Meerkat Movies: How to get 2-for-1 cinema tickets every week for a year for just £1

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Everybody loves a trip to the cinema, but what would you say if we told you that you could get one free ticket every single week for a whole year?

Well, it's not entirely free as you have to pay around £1 for the luxury, but it is still a steal by anybody's standards!

Compare The Market's cinema promotion, 'Meerkat Movies', provides their customers with 2-for-1 cinema tickets for 12 months, available to use every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Not only that, but you also get 2-for-1 offers in a range of the UK's most popular restaurant chains under the Meerkat Meals rewards scheme - this is as well as your free cinema tickets, not an alternative. That's right, you get both!

To qualify for the promotion and claim your annual 2-for-1 discount code, all you have to do is make a 'qualifying purchase' through their website - something which many of us might need to do at some point throughout the year anyway!

If you're looking to renew your car, motorbike, van, home, pet, life or travel insurance policy, then this promotion is great as you will get the 2-for-1 code for taking out a policy you needed in the first place anyway. To get a quote and your 2-for-1 code now, tap the green button below:

However, if you don't need any of these insurance products, how can you get the 2-for-1 tickets cheaply?

We outline the process below which can be followed to get Meerkat Movies for as little as £1.

Cheap Meerkat Movies trick - How to get Meerkat Movies

As car and home insurance tend to be a bit too expensive to buy unless you actually don't need them, it is best to focus on other forms of insurance that are within Compare The Market's 'qualifying purchases' rules - but what products qualify for Meerkat movies?

These rules are as follows:

1.1 MEERKAT MOVIES Membership Qualifying Products

Only when you;

  • Purchase: Car insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Van insurance, Contents and/or Buildings insurance, Pet insurance, Life insurance, Landlord insurance or Travel insurance;
  • Switch: Domestic Energy (gas and/or electric), Broadband, Home telephone or Digital TV;
  • Obtain: a Credit card or Loan, Mobile phone;

through will be considered a Qualifying Product where you will be eligible to activate your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership through Your Account (see above)

>>>See the full terms and conditions here >>>

We have found that the best way to get the cheapest Meerkat Movie deal is to focus on travel insurance, where you can buy policies for as little as £1.01.

>>> Get a cheap travel insurance quote with Compare the Market <<<

When we last ran a test quote through Compare The Market's travel insurance system, requesting a travel insurance policy for a 1-night stay within the UK, we were presented with the following prices for cover:

  • £1.01 – ‘Super Saver’
  • £1.01 – Coverwise 'Standard'
  • £1.01 - ERV 'Lite'
  • £1.47 – 'Saver'
  • £1.99 – 'Economy'
  • £2.06 – FlexiCover 'Economy'

NOTE: We are not advocating these policies or recommending that you buy them for their value for money or for the cover they provide, these are simply purchases to qualify for the 2-for-1 cinema tickets. When purchasing insurance, always make sure you have enough cover for your needs and that you fully understand your policy’s terms and conditions.

How do you use Meerkat Movies? - How to claim Compare the Market Cinema Tickets

Using Meerkat Movies is easy!

Once you've bought your qualifying product, simply download the Meerkat Movies app to your smartphone and sign in using the same account used to make your purchase.

Once you've signed in, you'll be able to use the Meerkat Movies code generator which will bring up your weekly 2-for-1 cinema ticket code. You can either show this code to the person behind the counter at the cinema or type it in as a 'promo code' on the Odeon, Cineworld or Vue Cinema website.

Remember, the 2-for-1 offer can only be used on Meerkat Movies days, which are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Cinema tickets can be pricey and you will save a lot of money if you only use the 2-for-1 code once, especially given the cheap travel insurance prices listed above.

The fact that Meerkat Movies gives you a WHOLE YEAR of 2-for-1 cinema tickets means that paying just £1 to qualify should result in some huge savings over the course of a year.

How you use your weekly free cinema tickets is entirely up to you. You can either treat a friend or family member to a completely free ticket, or ask your cinema buddy to split the cost of one ticket with you - that way, you're both getting your hands on cheap cinema tickets!

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