Less than 50% of UK homeowners use a house alarm while on holiday

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Home security system provider RISCO recently carried out a survey in collaboration with YouGov to determine just how clued up householders are when it comes to safeguarding their homes. Or to be more precise, how welcoming they make their property to would-be thieves.

Compiling the admissions of some 4,237 UK homeowners the research threw up some startling results, not least by confirming suspicions that not everyone is security savvy with regards to protecting their homes.

Apparently less than one third (32%) of us Brits who have a dedicated burglar alarm in their home, whilst of these under half (49% to be exact) remember to actually program their security system prior to jetting off on holiday.

According to the findings of the RISCO-commissioned, YouGov-undertaken study, a lowly 1 in 5 concede that they routinely neglect to set their house alarms when planning on leaving the house unoccupied for a given time, while 13% of homeowners put their failure to switch on their burglar deterrents down to avoiding false alarms.

Another 13% use the ‘we find it too complicated’ excuse when put on the spot as to just why they choose not to secure their property ahead of a prolonged absence.


What’s worth pointing out here is the underlying fact that by ignoring the pressing need to always alarm your home when knowing you’re going to leave it empty for a while could realistically invalidate your existing household insurance policy. Which could inevitably lead to a scenario whereby your left without necessary home contents cover should you later become a victim of a break-in.

House burglarThat’s because as far as your household insurance provider is concerned, if you’ve got an alarm (the confirmation of which will help reduce home contents premiums for the most part, providing the policyholder meets other important qualifying criteria) then from their perspective you should be using it.

Speaking about the results of their survey, RISCO Group’s Head of Marketing, Anna Royds said; “The cost of not having an alarm – or not using the one you have – can be considerable. And it’s not just the financial impact of domestic burglary that matters. Some 80% of those who experience a domestic burglary say they are emotionally affected by the incident, with around one in four having difficulty sleeping after a burglary.”

Referring to the 2015 Crime Survey for England and Wales, during the 12 months in question an estimated 800,000 domestic burglaries were carried out, the results of which saw damage costing £892 and the average loss per incident standing at £2,267.

Want a great deal on home insurance? Get a FREE quote now