

Italic Handwriting Society for


Japanese Studies British Association for

Jeunes Avocats Association Internationale des

Joinery Managers

Joseph Society

Journalists Institute of

Junior Chamber of Commerce Aberdeen

Junior Chamber of Commerce Amber Valley

Junior Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Edinburgh

Junior Chamber of Commerce and Shipping Hull

Junior Chamber of Commerce Aylesbury and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Bedford

Junior Chamber of Commerce Birmingham

Junior Chamber of Commerce Bolton

Junior Chamber of Commerce Bradford

Junior Chamber of Commerce Bromley and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Bromsgrove

Junior Chamber of Commerce Burton-on-Trent and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Bury St Edmunds and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Buxton and High Peak

Junior Chamber of Commerce Cardiff

Junior Chamber of Commerce Carlisle

Junior Chamber of Commerce Carrickfergus

Junior Chamber of Commerce Chester and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Chesterfield

Junior Chamber of Commerce Colchester

Junior Chamber of Commerce Coventry

Junior Chamber of Commerce Derby and Derbyshire

Junior Chamber of Commerce Doncaster

Junior Chamber of Commerce Dudley and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Dundee

Junior Chamber of Commerce East Surrey (known as Jaycees)

Junior Chamber of Commerce Exeter

Junior Chamber of Commerce Forth Valley

Junior Chamber of Commerce Gainsborough

Junior Chamber of Commerce Glasgow

Junior Chamber of Commerce Goole and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Grantham (known as BJC Grantham)

Junior Chamber of Commerce Guildford and Woking

Junior Chamber of Commerce Halifax and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Heavy Woollen District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Huddersfield

Junior Chamber of Commerce Ipswich

Junior Chamber of Commerce Kirklees

Junior Chamber of Commerce Lanarkshire

Junior Chamber of Commerce Leamington and Warwick

Junior Chamber of Commerce Leeds

Junior Chamber of Commerce Leicester and County

Junior Chamber of Commerce Lincoln

Junior Chamber of Commerce Liverpool

Junior Chamber of Commerce London

Junior Chamber of Commerce Lowestoft (known as Jaycees)

Junior Chamber of Commerce Manchester

Junior Chamber of Commerce Mansfield

Junior Chamber of Commerce Newport and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce North Devon

Junior Chamber of Commerce North West Leicestershire

Junior Chamber of Commerce Northampton and County

Junior Chamber of Commerce Norwich

Junior Chamber of Commerce Nottingham

Junior Chamber of Commerce Oldham and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Paisley and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Perthshire

Junior Chamber of Commerce Peterhead Junior Chamber of Commerce Portsmouth

Junior Chamber of Commerce Rochdale

Junior Chamber of Commerce Rotherham and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Scarborough

Junior Chamber of Commerce Sheffield

Junior Chamber of Commerce Slough and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce South Cheshire

Junior Chamber of Commerce Southampton

Junior Chamber of Commerce Stockport

Junior Chamber of Commerce Swansea

Junior Chamber of Commerce Swindon

Junior Chamber of Commerce Taunton Deane

Junior Chamber of Commerce Teeside

Junior Chamber of Commerce Wellingborough and District

Junior Chamber of Commerce Wharfedale

Junior Chamber of Commerce Wigan

Junior Chamber of Commerce Wolverhampton

Junior Chamber of Commerce Worcester

Junior Chamber of Commerce York

Justices Clerks Society


Kinematograph Sound and Television Society British

Knitting Specialists International Federation of – UK Branch

Knowledge Organisation International Society for

Knowledge Organisation International Society for UK Chapter

Knowledge Transfer Institute of

Koninklijke Nederlands Chemische Vereniging


Laboratory Animal Science Association

Labour History Society for the Study of

Land Institute

Lands Valuation Assessors of Scotland Association of

Landscape Institute

Landscape Management Association of

Landscape Research Group

Landscape Studies Society for

Language Advisers National Association of

Language Awareness Association for

Language Development in the Curriculum National Association for (NALDIC) FY: 2011 to 2012

Language Learning Association for

Language Teaching Scottish Association for

Large Electric Systems International Council on CIGRE UK FY 2015 to 2016

Large Goods Vehicles Drivers’ Licences (formerly Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers’ Licences – renewal fee including medical examination costs allowable – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Latin American Studies Society for

Latin Teaching Association for the Reform of

Law Accountants in Scotland Society of

Law Agents Society Scottish

Law and Society Association (LSA) FY: 2016 to 2017

Law British Institute of International and Comparative

Law Costs Draftsmen Association of

Law Librarians British and Irish Association of

Law Libraries International Association of

Law Society Birmingham

Law Society Bristol Incorporated

Law Society Chester and North Wales Incorporated

Law Society City of Westminster and Holborn

Law Society Cornwall

Law Society Derby

Law Society Devon and Somerset

Law Society Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Incorporated

Law Society Hampshire Incorporated

Law Society Hastings and District

Law Society Herefordshire Breconshire and Radnorshire Incorporated

Law Society Hertfordshire

Law Society Hull Incorporated

Law Society Isle of Thanet

Law Society Kent

Law Society Leeds Incorporated

Law Society Leicester

Law Society Lincolnshire

Law Society Liverpool

Law Society Manchester

Law Society Newcastle Upon Tyne Incorporated

Law Society North Staffordshire

Law Society Northamptonshire

Law Society Nottinghamshire

Law Society of Liverpool Incorporated

Law Society of Northern Ireland Incorporated (allow the annual fee and the contribution to the Compensation Fund or Guarantee Fund – payable on the issue of a solicitor’s practising certificate – s343 (2)(5) ITEPA 2003)

Law Society of Scotland (allow the annual fee and the contribution to the Compensation Fund or Guarantee Fund – payable on the issue of a solicitor’s practising certificate – s343 (2)(5) ITEPA 2003)

Law Society of Upper Canada

Law Society Shropshire

Law Society The (allow the additional subscription payable for membership of any of the following sections of the Law Society – Dispute Resolution, Law Management, Property or Probate – Solicitors Regulation Authority is the independent regulatory body of the Law Society – allow the annual fee payable on the issue of a practising certificate and the contribution to the Compensation Fund or Guarantee Fund – s343 ITEPA 2003 – where payment is made by the employer no benefit in kind is assessable on the employee provided that it is a condition of employment that a practising certificate is in existence – s343(2)(5) ITEPA 2003)”

Law Society Wakefield Incorporated

Law Society Warwickshire

Law Society West London

Law Society Worcester and Worcestershire Incorporated

Law Society Yorkshire

Law Teachers Association of

Lawyers Association Professional Negligence

Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) FY: 2016 to 2017

LBS Alumni

Leadership and Management Institute of

Learning and Development British Institute for

Learning and Performance Institute The

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Institute for (ILT)

Learning Technology Association for

Leather Technologists and Chemists Society of

Lecturers for Teachers’ Certificates in Business Studies Association of

Lecturers in Colleges of Education in Scotland Association of

Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes British Association of

Legacy Management Institute of

Legal Action Group (known as LAG Education and Service Trust)

Legal Cashiers and Administrators Institute of

Legal Executives Institute of

Legal Scholars in the UK and Ireland Society of

Leisure Studies Association (J)

Leprosy Association International

Liberal Education Association for

Libraries and Information Services on Alcohol and Other Drugs European Association of (ELISAD)

Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts International Association of

Library and Information Professionals Chartered Institute of

Library Association

Library Association of Australia

Libyan Studies Society for  FY: 2011 to 2012

Licenced Trade Stocktakers Institute of

Licensed Conveyancers Council for (the following payments to the Council are all admissible and are to be treated as constituting an annual subscription within the meaning of s343 (2)(4) ITEPA 2003 – (1) Payment for an annual licence (2) A contribution towards the compensation fund set up by the council (3) payment for indemnity insurance cover)

Licensed Conveyancers Society of

Licensed Debt Practitioners Institute of

Licensing and Enforcement Officers National Association of (NALEO)

Licensing Executives Society (UK)

Licensing Institute of

Lichen Society British

Life and Pensions Society Nottingham

Life and Pensions Society South Wales

Life Insurance Association (now part of the Personal Finance Society)

Lighting Engineers Institution of

Limnologiae Societas Internationalis (concerned with the study of fresh waters)

