Increase in terrorism across Europe raises travel insurance policy fears amongst holidaymakers

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With terrorist atrocities across Europe on the increase in recent times, many holidaymakers will be understandably concerned as to how to proceed given the seemingly perpetual threats which are posed to travellers.

Whilst many justifiably might decide on cancelling a previously arranged holiday to countries and areas already caught up by devastating bomb attacks there’ll be others who will not allow such fears of terrorism to impinge on their choice of holiday destination, rightly or wrongly.

Of course, that’s a personal opinion arrived at by individuals, couples and families weighing up many factors which are, ostensibly out of their control right now.

One of the generally unanswered questions which remain for many is just what impact potentially cancelling a holiday or break to a region which is affected by on-going security issues would have on a policyholder’s existing travel insurance plan.

First and foremost insurance industry experts are urging holidaymakers to check the small print on their travel cover to establish what a particular travel insurer’s official stance is on this scenario unfolding, whereby you could be caught up in an unforeseen act of terrorism whilst holidaying this summer.


Following despicable attacks on popular tourist destinations including Paris, Brussels and Istanbul in recent weeks, together with a beach resort in Tunisia, emotions are running high amongst those Brits otherwise looking forward to getting away from it all and possibly heading off to locations such as the aforementioned ones later this year.

We have it on good authority that in the direct afather and daughter on beachftermath of the Paris attacks last November, Eurostar refused to refund travellers who expressed a desire to alter their future holiday plans as a result of the terrorist atrocity which brought death and destruction upon one of Europe’s most visited cities. So with this in mind many holidaymakers will be worried as to how their travel insurers would react were they to be either caught up in such an act of terrorism or opt to revise their existing travel plans in the event of their pre-booked destination being subjected to such incidents.

According to reputable sources the majority of insurance policies WON’T cover individuals should they elect to travel to a destination that is flagged up by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as ‘unsettled’ or ‘dangerous’ at the moment.

If you’ve already booked a holiday which is ATOL-protected, then the holiday provider is legally obliged to ensure the policyholder returns home should an attack take place whilst they’re on holiday; or alternatively offer a refund in the event of an unprecedented attack being played out prior to jetting off to a specific destination.

Broadly speaking however, travel insurance policy providers indicate that cover varies between insurers in terms of potential terrorism incidents affecting their plans, yet terrorism tends to be excluded except for emergency medical and other expenses as a rule of thumb.

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