How to make sure you get the best price when selling your car

Planning to sell your car? Here are our top tips to help it sell and get you the most out of it.

car keys saleThere are loads of options nowadays when it comes to selling your car – making it easier to sell than it ever has been.

You now have lots of selling platforms online, like AutoTrader, Gumtree and Ebay available to you, as well as companies like WeBuyAnyCar and BestCarBuyer who are willing and guarantee to take your old car off your hands.

Companies like WeBuyAnyCar are largely based on convenience though, meaning you won’t get the best possible price for your car in order to pay for that convenience. To get the best price for your car, you’re going to have to sell it yourself.

Here we’ve put together some expert tips on how to get the best price for your motor…

Get it spick and span

car washIncredibly obvious, but one of the most important things to do – get it as clean as possible, inside and out.

This makes the car look at its best, making it appear that you have looked after it well and making it seem more likely that you have also maintained it well under the bonnet – allaying fears that all buyers have about problems down the line.

Cleaning your car is an absolute essential if you want to get the price you’re looking for, so either clean it yourself or nip to your local car wash where you can get a good inside-and-out wash usually for little over £10 – obviously if it needs more work then you’ll need to pay for that!

Get it MOT’d

Another important one – if your MOT date is coming up, get it MOT’d before you try to sell. Consider the buyers perspective – if you were looking for a new car and came across a car that has its MOT due in the next couple of months, what would you think? Perhaps you would be thinking: What is so wrong with the car that they don’t want to put it through its MOT?

If you were buying, you would want a car with as long left on its MOT certificate as possible, to give some assurance that there were not lots of issues with the car that you would now be responsible for sorting out.

Always check the wheels

car wheel tyreCheck your tyres – if they are on their last legs then it is probably worth getting them replaced – this doesn’t have to mean you replace them with all-singing all-dancing tyres, something basic will do.

If they are passable, get them cleaned up and looking the best possible – again, the better maintained your car looks the more the buyer will feel confident it has been maintained well overall, and the more likely they are to pay your asking price.

If you have damaged alloys, then this can take £100s off the value of your car – up to £150 per wheel. You can get these sorted professionally at around £75 plus VAT per wheel, or get a repair kit and do it yourself for around £25 – either way, it is probably well worth looking into.

Fix your chipped windscreen

If you have a chip then get that looked at – any buyer will use that to negotiate on price. Check if your insurance includes windscreen cover and Autoglass will repair it for free.

Alternatively, Halfords repair windscreen chips for £25.

Check your dashboard warning lights

Annoying warning light that won’t go away? Get it checked out.

Would you buy a car which had a warning light flashing at you during your test drive? Thought not.

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Check all of your lights

Enlist some help from a friend or family member to check every single lights and replace any bulbs that need replacing – this is a relatively inexpensive step which shows the car is well maintained.

Make sure your wiper blades don’t screech

Dreading having to turn on your wipers because of the awful noise? They’re cheap and easy to replace yourself, so get them done!

Check for dents

Have a good look at the state of your bodywork – get some quotes for repair and consider whether it is worth getting them sorted out.

There are services available where they come to your home to fix the dents, which makes it more convenient. It is probably worth fixing dents on a newer car, less important on an older car, although this does also depend on the severity of damage to the bodywork.

Properly consider where you are going to sell your car

While there are more options than ever before when it comes to selling your car, you need to be proactive in getting your car in front of the right audience – a sign in your car window or a card in your local shop is not enough nowadays.

There are lots of online options, from car-specific sites such as Autotrader and to more generalist sites such as Ebay and Gumtree.

Make sure you have all of the details of your cars specification, such as year, engine size, number of doors, type of fuel, MOT date, mileage and anything else you think a buyer might want to know about – air con, electric windows etc….

Use this information to write your ad, and take and include multiple photos in good lighting. Photos of the exterior from multiple angles are good, photos of the dash and interior condition and the boot are also helpful.

Then, think about the search terms that will help buyers find your car. For example, listing your car as a “Ford Fiesta” may get some potential buyers to your ad, but the more detailed the better, for example: “2012 Ford Fiesta 1.4 5 door” as your listing title will get more results – e.g John is searching for a car, he’s quite open to what type of car but he knows he wants a 1.4 engine for insurance purposes and 5 doors because he has a small family.

By searching those terms your car would come up in his search, and make it more likely that your car would sell.

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