Linguistic Society of America

Linguistic Studies Midlands Association for

Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Linguists Chartered Institute of

Links Association

Linnean Society of London (concerned with natural history)

Literary and Linguistic Computing Association for

Literary and Philosophical Society Manchester

Liver British Association for the Study of the

Local Authorities International Union of (British Section)

Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers Society of (SOLACE)

Local Authority Risk Managers Association of

Local Authority Valuers and Estate Surveyors Association of

Local Council Clerks Society of

Local Government Legal Society

Local Government Officers and Educational Psychologists Scottish Association of

Local Government Personnel and Management Services Group

Local Government Programme Management Group

Local History Society Lincolnshire

Locksmiths Association Master

Locksmiths of America Associated

Locomotive Engineers Institution of

Logic Colloquium British

Logistics and Distribution Management Institute of

Logistics and Transport Chartered Institute of (CILT(UK)) formerly Institute of Logistics and Transport)

London Library

Loss Adjusters Chartered Institute of

Low Gravity Research Association European

Low Temperature Biology Society for

Lung Research British Association for

Lymphology International Society of (J – Lymphology)

Lymphoma Pathology Group British


Machine Vision Association British (full title British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition Medical Association) (J – British Medical Journal)

Machine Wood-working Technology Institute of

Magistrates Association

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine British Chapter of the International Society for

Magnetic Resonance Radiographers Association of (BAMRR) FY: 2016 to 2017

Maintenance and Building Management Institute of

Malacological Society of London (concerned with the study of molluscs)

Male Nurses Society of Registered

Malone Society (concerned with English drama)

Mammal Society of the British Isles

Management Accountants Chartered Institute of

Management Accountants of Saskatchewan Society of (CMA Saskatchewan) FY: 2011 to 2012

Management British Academy of

Management Centres International

Management Consultants Institute of

Management Development European Foundation for

Management Information Technology Society of

Management Institute Chartered

Management Sciences Institute of

Management Services Institute of

Managers in General Practice Association of

Manpower Society

Manufacturing Engineers Society of

Marce Society

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Marine Biological Association Scottish

Marine Catering Superintendents Association of

Marine Engineering Science and Technology Institute of

Marine Science Challenger Society for (concerned with oceanography – no amount in excess of the minimum subscription is admissible for relief)

Marine Surveying International Institute of

Maritime Pilot’s Association United Kingdom

Market Officers Institute of

Market Research Society

Marketing Chartered Institute of (CIM)

Marketing Society

Master Mariners Honourable Company of

Masters in Business Administration Limited Association of

Masters of Wine Institute of

Materials Management Institute of

Materials Minerals and Mining Institute of

Materials Science Club

Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society British

Mathematical Association

Mathematical Association Aberdeen

Mathematical Association Glasgow (J – Proceedings)

Mathematical Programming Society

Mathematical Society American

Mathematical Society Edinburgh

Mathematical Society London

Mathematical Statistics Institute of

Mathematics Advisers National Association of

Mathematics and its Applications Institute of

Mathematics British Society for the History of

Maxillofacial Technology Institute of

Measurement and Control Institute of

Meat Inspectors Association of

Meat Institute of

Mechanical Engineers American Society of

Mechanical Engineers Birmingham Association of

Mechanical Engineers Institute of (J)

Medau Society

Media Education in Scotland Association for

Mediators Institute of Ireland

Medical Advisers Association of Local Authority

Medical Advisers in the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of

Medical and Biological Illustration Institute of

Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland

Medical and Dental Hypnosis British Society of

Medical Artists Association

Medical Association British (J – British Medical Journal)

Medical Association British Supporting Group for The World

Medical Association Lourdes

Medical Association Managers British

Medical Association North West Kent Post-Graduate

Medical Centre Mid-Staffordshire Post-Graduate

Medical Centre South Staffordshire

Medical Council General (allow the fee payable for the entry or retention of a name in the general and specialist’s registers including the fee for CCT CESR or CEGPR certificates – s343 ITEPA 2003 – allow relief from 10 May 2013 for the trainee registration fee payable by a speciality registrar to a body which recommends speciality registrars to the Registrar of the GMC for the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training or equivalent certificate – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Medical Defence Union

Medical Directors of NHS Trusts Scottish Association of

Medical Education Association for the Study of

Medical Educators Academy of

Medical Illustrators in Scotland Institute of

Medical Illustrators Institute of

Medical Informatics Society British

Medical Institute Birmingham

Medical Institute North Staffordshire (J)

Medical Institution Liverpool

Medical Journalists Association

Medical Laboratory Sciences Institute of (see also Professions Supplementary to Medicine Council for)

Medical Laser Association British (allow relief for annual subscriptions to BMLA and ELA – no relief for journal subscription)

Medical Managers British Association of

Medical Microbiologists Association of

Medical Officers of Schools Association

Medical Oncology European Society for (ESMO) FY: 2015 to 2016

Medical Practitioner Obstetric Group Nottingham County and City General

Medical Protection Society

Medical Research Society

Medical Science Liaison Association FY: 2013 to 2014

Medical Sciences The Academy of

Medical Secretaries Practice Administrators and Receptionists Association of

Medical Society Anglo-German

Medical Society Cardiff

Medical Society Chester and North Wales?

Medical Society Derby

Medical Society Devon and Exeter

Medical Society Highland

Medical Society Ilford

Medical Society Leicester

Medical Society Manchester

Medical Society Metchley Park

Medical Society Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Northern Counties

Medical Society Newham

Medical Society of London

Medical Society of Paraplegia International

Medical Society Oxford

Medical Society Ulster

Medical Technologists Association of

Medical Ultrasound Society British

Medical Womens Federation

Medicine Royal Society of (additional admissible annual subscriptions for use of library or for membership of special sections may be paid)

Medico-Chirurgical Society Aberdeen

Medico-Chirurgical Society Brighton and Sussex

Medico-Chirurgical Society Bristol

Medico-Chirurgical Society Nottingham

Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh

Medico-Chirurgical Society of Glasgow Royal

Medico-Legal Scottish

Medico-Legal Society

Medico-Legal Society Birmingham

Medieval Academy of America

Medieval Archaeology Society for

Medieval Circle Belfast

Medieval Historical Research Conference of Scottish

Medieval Languages and Literature Society for the Study of

Medieval Society Liverpool University

Medieval Society London

Medieval Studies London Society for

Menopause Society British

Mental Handicap British Institute of

Mental Health National Association for

Mental Health World Federation for

Mental Subnormality Midland Society for the Study of

Mentoring and Coaching Council European (EMCC) FY: 2014 to 2015

Mentoring and Coaching Council UK European (EMCC UK) FY: 2013 to 2014

Merchant Navy Officers (relief available for renewal costs of (1) Certificate of Competency and Dangerous Cargo endorsements (2) Related medical examination costs)

Messengers-At-Arms and Sheriff Officers Society of

Metabolism Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of

Metal Finishing Institute of (J)

Metallurgical and Engineering Association Sheffield

Metallurgical Society Birmingham

Metallurgical Technicians Institute of

Metals American Society for

Metanoia Institute

Meteoritical Society

Meteorological Society Royal

Methods – Time Measurement Association (UK Chapter)

Metropolitan Planning Officers Society

Metropolitan Treasurers Society of

Microbiology American Society for

Microbiology Society for General

Microcirculation Society British

Micropalaeontological Society British

Micros and Primary Education

Microscopical Society Royal

Middle East Institute

Middle East Studies Association of North America

Middle Eastern Studies British Society for

Midwifery Council (full title Nursing and Midwifery Council)

Midwives Association of Radical

Midwives Information and Resource Service (J – MIDIRS Midwifery Digest)

Midwives Royal College of

Million Dollar Round Table

Mind Association

Mineralogical Association of Canada

Mineralogical Society of America

Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Minerals Engineering Society

Minerals Metals Materials Society (TMS) The FY: 2016 to 2017

Mining and Mechanical Engineers North of England Institute of (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Mining and Metallurgy South African Institute of (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to the Institution of Mining Engineers)

Mining and Mineral Law Group

Mining Engineers Institution of (annual subscription paid over to institution by local federated institute to which member must belong – where the local institute is approved it is listed, where not approved the capitation fee only is allowable)

