How to get cheaper car insurance

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By Bobatoo
June 18, 2014

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If you’ve come to this article looking for ways to get a lower car insurance premium and reduce the cost of your car cover, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We’re experts in everything insurance-related and we pride ourselves on our ability to help you find the most affordable car insurance in order to save money on cover and make your money go further.

Below, you’ll find some of our top tips on how to get the best deal on car insurance.

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Ways to get cheap car insurance

There are plenty of things you can do to try and get the most cost-effective car insurance policy, while still ensuring that you’re well covered in the event that you need to make a claim.

1. Limit your mileage where possible

While this seems like an incredibly obvious point to make, the fewer miles you drive per year, the less you’ll have to pay for your car insurance as you’ll be considered to be less at risk of crashing and therefore less likely to need to make a claim.

 If you have to commute for your job and can’t really reduce your annual mileage any more, then this isn’t something that will work in your favour.

 However, if you don’t need to use your car for work, try to reduce the number of miles you drive per year where possible to benefit from cheaper car insurance.

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2. Pay annually

If you pay for your car insurance monthly, then this is essentially like a loan from your insurer which will often charge you interest and therefore you’ll actually be paying more than you should.

 If possible, try and pay for your car insurance annually in one lump sum to avoid paying high-interest rates.

3. Increase your voluntary excess

Opting for a higher voluntary excess means that your car insurance premiums will likely be reduced quite a bit as you’re essentially telling your insurer that you’re willing to take a large portion of the fall should you need to make a claim.

It’s important that you only opt to increase your voluntary excess if you’re confident that you’ll be able to pay it in the event that you need to make a claim.

4. Avoid modifying your car

Making even the smallest modification to your car, even if you consider them to be ‘good’ modifications such as new alloys, can have an affect on the cost of your car insurance.

 If you do wish to make changes to your car, it’s a good idea to let your car insurer know first to see if/how much they’ll increase your policy by.

Alternatively, if you make alterations such as fitting an alarm system or tracker in your car, this can actually help to decrease the cost of your premium, providing that you make your insurer aware of the changes and additions.

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5. Don’t just auto-renew your policy

While you’d like to think that staying with the same car insurer for many years would mean that you’d benefit from some kind of loyalty scheme, many insurers actually still raise the cost of your car insurance, even if you’ve been with them for years. 

It’s a good idea to not auto-renew immediately therefore, and have a look around at different car insurance companies before you commit to your policy again. Auto-renewing your policy might be more convenient, but shopping around can help you to save money.

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6. Think about how you describe your job title

This might seem like a very strange thing to point out, but it’s a good thing to bear in mind when it comes to finding ways of saving money on your car insurance.

It seems incredibly silly, but the way that you describe your job can have an effect on the price you pay for your car insurance.

There might not seem like much of a difference between ‘writer’ and ‘journalist’ or ‘chef’ and ‘cook’, but some insurers are very picky when it comes to the way you describe what you do for a living, so it’s always a good idea to check to see if there’s a difference in the cost of your premiums when getting a quote. 

While you should keep an eye out to see if your policy is affected by your choice of description for your job, it’s also imperative that you don’t lie about what you do for a living, even if it means that your car insurance is a bit more expensive. Lying about your job on your car insurance is considered fraud and you could find yourself in big trouble if you’re found to be doing this.

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7. Choose the right car

The engine size, the value and the car itself all have an impact on cost, so try to consider this when making the purchase. In general, the more powerful the car engine, the higher the premium is likely to be – especially for younger or more inexperienced drivers.

        8. Extra security and the black box

        If you fit extra security on your vehicle, this could reduce the risks of theft. By reducing this risk, the quotes you receive could be lower.

        There is also a new hi-tech option which is targeted at new and inexperienced drivers known as black box insurance. This involves a small device (a black box) being fitted to your vehicle, which allows the insurance company to monitor your driving habits.

        This includes the speed you drive at, the distance travelled and the time of day/night your car is used, and also your driving style by the amount you brake and how you turn corners, etc. If the insurers are happy with how you are driving, you could be rewarded with a lower premium or even cashback.

        9. No claims bonus

          For every year you don’t claim on your insurance, you earn one years' worth of no claims bonus (NCB) - sometimes referred to as No Claims Discount (NCD), which can reduce your premium as you’ll be classed as a safer driver due to not making any claims on your policy. Your no claims bonus is not usually affected if you have an accident that is not your fault and your insurer is able to recover their costs from the other party.

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          What is the cheapest month to get car insurance?

          The cheapest month to get car insurance will likely depend on numerous factors including your insurer, the type of policy you want and the type of car you drive. 

          However, thanks to data from MoneySupermarket, it can be argued that August is considered to be the cheapest month to get car insurance according to a survey carried out in 2019, with February being the cheapest month the previous year.

          Cheapest place to get car insurance

          Many insurance providers will claim to offer the “cheapest” car insurance quotes, but you’ve got to be wary of who’s telling the truth and who is claiming to offer the cheapest without any actual truth behind their claim.

          The best way to find the cheapest and best car insurance for you is to get an online car insurance quote where you can compare different providers to see which one is best suited to your needs.

          When does car insurance get cheaper?

          Your age plays a huge part in the cost of car insurance. When you first pass your test, especially if you’re young, the cost of your car insurance will be very expensive, even if you’re driving a relatively cheap car. 

          As you get older and therefore become a more experienced driver, you will likely benefit from lower car insurance, providing that you haven’t made a claim on your policy.

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