Get up to £50 in Vouchers: Free Tesco or Waitrose voucher when you buy breakdown cover

The AA’s free voucher offer ends June 30th.

By Bob Atoo
June 18, 2020

Man waiting on side of road for AA breakdown recovery

When buying car insurance, many drivers skip the optional extras like breakdown cover, because they don’t feel they need it and they think it keeps the cost down. But in reality, the price is nothing when you compare it to the potential costs you could incur if your vehicle were to suddenly break down and you were left stranded.

As a way of helping make sure UK drivers and their vehicles are fully covered for any journey, the AA currently has an exciting offer on Breakdown Cover.

Each customer that purchases a breakdown cover policy with the AA will be rewarded with a Tesco or Waitrose voucher worth up to £50, which will certainly help cut the price back on your weekly shop. And with policies as low as £6 per month, you really are getting more for your money!

Visit the AA online to take advantage of this offer, or read on for information regarding what breakdown cover is and what’s included in the cost of that provided by the AA.

What is breakdown cover and do I really need it?

Breakdown cover is essentially an extra security blanket that can either be added to a car insurance policy or bought as a standalone policy.

In the event that your vehicle should break down due to a mechanical fault (not because of a car accident), your breakdown policy is there to make sure you are never stranded at the side of the road and that you get back on the road as soon as possible. It is also there to help cover any costs you may incur as a result of the breakdown.

Flat tyre? Battery gone dead? Car needs fixing? Need to stay overnight in accommodation while your vehicle is in for repair? Your breakdown policy can help you claim these costs back.

What does AA breakdown cover include?

With the AA’s standard breakdown cover policy, costing just £12, you are covered for the following:

  • Roadside assistance: The AA is on hand 24/7 if you break down ¼ of a mile away from your home, or more. If they’re unable to fix your vehicle at the side of the road, they will take you to the nearest garage.
  • At home: You will be able to get help if your vehicle breaks down outside your home or within ¼ of a mile of where you live.
  • Unlimited callouts: You can call the AA as many times as you need, provided it is not due to a repeating issue with your vehicle.

After you've called the AA, you’ll be able to track the mechanic on their handy app!

You may be able to get a cheaper policy if you require less cover, but you may also want to add more protection to your policy to ensure you’re fully protected, such as:

  • National recovery: If your vehicle is unable to get fixed at roadside, the AA will pick you and your vehicle up, as well as up to 7 passengers, and take you to any destination in the UK.
  • Onward travel: If your vehicle is unable to get fixed straight away, this add-on covers you for car hire, overnight accommodation and any public transport costs associated with the breakdown.

The AA also provides the following types of specialist breakdown cover:

  • European breakdown cover
  • Breakdown cover for motorcycles
  • Business breakdown cover
  • Smart breakdown

To find out more about the AA’s breakdown policies, visit their site here.

Voucher offer terms and conditions

If you buy a breakdown policy with the AA between now (June 17th) and June 30th, you will be rewarded with a Tesco or Waitrose voucher worth up to £50 - the price of your voucher is subject to your specific policy.

Once you have bought your breakdown cover policy, you will be able to redeem your voucher 3 months after your purchase with the AA. This is simply to avoid people buying policies purely for a voucher and cancelling straight away.

To get started now, visit the AA’s website to get your cheap breakdown cover policy today, and get the peace of mind that you’re covered on the roads should anything unexpected happen.

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