Mining Engineers Midland Institute of (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Mining Engineers North Staffordshire Institute of (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Mining Engineers South Staffordshire and Warwickshire Institute of (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Mining Engineers Southern Counties Institute of (annual subscription includes admissible capitation fee paid to Institution of Mining Engineers)

Mining Institute of Scotland

Mining Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers American Institute of

Ministerial Fellowship

Mission Studies International Association for

Modern and Contemporary France Association for the Study of

Modern Humanities Research Association (J – Modern Language Review)

Modern Italy Association for the Study of

Modern Language Association of Northern Ireland

Modern Studies Association

Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society

Money Advisers Institute of FY: 2012 to 2013

Montessori Directors and Directresses Association of

Montessori Society AMI (UK)

Monuments and Sites (UK) International Council on

Monuments and Sites International Council on

Mortgage and Finance Brokers Corporation of

Motion Picture and Television Engineers Society of

Motor Industry Institute of the

Motor Vehicle Teachers Association of

Mountain Guides Association of British

Mountain Leaders British Association of International

Mountaineering Instructors Association of

Movers Institute

MS Specialist Nurses Association UK

Municipal Engineers Institution of

Municipal Entertainment Institute of

Musculoskeletal Medicine British Institute of


Museum Archaeologists Society of FY: 2012 to 2013

Museum Ethnographers Group

Museum Federation Scottish

Museum Professionals Group

Museums and Art Galleries Yorkshire and Humberside Federation of

Museums Association (United Kingdom) International Council of

Music Advisers National Association

Music Education International Society for

Music Libraries International Association of

Music Masters and Mistresses Association

Music Teachers Association

Music Therapy British Association for (BAMT) FY: 2014 to 2015

Musical Association Royal

Musical Instrument Technology Institute of

Musicians Incorporated Society of

Mycological Society British

Mycological Society of America

Mycopathology British Society for


NACE International (Corrosion Engineers)

NASUWT the teachers’ union

National Coaches British Association of

National Health Service Supplies Officers Association of

Natural Science Collections Association

Naturalists American Society of

Naturalists Society Cardiff

Naturalists Society Suffolk

Naturalists Union Yorkshire

Naturopathic and Osteopathic Association British

Naturopaths General Council and Register of FY 2015 to 2016

Nautical Institute

Nautical Research Society for

Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Society of

Naval Architects Royal Institution of

Naval Engineers American Society of

Naval Review

Navigation Congresses Permanent International Association of

Navigation Royal Institute of

Navy Records Society

Nematologists Society of (concerned with the study of parasitic worms)

Nematologists Society of European – concerned with the study of parasitic worms

Neonatal Nurses Association

Neurochemistry International Society for

Neurological Association North of England

Neurological Surgeons Society of British

Neurologists Association of British

Neuro-Ophthalmoloy Club British Isles

Neuropathological Society British

Neuropsychopharmacology European College of (J – Pharmacopsychiatry)

Neuro-Radiologists British Society of

Neuroscience Association British Formerly the Brain Research Association

Neuroscience Society for (J – Journal for Neuroscience)

NHS Occupational Physicians Association of

Non-Administrative Receivers Association

Non-Destructive Testing British Institute of

Northern Research Viking Society for (J)

Northern Studies Scottish Society for

Notaries of London Society of Public

Notaries Society

Nuclear Institute The

Nuclear Medicine European Association of

Nuclear Medicine Society British

Nuclear Medicine Society of

Nuclear Society American (J)

Nuclear Society American (J – (1) Nuclear Science and Engineering Journal (2) Nuclear News (3) Transactions of the ANS)

Numerical Control Society British

Numismatic Society British

Numismatic Society Royal

Numismatic Society Yorkshire

Nurse Administrators Association of

Nurse Administrators Scottish Association of

Nurse Advisors Child Health Society of

Nurse Consultants Association of

Nursery Matrons National Association of

Nursery Nurses National Association of

Nurses for Contraception and Sexual Health National Association of

Nursing and Midwifery Council (relief is allowable under s343 ITEPA 2003)

Nursing for Cardiac Care British Association of

Nursing Royal College of (J – Nursing Standard)

Nutrition Association for (AfN) FY: 2013 to 2014

Nutrition Society


Obesity and Bariatric Anaesthesia Society for (name changed 30 November 2011 – formerly Bariatric Anaesthetists Society of)

Obesity Association for the Study of

Obstetric Anaesthetists Association

Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society Glasgow

Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society Ulster

Obstetrical Society Edinburgh

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Royal Australian and New Zealand College of

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Royal College of (J)

Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners Association of

Occupational Health Permanent Commission and International Association on

Occupational Hygiene Society British

Occupational Hygienists Institute of

Occupational Medicine Faculty of (within the Royal College of Physicians of London)

Occupational Medicine Society of

Occupational Safety and Health Institution of

Occupational Therapists College of (see also Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine – individuals pay a combined annual subscription to the British Association of Occupational Therapists, of this subscription only 50% relates to membership of the college and is allowable, the allowable part is 75% of the combined subscription)

Odonto-Chirurgical Society of Scotland

Odontological Society Glasgow

Odontological Society Liverpool and District

Odontological Society North of England

Offices British Council for

Oil and Colour Chemists Association

Oncological Association British

Oncology Data Managers Association British

Oncology Pharmacy Association British FY: 2011 to 2012

Operating Department Assistants British Association of

Operating Department Practitioners College of

Operating Theatre Technicians Association of

Operational Research Fellowship for

Operational Research Society

Operational Risk Institute of FY: 2013 to 2014

Operations Engineers Society of

Operations Management Institute of

Operations Research Society of America

Ophthalmological Congress Oxford

Ophthalmological Society Midland

Ophthalmological Society North of England

Ophthalmological Society South Western

Ophthalmological Society Southern

Ophthalmologists Irish College of

Ophthalmologists Royal College of

Ophthalmology American Academy of

Opinion and Marketing Research European Society for

Opthalmological Society South Western (SWOS)

Opthalmological Society Southern

Optical Association British

Optical Council General (allow the fee payable for the entry or retention of a name in either the register of ophthalmic opticians or in the register of dispensing opticians – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Optical Science Institute of

Optical Society of America

Opticians Scottish Association of

Optometrists Association of

Optometrists College of

Optometry American Academy of

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons British Association of

Oral Medicine British Society for

Oral Pathology British Society for

Oral Surgeons British Association of

Oral Surgeons International Association of

Organ Builders Incorporated Society of

Organ Building Institute of British

Organisation Development Network

Organisers of Music in Scotland Association of

Organists Royal College of

Oriental Ceramic Society Ornithologists’ Union British

Ornithology British Trust for

Orthodontic Society British

Orthodontic Society European

Orthodontic Study Circle Sheffield and District

Orthodontics Association of University Teachers of

Orthodontics British Society for the Study of

Orthodontists British Association of

Orthopaedic Association British

Orthopaedic Club Exeter

Orthopaedic Dento-Faciale Societe Francaise d’

Orthopaedic Medicine Society of

Orthopaedic Research Society British

Orthoptic Society British (see also Professions Supplementary to Medicine Council for)

Osteopathic Council General (allow the fee payable for the entry or the retention of a name in the register maintained by the Registrar of Osteopaths – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Osteopaths College of

Osteopathy The Institute of (title from 8 April 2014 for the British Osteopathic Association)

Osteoporosis Society National (OS)

Otolaryngological Society Scottish

Otology Midland Institute of

Otorhinolaryngological Research Society

Otorhinolaryngologists – Head and Neck Surgeons British Association of

Outdoor Education Centres Association of Heads of

Outdoor Education National Association for

Outdoor Learning Institute for

Outdoor Writers Guild


Packaging Institute of

Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology British Association for

Paediatric Association British

Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists Association of

Paediatric Dentistry British Society of

Paediatric Dermatology British Society for

Paediatric Endocrinology British Society for

Paediatric Endocrinology European Society for

Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons British Association of (BAPES) FY: 2015 to 2016 tax year

Paediatric Haemotology and Immunology European Society for

Paediatric Intensive Care Society PICS FY2015 to 2016

Paediatric Neurology Association British

Paediatric Nurses British Association of (J – Child Health)

Paediatric Oncology International Society of (Societe International D’Oncologie Pediatrique)

