How to get cheaper car insurance

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With car insurance being a legal requirement, it can often feel like an expensive burden so we’ve put together this straightforward guide to help explain the details of each type of cover and how you can get exactly what you need as cheaply as possible.

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Car insurance – in a nutshell

Basically, every car owner pays an annual premium to an insurer to protect their vehicle and their legal obligations to others. The level of cover will depend on which option you choose.

Different types of car insurance

Third Party Only – This is the minimum level of cover available.

  • If an accident is your fault, you will have to pay for repairs on your car as your Third Party insurance will not cover these damages. Any other cars involved in the accident will be covered on your policy
  • Passengers in your car are also covered

Third Party Fire & Theft – This is a middle of the range level of cover

  • This car insurance type covers all of the above (Third Party Only), but has additional cover for fire damage and vehicle theft should your car be stolen

Fully Comprehensive – This is the highest level of cover available.

  • If you have an accident which you are to blame for, the repairs or the value of your vehicle is covered
  • Personal injury costs are also covered
  • Accidental damage, vandalism, fire and theft are also covered with this policy.

Each of the above policies will have an ‘excess’ which is the amount you pay towards each claim.

With different levels of cover in each type of insurance, you would assume that the lowest cover (Third Party Only) would be the cheapest available. However this is often not the case and can vary from insurer to insurer.

Want a great deal on car insurance? Get a FREE quote now.

A guide to cheaper car insurance

When applying for car insurance, there are many things to remember which will help you to get the cheapest quote available. These are listed below:

  1. Choose the right car

The engine size, the value and the car itself all have an impact on cost. You should consider this when making the purchase. In general, the more powerful a car the higher the premium is likely to be – especially for younger or more inexperienced drivers.

  1. Drive carefully

Even though penalty points on your licence are removed after four years, when doing checks, insurers look at the last five years. This is something to be aware of if you do have any points. One speeding conviction, for example, may only affect the cost a small percentage but if you accumulate more than one, you are looking at a much higher increase.

Speeding isn’t the only red flag – being caught for driving whilst being on the phone could also see your insurance quote increasing.

  1. Renewal isn’t always the best

When your car insurance is nearing its end, many people will just renew it with their current insurance company. Insurers often give new customers their best deals so always shop around. Bob’s car insurance looks at over 70 UK insurers to try and find the right cover and price for your circumstances. >>> Go to our car insurance page now for a quote

  1. Higher excess

In simple terms, if you are prepared to pay a bit more towards the cost of any claim you have to make on your policy you are likely to get a discount on your premium.

  1. Extra security and the Black Box

If you fit extra security on your vehicle, this could reduce the risks of theft. By reducing the risk, the quotes you receive could be lower.

There is also a new hi-tech option which is targeted at new and inexperienced drivers known as ‘black box’ insurance. This involves a small device, ‘black box’), being fitted to your vehicle which allows the insurance company to monitor your driving. The speed you drive at, the distance travelled and the time of day/night your car is used is monitored, and also your driving style by the amount you brake etc. If the insurers are happy with how you are driving, you could be rewarded by a lower premium or even cashback. Bob’s car insurance offers a range of the ‘black box’ policies – click here to get a quote today.

  1. No modifications

Making changes to or modifying your car can also increase your premium. Modifications (changes) are anything that does not come with the standard specification of the car, for example body styling kits and engine tuning. Security extras like alarms or mobilizers are not included.

  1. No claims bonus

For every year you don’t claim on your insurance, you earn one years ‘no claims bonus ’ sometimes referred to as ‘No Claims Discount’ or ‘NCD’ which can reduce your premium as you’re classed as a safer driver. Your ‘no claims bonus’ is not usually affected if you have an accident that is not your fault and your insurer is able to recover their costs from the other party.

  1. Additional driving courses – For new drivers

Within the first year of passing your driving test, you are able to take an additional driving course. The course is called PassPlus and is for new drivers to improve their driving skills and drive more safely. By passing this additional course, some insurers will offer a lower premium.

  1. Compare!

Last but certainly not least is to shop around for the best deals. Bob’s car insurance lets you compare over 70 leading insurance companies quickly and easily to get the right quote at the right price for you. Click here to get a great car insurance deal today from Bobatoo.