How to earn cashback while shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

shopping on black friday

November 23, 2016

The biggest weekend of the shopping calendar is very nearly upon us, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 set to be record-breakers.

If you are planning to start your Christmas shopping this weekend, or just take advantage of the sales, then read our guide below to help you earn money while you shop. That's right, as well as saving money by buying bargains you can also earn cashback on all of your purchases if you are savvy enough...

What is Black Friday?

Originally an American custom, Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Much like our traditional 'Boxing Day Sales', Black Friday was designed as a way to attract people to shops and is generally viewed as the start of the holiday shopping season.

As Black Friday has grown in popularity, and as US retailers like Wal-Mart have started to move overseas, the custom of Black Friday has spread across the world - and is now even more competitive than ever. This means even more bargains for shoppers, and deals on offer up to two weeks before the actual day.

Black Friday 2016 is on Friday 25 November.

What is Cyber Monday?

In contrast to Black Friday, Cyber Monday is more of a UK custom and involves online retailers slashing their prices to tempt consumers to do their Christmas shopping with them. Cyber Monday coincides with the first Monday after November payday - traditionally when thoughts start to turn to buying Christmas presents.

Last year alone, UK shoppers spent a whopping £968 million on Cyber Monday deals - and this year is expected to be even bigger.

Cyber Monday 2916 is on Monday 28 November.

How to earn cashback on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

If you are planning to spend a decent amount of money over this shopping bonanza of a weekend, then you may be interested to know that you can actually earn cashback on just about all the items you buy.

It may sound like a complicated process, but it really is very simple. All you have to do is sign up with one of the major cashback sites below and then buy your items through them. You can receive cashback of up to 10% on the items you buy - with some special offer amounts rising to 20% or even 30%. Which adds up to quite a lot of extra cash if you're planning to do the majority of your Christmas shopping over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you're interested in learning more about earning cashback while you shop - check out the most popular cashback sites below...


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They have a very easy-to-use website which follow a simple process to help you earn cashback on just about anything from major retailers like, Argos, ebay, PCWorld, Curry's, Halfords,, Tesco, Game, Zavvi, Debenhams, and lots more.

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