Paediatric Pathology Society

Paediatric Research European Society for

Paediatric Surgeons British Association of

Paediatric Visiting Club

Paediatricians in Audiology British Association of

Paediatrics and Child Health Royal College of

Paediatrics Association of Clinical Professors and Heads of Departments of

Pain Society

Paint Varnish and Lacquer Club Birmingham

Painter-Etchers and Engravers Royal Society of

Painters in Watercolours Royal Society of

Painting Craft Teachers Association of

Pakistan Society

Palaeontographical Society

Palaeontological Association

Palaeontological Society

Palaeontologists Association of Australasian

Palliative Medicine Association for

Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Paper and Board Printing and Packaging Industries Research Association for

Paper Conservation Institute of (J)

Paper Industry Technical Association

Paper Institute of

Paralegals Institute of FY: 2012 to 2013

Paramedics College of FY: 2010 to 2011

Paraplegia International Medical Society of

Parasitologists American Society of

Parasitology British Society for

Parenteral Society

Parking Professionals Institute of

Parliament Group Study of

Past and Present Society

Pastoral Care in Education National Association for

Patent Attorneys Chartered Institute of (allow the registration fee payable by a registered patent agent – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Patent Attorneys Union of European (British Group)

Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Pathological Society Reading

Pathologists of Australia College of

Pathologists Royal College of

Pathology European Society of

Pathology International Academy of (British Division)

Payroll Management Institute of British

Payroll Professionals Chartered Institute of (new title from 10 November 2010 formerly Institute of Payroll Professionals)

Pension Funds National Association of

Pension Lawyers Association of

Pensioner Trustees Association of

Pensions Management Institute

Perfumers British Society of

Periodontology British Society of

Perioperative Practice Association for

Permanent Way Institution

Persian Studies British Institute of

Personal Finance Society

Personal Injury Lawyers Association of

Personal Secretaries National Association of

Personality Psychology European Association of

Personnel and Development Chartered Institute of

Personnel and Guidance Association American (J)

Pest Technicians Association National

Petroleum and Explosives Acts Administration Association for

Petroleum Engineers Society of

Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

Petroleum Geologists American Association of (J)

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences Society

Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group (PCMG) FY: 2016 to 2017

Pharmaceutical Council General FY: 2010 to 2011 (relief is due to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians under s343 ITEPA 2003 for the entry or retention of a name in the Register of Pharmacists)

Pharmaceutical Engineering International Society for (IPSE) FY: 2016 to 2017

Pharmaceutical Federation International

Pharmaceutical Medicine Faculty of

Pharmaceutical Physicians British Association of

Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (J -allow the fee payable for retention of the members name in the register of pharmaceutical chemists)

Pharmaceutical Society Royal (J – full title, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of GB – relief is due to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians under s343 ITEPA 2003 for the entry or retention of a name in the Register of Pharmacists – the register was maintained by the Society until September 2010 when the General Pharmaceutical Council took over responsibility for it – relief is due under s344 ITEPA 2003 for the annual membership subscription)

Pharmacological Society British

Pharmacy Management Institute of

Pharmacy Practice College of

Pharmacy Technicians UK Association of (APTUK) FY: 2015 to 2016

Philological Society

Philological Society Cambridge

Philosophical Society Cambridge (J – Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society)

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

Philosophy of Science British Society for the

Philosophy Royal Institute of

Phonographic Society Incorporated

Photobiology Group

Photographic Education Society for

Photographic Instrumentation Engineers Society of (SPIE) FY: 2013 to 2014

Photographic Society of Great Britain Royal (members can join specialists groups for which additional annual subscriptions are payable – these are admissible)

Photographic Technicians Association of

Photography British Institute of Professional

Phycological Society British

Physical Education Association for (afPE)

Physical Education Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Physical Education Association Scottish

Physical Education Scottish Association for

Physical Society American (J)

Physical Society European

Physical Society of Edinburgh Royal

Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Royal College of

Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow Royal College of

Physicians Association West Midlands

Physicians Merseyside and North Wales Society of

Physicians of Edinburgh Royal College of

Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Physicians of Ireland Royal College of

Physicians of London Royal College of

Physicians of Region No.1 Association of

Physicians of the UK Faculty of Public Health Royal College of

Physicians Royal Australasian College of

Physicians Scottish Society of

Physicians Training Board Joint Royal Colleges of (JRCPTB) (allow relief from 10 May 2013 for the trainee registration fee payable by a speciality registrar – the JRCPTB is a body which recommends speciality registrars to the Registrar of the General Medical Council for the award of the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or equivalent certificate – see also the entry for the GMC)

Physicists Canadian Association of

Physicists in Medicine American Association of

Physics and Engineering in Medicine Institute of

Physics Institute of (J)

Physiological Society

Physiologists London and Counties Society of

Physiotherapists Association

Physiotherapists Faculty of

Physiotherapy Chartered Society of

Phytochemical Society

Phytopathological Society American

Piano Teachers Association (UK) Limited European

Pianoforte Tuners Association

Picture Restorers Association of British

Pig Veterinary Society

Pilots Association Independent/Pilots Federation Independent

Pipe Roll Society (concerned with the publication of historical records)

Pipeline Industries Guild

Pirandello Society British

Planners Canadian Institute of

Planning Executives Association of the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute)

Planning History Group

Plant Heritage National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Garden FY: 2015 to 2016

Plant Morphologists International Society of

Plant Pathologists Society of Irish

Plant Pathology British Society for

Plant Physiologists American Society of

Plant Propagators Society International

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons British Association of

Plastic Surgeons British Association of

Plastics and Rubber Institute

Plastics Engineers Society of

Play Therapists British Association of

Plumbing and Heating Engineering Chartered Institute of (CIPHE)

Pnemology European Society of

Pneumology European Society of

Podiatry Association

Podiatry British College of

Poetry Society

Polarographic Society

Police Authority Chief Executives Association of

Police Authority Treasurers Society

Police Federation British Transport

Police Federation Civil Nuclear

Police Federation Defence

Police Federation for Northern Ireland

Police Federation of England and Wales

Police Federation Port of Tilbury

Police Federation Scottish

Police Superintendents Association of England and Wales

Police Superintendents Association of Scottish

Police Surgeons of Great Britain Association of

Political Science Association American

Political Science Association American (J)

Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom

Politics Association

Population Economics European Society for

Population Registration Institute of

Population Studies British Society for

Porcupine (concerned with marine ecology)

Post-Graduate Medical Centre Mid-Staffordshire

Post-Graduate Medical Centre Warwickshire

Postgraduate Medicine Fellowship of

Post-Medieval Archaeology Society for

Potato Research European Association for

Poultry Association of Great Britain

Poultry Education Association

Poultry Science Association World’s

Practiciens des Procedures Collectives Association Europeenne des

Practising and Commercial Accountants Association of

Practitioners in Advertising Institute of

Practitioners in Radio and Electronics Incorporated

Prehistoric Society

Pre-Hospital Care Faculty of (a faculty of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh)

Prep Schools Independent Association of FY: 2010 to 2011

Pre-Retirement Association

Pre-School Playgroups Association

Preservation of Dental Health Association for the

Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect International Society for the

Primary Care Learning Association

Primary Care Medical Advisers Association of

Primate Society of Great Britain

Principal Educational Psychologists Association of Scottish

Principals and Wardens of University Halls Association of

Principals of Colleges Association of

Principals of Sixth Form Colleges Association of

Printing Institute of

Printing Management Institute of

Printing Technologists Association of

Prison Governors Association of Scottish

Privacy Professionals International Association of FY: 2013 to 2014

Private Libraries Association

Pro Silva Ireland (concerned with Pro Silva forestry practice)

Probation Institute FY: 2015 to 2016

Probation Officers National Association of

Procurators Fiscal Society

Procurators in Glasgow Royal Faculty of (allow (1) annual membership subscription (2) annual contribution towards maintenance of the library)

Procurement and Supply Chartered Institute of

Production Control Institute of

Production Engineers Institution of

Professional Pension Trustees Association of (APPT) FY: 2015 to 2016

Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office Institute of

Professional Services Marketing Group

Professors of Surgery Association of

Project Management Association for

Project Management Institute (PMI) FY: 2014 to 2015

Project Safety Association for

Property Consultants Society

Property Researchers Society of

Prosecuting Solicitors Society of England and Wales

Prosthetic Dentistry British Society for the Study of

Prosthetics and Orthotics International Society for (UK National Society)

