Funeral Costs Continue to Rise with Drag Queens and Discos, Among Additional Costs

As personalised funerals rise in popularity, the average price of a funeral in the UK has increased significantly.

drag queens part of additional costs for funeral

January 22, 2020

Funeral costs are notoriously high, but they are expected to continue to rise in coming years as more and more families look to create a fully-personalised send-off for their loved ones.

Data from SunLife’s Cost of Dying Report 2020 has shown that, as well as the average £4,400 necessary to pay for a burial service, the cost of a personalised send-off has peaked at more than £2,300 – up 11.9% on 2018’s figures.

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Many of these costs are taken up by expensive add-ons such as headstones or memorial plaques, catering and venue hire costs for the funeral wake, which are typically categorised under ‘send-off’ costs.

In 2020, though, these send-off costs also stretch to personal requests from the deceased and their family. The Guardian reports that some of the wackier requests have included everything from clowns to drag queens, and even iconic TV shows.

One funeral director recalled having a client who, before his passing, requested that he be dressed head-to-toe in a clown costume (with make-up) as he thought it would be funny. Another contributor spoke of a service which featured fire-breathers and a band.

In another case, one funeral director said:

“We had someone whose favourite meal was a roast dinner,” This love for a Sunday roast was reflected in her funeral service, which featured traditional funeral flowers with a rubber chicken sticking out. “It made everyone chuckle and was a great representation of what she loved.”

Breakdown of funeral costs UK

Even for a standard, no-frills funeral, costs can escalate into their thousands. A simple breakdown of funeral costs might include:

  • The funeral itself – between £1,712 & £4,798 (depending on location and chosen service)
  • Professional fees – £2,771
  • Send-off costs – £2,306

Of course, the cost of a funeral will depend on where in the UK you are situated. Some of the most expensive funerals in Britain occur in:

  • London – £5,963
  • South East & East – £4,481
  • Yorkshire & The Humber – £4,656
  • East/West Midlands – £4,582
  • South West – £4,522

Some other notable locations include Scotland (£4,229), Wales (£3,872) and Northern Ireland (£3,489).

Help with funeral costs

Those who are entitled to certain benefits might be able to get a Funeral Expenses Payment following the death of a loved one. This money will be deducted from any inheritance you are expecting from the deceased. This includes:

  • Money
  • Property (excluding a house or personal items left to a widow, widower or civil partner)
  • Stocks & shares
  • Land

To find out whether or not you are eligible for help with funeral costs, visit the Government website here.

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Life insurance for funerals

One of the best (and most popular) ways of ensuring adequate funds for a funeral is by taking out a life insurance policy.

As well as leaving a lump sum of money behind as a gift for your loved ones, a life insurance policy will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that the cost of a funeral will not add to the stress of an already traumatic period following your passing.

You can get a free non-obligatory life insurance quote with Bobatoo today, or find out more about life cover in our life insurance buying guide.

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