How car key insurance can unlock the doors to stress avoidance

car key
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We’ve all been there. Misplacing our car keys is right up there with forgetting where we put/last saw out mobile phones and glasses.

It’s one of those really annoying things in life which seems unavoidable and can literally drive you mad. Yet for a while now there has been pain relief available for those who do lose their car keys and have absolutely no idea where they put them; despite retracing their steps, turning the house upside down and arranging for the family pet to have a colonoscopy (just to rule out ALL potential eventualities).

Only not everyone knows about the calming influence that car key insurance cover can afford the (accident-prone/absent-minded) policyholder.

It’s easy done when you think about it, thanks to the everyday stresses and strains of modern life and the breakneck speed at which we all live it.

From work and money worries to kids and health, the pressures are constant. Which is why it’s no real surprise when we temporarily lose our car keys; and with it our minds.


Of course, parting company with our car keys might not be down to forgetfulness or frantic lifestyles, and could well be a direct result of them having being stolen. Whatever the reason they’ve gone, the subsequent scenes aren’t pretty. As well as leaving you (potentially) stranded – if you’re out and about having being transported to your destination courtesy of your vehicle – you could end up severely out of pocket when it comes to arranging a replacement set of keys.

That’s because the days of popping down to your local key-cutter to have a new key forged are long gone. Unless that is your daily drive is a 1969 Ford Capri, or any other vehicle from pre-decimalisation days; nevermind the internet.


You see, the explosion in vehicle security technology and the birth of the smart key means that the once-humble car key fob contains more system tech than it took to put Neil Armstrong on the Moon.

Thanks to a dizzying array of programmed chips controlling locks, alarms, immobilisers and ignitions the erstwhile car key is now a veritable smorgasbord of nano-electronics and virtual pretensions.

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Which means replacing a key might cost more than it did to purchase the aforementioned Capril back in 1969.

Unless of course you happen to have car key insurance cover in place.

Whilst such a feature is included as standard on some motor insurance policies, it doesn’t expand to cover all by any stretch of the imagination. And even if it is included within your fully comprehensive plan, it’s imperative that you read between the lines to determine just what you are covered for and arguably more importantly, what you’re not.

Alternatively there are now a number of dedicated car key insurance policy providers out there, which specialise in creating documented safeguards in case you do lose track of where you put them, or even more worryingly, have them stolen.

Returning to the thorny subject of the cost of replacement keys and experts admit that the outlay is akin to an average price of a mobile phone; and a sizeable proportion of Brits (said to be in the ball-park of 6.7 million) tend to arrange insurance cover for their phones at the point of sale (or soon thereafter). So why not apply the same logic to your equally expensive car keys, because with annual cover costing as little as £24 (compared to a basic insurance for handsets costing £15 PER MONTH), the added peace of mind won’t exactly break the bank.


According to various reliable sources, the price routinely charged for replacement car keys has risen by a staggering 30% in just 2 years, with a figure of £215 the average bill for replacement in 2016.

One such car key insurance provider, Keycare, flagged up this quote recently having undertaken its own research based on the collation of 1,482 insurance claims from policyholders who had misplaced their keys in 2015.

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We mean, did you know that to buy a like-for-like key for Britain’s most popular supermini – the Ford Fiesta just for the record – would set a hapless owner back some £262. That’s an increase of 61% on the equivalent quote in 2013, although some might argue that this huge hike has more to do with Ford’s Key-Free System.

Yet having said that, those motorists with less advanced entry and ignition assemblages are also burdened with extensive bills should they require a new central locking key and/or replacement door locks fitted. A bill as extensive as £689 according to the same data, with some upwards of £1,000.

So bearing all this in mind, is it not time you considered the merits of car key insurance?