Prosthetists and Orthotists British Association of

Prosthodontic Association European

Protection of Industrial Property International Association for the (British Group)

Protistologues de Langue Francaise Groupement des (J – Protistologica)

Protozoologists Society of

Psychiatric Association World

Psychiatric Association Yorkshire Regional

Psychiatric Social Workers Guild of

Psychiatric Society Welsh

Psychiatrists Australian and New Zealand College of

Psychiatrists in Training Association of

Psychiatrists Royal College of

Psychoanalysis Institute of (see also British Psychoanalytical Society)

Psychoanalytic Council British

Psychoanalytical Association International (see British Psychoanalytical Society)

Psychoanalytical Society British (annual subscription normally includes annual subscriptions to (1) Institute of Psychoanalysis (2) International Psychoanalytical Association)

Psychodynamics and Psychotherapy in Social Work Group for the Advancement of

Psychological Association American

Psychological Society British (all of the following are admissible: (1) Annual (core) membership subscription (2) Annual subscription for membership of a division section or group (3) Annual subscription for any of the society’s publications (4) Annual fee for the entry or retention of a name in the Register of Chartered Psychologists and the fee payable on the issue of a practising certificate – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Psychological Type British Association for

Psychologists’ Protection Society Trust FY: 2016 to 2017

Psychometric Society

Psychopharmacology British Association for

Psychosexual Medicine Institute of/Trust for

Psychosocial Oncology Group British

Psychotherapists British Association of

Psychotherapy and Counselling Institute of

Psychotherapy Hallam Institute of

Psychotherapy Lincoln Clinic and Centre for

Psychotherapy United Kingdom Council for

Psychotherapy West Midlands Institute of

Public Accountants Association of Authorised

Public Administration Royal Institute of

Public Analysts Association of

Public Finance and Accountancy Chartered Institute of

Public Health and Hygiene Royal Institute of

Public Health Association for

Public Health Engineers Institution of

Public Health Lay Administrators Association of

Public Health Register UK (UKBHR) FY: 2015 to 2016

Public Health Society of

Public Loss Assessors Institute of

Public Record Office Friends of the

Public Relations Association International

Public Relations Chartered Institute of

Public Relations Consultants Association Ltd (PRCA) FY: 2016 to 2017

Public Relations Society of America

Public Rights of Way and Access Management Institute of (IPROW)

Public Safety Communications Officials British Association of (British APCO) FY: 2015 to 2016

Public Schools Bursars Association

Public Sector Vehicle Drivers licences (treat renewal fee including medical examination costs as allowable under s343(12)(a) ITEPA 2003)

Public Service Administrators Institute of

Pulp and Paper Association Canadian – (technical section)

Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Association of the

Purchasing Management Institute of

Pure and Applied Chemistry International Union of (J)J


Qualified Private Secretaries Institute of

Qualitative Research Association for

Quality Assurance Institute of

Quality Control American Society for

Quality in Health Care Association for

Quality Management Consultants International Association of

Quantity Surveyors Institute of

Quarrying Institute of

Quaternary Research Association


Radiation Biology European Society for

Radiation Protection Institute of

Radiation Research Association for

Radio Academy

Radio Society of Great Britain

Radiographers College of

Radiological Protection Society for

Radiological Society of North America

Radiological Society Scottish

Radiologists Royal College of

Radiology British Institute of

Radnorshire Society

Railway Civil Engineers Association

Railway Operators Institution of

Railway Signal Engineers Institution of

Ranulf Higden Society (promotes the study and research into medieval documents)

Rating Surveyors’ Association FY 2015 to 2016

Reading Association International

Reading Association United Kingdom

Real Estate Federation The International (British Chapter of the FIABCI)

Record Society Lincoln

Record Society London

Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire

Records Association British (J)

Records Management Society

Records Society Suffolk

Recreation Management Institute of

Recreation Managers Association of

Recreation Officers Northern Ireland Association of

Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Recurrent Education Association for

Reef Studies International Society for

Reflexologists Association of

Reflexologists Society

Reflexology Association British

Refractories Engineers Institute of

Refrigeration Institute of

Regent Advertising Club of London

Regional Science Association (British Section)

Regional Studies Association

Regulatory Affairs The Organisation for Professionals in (TOPRA)

Rehabilitation Medicine British Society of

Reiki Federation UK

Religious Education for Teachers and Lecturers Association for

Religious Education in Scotland Association of Teachers of (J)

Religious Studies Association Independent Schools

Remedial Education Scottish Association for

Remedial Gymnasts Society of

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Association of (ARPAS-UK) FY: 2016 to 2017

Renaissance Studies Society for

Renal Association

Rencesvals Société (British Branch)

Rent Officers Institute of

Reproductive and Infant Psychology Society for

Reproductive Health Society of Consultants in

Reprographic Technology Institute of

Research and Development Society

Research Association East Malling

Research Defence Society

Research in Dairying National Institute for

Research in Income and Wealth International Association for

Research in Infant and Child Development Association for

Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education Society for

Research in Rehabilitation Society for

Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector Association for

Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Association for (J – Investigate Ophthalmology and Visual Science)

Research into Higher Education Society for

Research Managers and Administrators Association of

Research on Ageing British Society for

Research Quality Assurance British Association of

Residential Letting Agents Association of

Residential Property Management Institute of

Resolution – first for family law

Respiratory Technicians and Physiologists Association of

Restorative Dentistry British Society for

Resuscitation Council (UK)

Reticuloendothelial Society

Retinal Screening British Association of FY: 2013 to 2014

Revenues Rating and Valuation Institute of

Rheology British Society of

Rheumatology British Health Professionals in

Rheumatology British Society for

RIBA Professional Services Limited (RPS) (part of the Royal Institute of British Architects – members of RIBA pay their annual subscription to RIBA through RPS)

Risk and Safety Management International Institute of

Risk Management in the Public Sector The National Forum for (Alarm)

Risk Management Institute of

Road Congresses Permanent International Association of

Road Safety Officers Institute of

Road Transport Engineers Institute of

Roman Studies Society for the Promotion of

Roofing Institute of

Rorschach Forum British (concerned with the psychological technique of personality investigation)

Royal Army Medical Corps Journal of the

Royal Engineers Institution of FY: 2015 to 2016

Royal Institution of Great Britain (concerned with the whole field of science and scientific research)

Royal Naval Medical Services Trust Fund Journal of the

Royal Society (concerned with the whole field of science)

Royal Society of Edinburgh

Royal Society of South Africa

Rural Design and Building Association

Rural Financial Officers Society of

Rural Sociology European Society for


Safety American

Safety and Health in Care Services National Association for

Safety and Public Protection Institute of

Safety and Reliability Society

Safety Engineers American Society

Safety in Technology and Research Institute of (ISTR) FY: 2016 to 2017 tax year

Sales Engineers Institution of

Sales Management Institute of (ISM)

Sales Promotion Executives Association of British

Sales Promotion Institute of

Sales Technology and Management Institute of

Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders World Association of

Savings Bank Institute

School and College Leaders Association of

School Business Management National Association of

School Library Association

School Natural Science Society

School Psychology Association International

Science Council The (allow the fee payable for registration as a Chartered Scientist (CSci))

Science Education Association for

Science Policy Foundation International (J – Science and Public Policy)

Science Teachers Association National

Science Technology and Society Association

Science Technology Institute of

Sciences New York Academy of (J)

Scientific and Technical Communicators Institute of

Scientific Archivists Group FY: 2010 to 2011

Scientific Business Institute of

Scientific Film Association

Scientific Glassblowers British Society of

Scientific Research Society of North America Sigma XI

Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena Association for FY: 2010 to 2011

Scientific Study of Population International Union for the

Scientific Technological and Medical Collections Group for

Scoliosis Society British

Scriveners The Worshipful Company of

Seating and Wheelchair Group Scottish

Secondary Teachers Association Scottish

Secretaries Corporation of

Secretaries Faculty of

Secretaries of YMCA’s of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Securities and Investment Chartered Institute for (formerly the Institute for Securities and Investment)

Securities Industry Management Association

Securities Institute of Australia (The)

Security Association International Professional

Security Consultants Association of

Security Industry Authority (relief is due s343 ITEPA 2003 for the fee payable for a licence which lasts 3 years – relief is due in full for the year the fee is paid)

