Increased number of UK holidaymakers are searching for terrorism-based travel insurance policies

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As many parts of the world try to adjust accepted ways of life to the increased threats posed by the advent of a more global terrorist risk, more and more tourists and holidaymakers are considering their travel insurance policy options than ever before.

On the back of a spate of horrific and unprecedented terror attacks which have claimed innocent victims on the beaches of Tunisian resorts, Parisian bars, Belgium’s public transport hubs and even in mid-air above Egypt’s popular travel destinations, the fear-factor has been raised to new levels by holidaymakers concerned about just how far their existing travel policies will go to protect them in newly evolving situations beyond their control.

Among the most pressing concerns British tourists are facing right now is precisely what destinations are safe, and what they’d do if they found themselves stranded in a location in the direct aftermath of an act of terrorism. All of which has led to calls by justifiably worried travellers for a greater range of so-called ‘terror-specific’ travel insurance packages.

That’s according to one leading UK insurer, Bought by Many, which has discovered that typically fellow travel insurance providers only normally offer cover to counter the financial effects of natural disasters and riots; with terrorism in any way, shape or form usually omitted from any such feature lists.


Research conducted by Bought by Many recently has, unsurprisingly, reported that a rapidly growing number of people are in the market for – and enquiring about – dedicated anti-terrorism travel insurance which looks to safeguard their interests in various departments in the wake of being caught up in the vicinity of an incident of this more frightening nature.

plane taking offApparently they sought evidence which depicted that 5,354 internet search engine ‘keyword entries’ comprised of the words, ‘terror’ or ‘terrorism’ (in the particular context of ‘travel insurance with terrorism cover, for example) during 2013; yet returning to this fact-finding in relation to the equivalent search terms being inputted during 2015 returned a figure reputed to be 20,474. Which numerically-speaking represents a staggering 382% rise on the initial stat.

As a further part of their probe into the holiday-making public’s concerns with regard to terrorist activities targeting popular travel destinations, the insurer tells of some 41% of Brits (at least, of those polled by Bought by Many in this instance) freely admit to in future wishing to arrange a travel insurance policy which incorporates elements of terrorism cover as a key aspect of its provisions.

Delving a little deeper into the current climate of travel anxiety, the survey (which pooled the answers of over 1,000 British adults) reported that a greater volume of men were considered more likely to purchase terrorism cover-featuring travel policies than women, with 47% of the former confirming this.

Travel insurance for as little as £7.85. Get a FREE quote now >>>

In light of the increased possibilities of terrorist groups targeting popular holiday destinations, the insurer still observed that a significant number of people planning on visiting a cross-section of destinations this year will neglect to check their travel insurance policy to establish whether or not the fine print flags up any specific terrorism cover, or how such atrocities might impact their scheduled getaways.

Many holidaymakers – together with those planning on travelling to more unstable countries for business, pleasure or indeed, charitable reasons – will be relieved to learn that there are a range of specialist terrorism policies available from a select number of bespoke travel insurance firms, who front benefits that are not widely available from the more mainstream companies.