Is it Worth Getting a Joint Couples Travel Insurance Policy?

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People rarely travel alone. Unless they’re planning on ‘travelling’; as in exploring remote regions of the globe or alternatively the beaches of Thailand made famous by the movie, ‘The Beach’ during taking a ‘year out’ and/or going away to find themselves. That said, some folk jet-off alone if they’re attending a business meeting/gathering somewhere more than a car journey away. But by and large people tend to travel by and large; as in groups (i.e, families, stag/hen do’s, sports club and society tours, etc). And when they’re not criss-crossing the world en masse, then they’re most definitely discovering new horizons in twos, or pairs. Or couples as is more commonly denoted. Just like the animals which boarded Noah’s Ark, yet the human equivalent, and the Ark being usurped by a Airbus A300 typically. Which brings us to the subject of joint couples travel insurance policies, and more pertinently whether they’re worthwhile. So here’s the SP.

For the most part a joint couples travel insurance policy (aimed specifically at wives, husbands and partners per se) provides medical cover to the tune of £2 million – typically including repatriations costs if an injury or illness suffered whilst on holiday necessitates being flown back to the UK for further treatment – in addition to personal liability cover totalling a benchmarked minimum of £1 million. However neither of these figures are set in stone and vary according to travel insurance-proffering companies. A good joint couples policy will also extend to cancellation cover up to an amount which at the very least financially compensates for the overall cost of the policyholders’ planned trip/holiday, and which should take into account all pre-paid activities you might have arranged in advance (ski lessons, jet-ski hire, trekking excursions, etc), in addition to ensuring you have suitably extensive baggage and personal belongings cover in place.

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Otherwise a joint couples travel insurance plan should guard against travel delays and any disruptions which might compromise your travel plans/holiday enjoyment, end supplier failure (which is of particular relevance and subsequent importance should the tour operator or airline enter into administration between policyholder’s booking a trip and arriving at the airport) and ‘catastrophe cover’ which, as its title implies protects couples against the fall-out from natural events and unforeseen disasters playing out either effecting your destination or travel en-route. For example the volcanic ash debacle over Iceland a few years back which caused widespread mayhem to air travel at the time. All the above are vital components of any sound joint couples travel insurance plan as far as we’re concerned.

Securing a Far-Reaching, Key Feature-Laden Joint Couples Travel Insurance Plan Is Paramount to Avoid Potential Travel Chaos

There are of course exclusions to be aware of with regards to joint couples travel insurance which you will need to be aware of by speaking with leading insurance companies directly and ascertain precisely what is and what isn’t covered by individual joint couples travel policies. It’s not unheard of for both catastrophe cover and end supplier failure insurance to be unavailable in certain packages on the market. Meanwhile the oft-thorny subject of pre-existing medical conditions can be a joint couples travel insurance bridge too far for some providers, which is why it’s imperative that would-be policyholders be completely up-front about current health statuses at the point of travel insurance arranging, or seriously infringe the terms and conditions of a dedicated policy, ultimately leaving you at risk of wholesale invalidation of the documentation and therein exposing you and your partner to bearing the full brunt of any medical costs incurred while away. Another aspect of joint couples travel insurance which is worth flagging up is the area of single item limits which might prove a bone of contention when it comes to future claims submitted to counter a loss or act of damage or theft while you’re on holiday. We can’t overstress how crucial it is for policyholders to review their baggage cover to determine whether or not single item limits are expansive enough to fiscally embrace any valuables you will be taking away with you on your travels.

Going back to the question at the top of the page about it being worthwhile arranging joint couples travel insurance and some of the up-to-the-minute policy and price examples which follow will cast further light on the matter, facts and figures courtesy of for the record.

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For an at a glance idea of how certain joint couples travel insurance policies tally up we have listed the individual premium (divided into ‘single trip’ and ‘annual/multi trip’ policies) so you can identify for yourselves where an insurance provider promotes a discount. While these latest stats afford you a clearer picture about joint couples travel insurance, please remember that some insurers charge individual excesses, so any claims affecting yourself and a partner down the line could result in double deduction.

In General Arranging Joint Couples Travel insurance Is Cheaper than Purchasing Two Individual Policies According to Latest Research

Based on a 7-day trip to Europe for a 45-year old, offer a joint premium for £17 on its Optimum travel option, compared to £10 for an individual premium. Looking at the same length of trip and destination in respect of a 60-year old and charge £19 for joint couple policy premiums, in contrast to £11 for individuals travellers through its Gold standard travel insurance plan. Applying the exact same trip duration and destination once more, yet focusing instead on a 75-year old policyholder and cite joint couples premiums at £39, while individuals will regularly need to stump up £22 with direct reference to its Premier rate plan. So as you can see prices tend to vary, yet on average agreeing to joint couples travel insurance seems to pay dividends by costing (significantly in some cases) less than individual counterparts; a trend which continues below.

Turning our attentions to annual/multi trip policy premiums as we concentrate on differentiating between costs incurred by joint couple plans as opposed to individual travellers’ and we note the following findings, courtesy of our friends over at With regard to a 45-year old journeying worldwide at any point in the year, flag up a £51 best deal joint couples premium, whilst individuals working on the same criteria are charged £44 with its Traveller’s Choice insurance plan. Meanwhile globe-trotting 60-year olds opting to go with would need to find £74 for premiums, compared to £46 for individual travellers signing up to the same agreement in principle, and utilising the travel insurance providers Premier cover package. Ramp the traveller’s age up to 75-years and we discover offer its Silver insurance plan at a £290 premium for joint couples and £145 for the sole explorer.

(Prices correct as of Summer 2015).