Security International Institute of

Security Management Institute of

Sedimentologists International Association of

Seismological Society of America

Selden Society (concerned with English legal history)

Senior Administrative Officers in Local Education Authorities Colleges of Education Association of

Senior Managers of the Northern Ireland Health and Social Services Association of

Services for Adolescents Association for Professionals in

Sessional GPs National Association of

Sex Research International Academy of

Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity Association for the Treatment of (ATSAC) FY: 2012 to 2013

Sexual and Relationship Therapy British Association for

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Faculty of

Sexual Health and HIV British Association for (BASHH)

Sheep Veterinary Society

Sheet Metal Engineering Institute of

Sheriffs-Substitute Association

Shipbrokers Institute of Chartered

Shipping Executives Society of

Shire Horse Society

Shock Society European

Shoe Fitters Society of

Shopfitting Institute of

Shopping Centres British Council of

Shopping Centres Northern Ireland Region of

Sign Design Society

Sign Language Interpreters Association of FY: 2013 to 2014

Sign Language Interpreters Scottish Association of Sion College

Ski Council English

Ski Council Scottish National

Ski Instructors British Association of

Slavists British Universities Association of

Sleep Society British

Social Anthropologists European Association of (EASA) FY: 2016 to 2017

Social Anthropologists of the Commonwealth Association of

Social Care Association

Social Care Council General (ceased August 2012 – responsibility for the register of social workers has passed to the Health and Care Professions Council – allow the fee payable in respect of the retention of a name in the register)

Social Care Council Northern Ireland (allow the fee payable in respect of the retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Social History Curators Group

Social History of Medicine Society for the

Social History Society of the United Kingdom

Social Medicine Society for

Social Policy Association

Social Research Association

Social Sciences Academy of Learned Societies for the

Social Services Council Scottish (allow the fee payable in respect of the retention of a name in the register)

Social Services Research Group

Social Welfare Institute of

Social Work England FY: 2018 to 2019

Social Work The College of FY: 2011 to 2012

Social Workers British Association of

Social Workers with the Deaf National Council of

Societas Physiologiae Clinicae Respiratoriae Europensis

Societe Francaise d’Orthopedic Dento-Faciale

Socio-Legal Studies Association

Sociological Association British

Soil and Water Management Association

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering International Society of (British National Society)

Soil Science British Society of

Soil Science Society of America

Soil Scientists Institute of Professional

Soils Discussion Group North of England

Soils Discussion Group Welsh

Solar Energy Society International

Solicitor Advocates Society of FY: 2014 to 2015

Solicitors Association Dudley and District

Solicitors European Group

Solicitors for the Elderly

Solicitors in the Supreme Courts of Scotland Society of

Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA is the independent regulatory body of the Law Society of England and Wales – allow the fee payable on the issue of a practising certificate and the contribution to the compensation fund or Guarantee Fund – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Sommeliers Guild of (Wine butlers)

Sonneck Society

Sound and Communications Engineers Institute of

Sound Institute of Professional (change of name November 2011 formerly Institute of Broadcast Sound)

Sound Recording Association British

South Pacific Under Water Medicine Society

Soviet and East European Studies National Association for

Special Educational Needs National Association for

Special Libraries and Information Bureaux Association of (ASLIB)

Specialist Paralegals Society of

Spectacle Makers Worshipful Company of

Speech and Language Therapists Royal College of

Speech Therapy Managers Association of

Sport and Exercise Medicine British Association of

Sport and Recreation Management Institute of

Sport Parks and Leisure Institute for

Sports and Exercise Sciences British Association of

Sports History British Society of

Staff and Educational Development Association

Staff Development in Further and Higher Education National Association for

Stair Society

Standards Engineers Society (J)

Standards Society British

State Bar of Texas

State Enrolled Assistant Nurses National Association of

Statistical Association American

Statistical Society Manchester

Statistical Society of Australia

Statistical Society Royal

Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI)

Statisticians Institute of

Statistics Institute International

Statute Law Society

Steel Construction Institute

Stereology International Society for

Stipendiary Magistrates of England and Wales Society of

Stores and Materials Controllers Association of

Strain Measurement British Society for

Strategic Planning Society

Strategic Studies International Institute for

String Teachers Association European

Stroke Physicians British Association of

Structural Engineers Institution of

Student Clinicians Alumni Association of

Student Clinicians American Dental Association

Student Health Officers’ Association British

Student Money Advisers National Association of (NASMA) FY 2014 to 2015

Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas

Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect British Association for the

Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists (SALIS)

Sugar Beet Research International Institute for

Superintendents Association of Northern Ireland

Supervision and Management Institute for

Supervisors of Midwives Association of

Surgeons American College of

Surgeons in Ireland Royal College of (additional annual subscriptions payable for membership of individual faculties also qualify for relief)

Surgeons International College of (British Section)

Surgeons in Training Association of (ASiT) FY: 2016 to 2017

Surgeons of Edinburgh Royal College of

Surgeons of England Royal College of (J – Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons – additional annual subscriptions payable for membership of individual faculties also qualify for relief)

Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Surgeons Royal Australasian College of

Surgery of the Hand British Society for

Surgical Club of Great Britain 1921

Surgical Club of South West England

Surgical Research Society

Surgical Society North of England

Surgical Technicians Institute of British

Surgical Training Joint Committee on (allow relief from 10 May 2013 for the trainee registration fee payable by a speciality registrar – the JCST is a body which recommends speciality registrars to the Registrar of the General Medical Council (GMC) for the award of the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or equivalent certificate – see also the entry for the GMC)

Surveying Technicians Society of

Surveyors 1921 Club

Surveyors Guild

Swimming Coaches’ Association British

Swimming Teachers and Coaches Institute of

Symbolic Logic Association for

Systematics Association (concerned with the study of systematic categories and classifications in relation to biology and evolution) (J)

Systems Engineering – UK Chapter International Council on (INCOSE UK)

Systems Research Society for General


Tax Advisers Federation of

Taxation Chartered Institute of

Taxation Institute Irish

Taxation Institute of Australia

Taxation Technicians The Association of

Teacher’s Centre Leaders National Conference of

Teachers and Lecturers Association of

Teachers and Students with Specific Learning Difficulties Professional Association of (PATOSS)

Teachers College of

Teachers European Association of

Teachers in Business Education Society of

Teachers in Commerce Faculty of

Teachers in Social Work Education Association of

Teachers National Union of (J)

Teachers of Dancing British Association of

Teachers of Dancing Imperial Society of

Teachers of Dancing National Association of

Teachers of Dancing United Kingdom Alliance of Professional

Teachers of English as a Foreign Language International Association of (IATEFL) FY: 2016 to 2017

Teachers of English Society for

Teachers of History Scottish Association of

Teachers of Home Economics Limited National Association of

Teachers of Lip Reading to Adults Association of

Teachers of Management Association of

Teachers of Mathematics Association of

Teachers of Printing and Allied Subjects Association of

Teachers of Speech and Drama Society of

Teachers of the Blind College of

Teachers of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Association of

Teachers of the Deaf British Association of

Teachers of the Mentally Handicapped National Association of

Teachers Organisation in Northern Ireland Irish National (J)

Teachers Organisation in the Irish Republic Irish National (J)

Teachers Organisation in the Irish Republic Irish National (J)

Teachers Union Ulster

Teaching Council for England General (allow the fee payable in respect of the entry or retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003 – abolished on 31 March 2012)

Teaching Council for Northern Ireland General (allow the fee payable in respect of the entry or retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Teaching Council for Scotland General (allow the fee payable in respect of the entry or retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003)

Teaching Council for Wales General (allow the fee payable in respect of the entry or retention of a name in the register – s343 ITEPA 2003 – the register has been taken over by the Education Workforce Council)

Teaching of English and Other Community Languages to Adults National Association for

Teaching of English as a Foreign Language Scottish Association for the

Teaching of English National Association for the

Teaching of Psychology Association for the

Teaching of Social and Vocational Skills Scottish Association for the

Teaching of Social Sciences Association for the

Technical Advisers Group Local Government TAG

Technical Analysts Society of

Technical Authors and Illustrators Institution of

Technical Communication Society for

Technical Dyers Nottingham and District Society of

Technical Education in Schools Association for

Technology Teachers Association

Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer TYAC FY2015 to 2016

Telecommunications Managers Association

Telecommunications Professionals The Institution of

Telephonists Association of Visually Handicapped

Television Association International

Television Cameramen Guild of

Television Lighting Directors Society of

Television Society Royal

Tennis Coaches Association Professional

Tensor Club of Great Britain (concerned with the study of mathematics)

Teritiary Research Group

Testing Materials American Society for (J – Book of ASTM Standards (10 sections one free))

TEX Users Group the (TUG) FY: 2011 to 2012

Text Society Scottish

Textile Designers Guild British

Textile Institute

Theatre Research International Federation for

Theatre Research Society for

Theatre Technicians Association of British

Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology European Society for (J)

Thermal Analysis International Confederation for

Thoracic Society British

Thoracic Society North Western

Thoracic Society Scottish

Thoracic Society Sheffield Regional

Thoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Society of

Timber Trade Federation of the UK

Tissue Culture Association British

Tissue Culture Society European

Tissue Viability Society

Topographical Society London

Touring Exhibitions Group

Tourism Society

Tourist Guiding Institute of

Tourist Officers British Association of

Town and Country Planning Association

Town Clerks Society of

Town Planning Council National Housing and

Town Planning Institute Royal

Town Planning Technicians Society of

Toxicological Pathologists British Society of

Toxicology European Society of

Toxicology Group London (LTG)

Toxicology Society British

Toxinology International Society on (J – Toxicon)

Trade Mark Association European Communities

Trade Mark Attorneys Institute of (allow relief in respect of (1) annual membership subscription (2) annual fee paid by a Registered Trade Mark agent as required by the Register of Trade Mark Agents Rules 1990 (1990 SI 1458) individuals may pay either or both)

Trade Policy Research Centre

Traffic Accident Investigators Institute of

Trained Nurses League of

Training and Occupational Learning Institute of

Training Development Association

Training Scheme Co-ordinators for Operating Department Assistants National Association

Transactional Analysis Association International

Transactional Analysis Institute of

Translation and Interpreting Institute of

Translators Guild

Transplantation Society British

Transport Administration Institute of

Transport Co-ordinating Officers Association of

Transport Planning Society FY: 2010 to 2011

Transport Studies Organisation of Teachers in

Travel and Tourism Institute of

Travel Management Institute of

Travel Managers in Industry and Commerce Institute of

Travel Writers British Guild of

Travel Writers Guild of

Trenchless Technology International Society for

Trichologists Institute of

Tropical Agriculture Association

Tropical American Nematologists Organisation of

Tropical Biology Association for

Tropical Grassland Society of Australia

Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Royal Society of

Trusts and Estates Practitioners Society of

Tuberculosis International Union against

Tunnelling Society British

Turnaround Professionals Society of

Tutorial Systems International

Tutors in Adult Education Association of

Tutors’ Association The FY: 2014 to 2015

Twentieth Century Society

Twin Studies International Society for

Typographic Designers Society of


UK Sybase User Group (UKSUG)

UKUUG Ltd (the UKs Unix and Open Systems)

Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology International Society of

Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru (English name – National Association of Teachers of Wales)

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (J – (1) Undersea Bio-medical research (2) Journal of Hyperbaric Medicine)

Undersea Bio-Medical Society European

Underwater Medicine Society South Pacific

Underwater Technology Society for

UNISON (Health Care Sector) (Tax relief is due to members of Unison Health Care Sector within the sectors of nursing ambulance voluntary professional and technical A professional and technical B senior and general managers)

University Administrators Association of

University and College Lecturers Association of

University and College Union (formed from the merger of the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education and the Association of University Teachers)

University Professors National Conference of

University Professors of French Association of

University Radiation Protection Officers Association of

University Teachers of German in Great Britain and Ireland Conference of

University Teachers of Psychiatry Association of

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Urbanism Academy of FY: 2010 to 2011

Urogynaecology British Society of

Urological Surgeons British Association of

Uro-Oncology Group British (BUG) FY: 2013 to 2014

Usability Professionals Association

Ussher Society (concerned with geology and geomorphology)

UV Spectrometry Group


Vacuum Society American

Value Management Institute of

Valuers and Auctioneers Incorporated Society of

Vascular Surgery European Society for

Vascular Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland Society of

VAT Practitioners Group

Vehicle Recovery Institute of

Venereal Diseases Medical Society for the Study of

Venereology Institute of Technicians in

Verbatim Reporters British Institute of

Verein Osterreichischer Chemiker

Vernacular Architecture Group

Veterinary Anaesthetists Association of FY: 2013 to 2014

Veterinary Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Association of

Veterinary Association British

Veterinary Association British Small Animal (J)

Veterinary Association Laboratory Animals

Veterinary Association North of Scotland (a division of the British Veterinary Association)

Veterinary Association Royal Counties

Veterinary Association West of Scotland (a division of the British Veterinary Association)

Veterinary Cardiovascular Society

Veterinary Deer Society

Veterinary Defence Society

Veterinary Dermatology European Society for

Veterinary Dermatology Study Group British

Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine Society for

Veterinary Ethology Society for

Veterinary Internal Medicine – Companion Animals European College of FY: 2014 to 2015

Veterinary North of Ireland (a division of the British Veterinary Association)

Veterinary Nursing Association British

Veterinary Officers Association of State

Veterinary Ophthalmologists European College of FY: 2013 to 2014

Veterinary Pathology British Society of FY: 2012 to 2013

Veterinary Poultry Association British

Veterinary Practice Management Association

Veterinary Public Health Association

Veterinary Radiological Association British

Veterinary Research Club

Veterinary Society Central

Veterinary Society Eastern Counties

Veterinary Society Southern Counties

Veterinary Surgeons Association of Racecourse

Veterinary Surgeons European College of FY: 2013 to 2014

Veterinary Surgeons Royal College of (allow the annual fee payable by a registered veterinary surgeon or by a person registered in the Supplementary Veterinary Register – section 343(2) ITEPA 2003)

Veterinary Surgeons Society of Practising

Veterinary Teachers and Research Workers Association of

Veterinary Zoological Society British

Vice-Principals of Colleges Association of

Victoria Institute (concerned with theology)

Victorian Society (concerned with the study of Victorian and Edwardian arts architecture crafts design and social history)

Videography Institute of

VIEW – The Association for the Education and Welfare of the Visually Impaired FY: 2010 to 2011

Viking Society for Northern Research (J)

Violin Making Association British

Visible Record and Minicomputer Society

Vision Mixers Guild of

Vision Sciences Society (VSS) FY: 2016 to 2017

Vitreous Enamellers Institute of

VOICE – The Union for Educational Professionals

Voluntary Help Organisers National Association of

Voluntary Hostels National Association of

Voluntary Organisations Association of Chief Executives of


Wastes Management Chartered Institution of

Water and Environmental Management Chartered Institution of

Water Officers Institution of

Water Quality International Association on

Water Treatment and Examination Society for

Weed Research Society European

Weight Engineers Society of

Welding Institute

Welfare Institute of

Well Log Analysts Society of Professional

Well Log Analysts Society of Professional (London Chapter)

Wild Animal Keepers Association of British

Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners The Society of

Willwriters Institute of Professional (IPW)

Wind Energy Association British

Women Judges United Kingdom Association of

Women’s Studies Network Association

Wood Science Institute of

Workers for Maladjusted Children Association of

Works and Highways Management Institution of

Writers to Her Majesty’s Signet Society of


Xenobiotics International Society for the Study of

X-Ray Technology Society of


Y Geg (English name – North Wales Dental Post Graduate Society)

Y Gymdeithas Ddeintyddol (English name – Welsh Dental Society)

Y Gymdeithas Feddygol English name – The Medical association

Y Gymdeithas Wyddonol Genedlaethol (English name – National Scientific Association)

Yacht Brokers Designers and Surveyors Association

Yoga British Wheel of Fellowship of Northern Ireland

Yoga Teachers Association BKS Iyengar

Youth and Community Education Officers National Association of

Youth Service Workers in Scotland Association of


Zoological Society of London (J – Proceedings)

Zoological Society of Scotland Royal

Note: You cannot claim for tax relief for any fees or subscriptions you pay to organisations that are not on the HMRC approved list, or for fees that are paid for by your employer.

Tool tax rebate

If you work in industries like the motor trade or engineering, then it’s likely that you have to sometimes pay for your own tools – as well as pay for the maintenance of certain tools.

HMRC has guidelines that say you may be eligible to claim tax relief if you have to pay for tools that are essential for you to carry out your job.

In order to qualify for a tool tax refund, you must:

  • Have paid for the tools yourself – and have receipts
  • Be able to demonstrate that the tools are necessary for you to do your job
  • Have earned enough to pay income tax
  • Have not been reimbursed in full for the tools by your employer

Tool tax rebates can be worth as much as £120 per year, so if you have not yet made a claim and are eligible to claim for the full four years then you could be entitled to a refund of £480.

Tax refunds by sector

Depending on your particular job or what industry you work in, there could be a lot of different tax refunds or allowances available to you that you are currently missing out on.

Below we have outlined some of the most popular tax rebate claims for common job sectors. This is in no way a complete list, so if your sector isn’t listed below you could still be entitled to make a tax refund claim.

Construction worker tax refund

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 construction workers in the UK are currently paying too much tax, with as much as £80 million per year going unclaimed from HMRC.

For those that work in the construction industry and pay tax via PAYE, it is likely that you have incurred expenses such as travel costs, tool costs, meals and accommodation while working away. All of these can be the subject of a tax refund which can help you get back money that is rightfully yours. Some of the most common tax rebates for construction workers include…

Travel costs – using either your own vehicle or public transport to get to different building sites

Tools – if you pay for a tool that you use for work, then you could include the cost in a tax claim

Uniform – claim for washing your own company uniform or protective clothing

Accommodation and subsistence – claim back tax if you lodge away from home for work

Police tax refunds

Every employee of the police force could be entitled to a tax rebate, from community support workers and back office staff to police officers, chief inspectors and more.

The standard yearly allowance for police uniform cleaning is £140 – meaning you could be in line for a rebate of over £500 if you haven’t claimed it for the past four years.

Police officers and staff can also make tax refund claims for:

Police Federation Subscriptions – HMRC have an agreement with the Police Federation that tax relief is available for 100% of the cost. This applies to all police unless you are an Officer of the Metropolitan Police, as they already have an agreement with HMRC whereby subscriptions are taken from source and no tax is deducted.

Using your own vehicle – If you use your own vehicle for any work-based travel outside your normal commute to and from work then you could be eligible for up to 45p per mile

Police dog handlers – If your police dog lives at home with you and you use your own vehicle to transport your dog to work and to the nearest suitable place to exercise your dog then you may be eligible claim mileage

Making a tax rebate claim is a very simple and straight forward process, and once you have made your claim HMRC will adjust your tax code to include the expenses. The tax deductions will then carry on for all future years’ tax codes – helping to save a considerable amount of money for long serving Police Officers.

Teacher’s tax rebates

Thousands of teacher’s across the UK miss out on money that is rightfully their’s every year, simply because they do not know they can claim tax relief.

As an educational professional they are entitled to tax relief on certain work expenses every year, such as professional subscription fees (NUT, NASUWT etc…), uniform tax rebates, sportswear, equipment and mileage if they do any travelling in their own vehicle for school purposes – e.g. going on a school trip, visiting another site or school, going on a course etc…

Teacher’s may also be able to claim tax back if they work from home (i.e. marking and planning).

Add all that up for the past four years and you could be entitled to a significant rebate!

Healthcare workers tax rebate

Anyone who works for the NHS is eligible to make a claim for tax relief for uniform costs, NMC subscriptions, mileage for use of your own vehicle, HCPC subscriptions and more.

The types of healthcare workers who could be eligible to make a tax rebate claim include:

  • Ambulance staff
  • Chiropodists
  • Dental nurses
  • Occupational, speech, physiotherapists and other therapists
  • Phlebotomists
  • Radiographers
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Hospital porters
  • Hospital domestics
  • Hospital catering staff
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Security guards

NHS Widening Access Training scheme

If you’ve received payments from your NHS employer whilst attending a Widening Access Training (WAT) course, you might be entitled to a refund of the Income Tax and National Insurance contributions you paid.

Payments made by employers to workers getting full-time instruction can be exempted from Income Tax and National Insurance contributions if certain conditions are met.

Cabin crew tax refunds

Because there is such a heavy requirement for airline cabin crew to always look professional, there are schemes available to help them claim back tax on uniform expenses.

The Unite union, for instance, has agreed an allowance for cabin crew working for BA, Virgin, Flybe, Monarch, Easyjet, Thomas Cook and Thomson to automatically receive a tax allowance of £720 per year in their tax code.

The £720 per year allowance includes:

  • Laundering of uniform
  • Shoes and tights
  • Plonky Kit
  • Torch,
  • Travel iron,
  • Calculator,
  • Suitcase and small on-board bag to carry equipment
  • Sunglasses, sun cream and Cosmetics
  • Duplicate passport
  • Watch and Timer
  • Computer, phone and/or phone contract

If you do not work for these airlines then you are still entitled to a tax rebate for any expenses you incur for your uniform, as well as any mileage and other costs you had to pay for your job (e.g. vaccinations, Visa’s etc…)

Offshore workers tax refunds

People who work on offshore oil rigs can claim a tax rebate for travel expenses to what have been deemed by HMRC as ‘temporary workplaces’, i.e. less than 24 months. Such travel expenses can be incurred during your journey to the oil rig – e.g. driving or taking public transport to the heliport or airport.

Offshore workers can also claim tax relied for any hotel bills they may have to pay as well as other expenses like:

  • laundry costs for specific work clothing and uniforms
  • maintenance and replacement of any essential tools
  • subscription fees you pay to professional bodies

Double taxation is also a big issue for offshore workers, which means you are paying tax in two different countries on the same income. If you are a UK resident but are working offshore in a different country, then you could end up paying more than one set of taxes to countries that have different tax laws and regulations.

To try and prevent this from happening, HMRC has created ‘double taxation agreements’ with other countries in order to determine which country has the right to claim tax on the offshore workers income. In some cases there is also special tax relief available to cover the extra tax you pay. There are lots of different rules depending on what particular agreement is in place, so if you think you are being affected by double taxation then you should look into making a claim as soon as possible.

The average tax refund for offshore oil rig workers is currently between £600 – £700 per year, which means a four-year claim could be as high as £2,800!

HGV tax rebate

There is a wide range of different tax relief options open to HGV drivers, including:

  • LGV/HGV licence costs
  • Medical examinations required to do your job
  • Passport photographs needed for your licence
  • Digital Tachograph Drivers’ Card costs
  • Certificate of professional competence
  • Laundering and maintaining your work uniform
  • Protective clothing e.g. steel top capped boots, high-vis vest etc…
  • Tools – if you find pay for tools or equipment to maintain your work vehicle e.g. spanners and strap forks you could claim a tool tax rebate
  • Midday Meal Allowance – If you have to work away from home or have been on the road longer than 8 hours on the road and you can claim tax relief if you have not been reimbursed.
  • If you have to spend nights away from home in the UK or abroad, you may be eligible to claim overnight allowance.

HGV drivers may also be able to claim back overnight parking costs if they pay for them themselves.

Security workers tax refunds

For those that work in security, tax relief could be available for a variety of work-related expenses you have incurred, such as:

  • Travel costs
  • Uniform and laundry costs
  • SIA and other license costs and fees

How to make a tax refund claim

There are basically two ways to submit a claim for a tax rebate – either do it yourself by contacting HMRC or enlist the help of a third party company to do it for you.

The benefits of doing it yourself are that you will receive 100% of the rebate. However, you may find that it is too time-consuming to go through the process of claiming and disputing with HMRC – and the fees for a third party could be more than reasonable.

To make a claim you will need to provide as much documentation of your expenses as possible, as well as proof that your expenses were required for your job. If you think you have a good handle on all the relevant documentation that you will need and are confident you can progress the claim yourself then we would recommend you contact HMRC and submit your claim directly.

If you feel you may need a bit of help with your claim, and knowing exactly what you may be eligible to claim for, then using a third party company to guide you through the process is recommended as their experts will help you get as much tax back as possible – which will probably far outweigh their fees (which you only pay when you get your refund).

To make a claim with HMRC, follow this link:

Claim a tax refund with YourTaxRefund: