More than 25% of UK motorists would make car insurance claims via an app

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As British society becomes increasingly more au fait with smartphone apps – and moreover their widespread applications in daily life – it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that more than a quarter of drivers here in the UK have confirmed that they would use an app to file a motor insurance claim.

That’s right, 1 in 4 drivers have admitted that they’d utilise the functionality of a smartphone app when it came to making a claim on a car insurance policy according to a new study.

The results of research conducted by marketing experts, Consumer Intelligence (on behalf of app-creating tech firm, Etouch Solutions), also cites the fact that a mere 3% of those questioned acknowledged that their present motor insurance provider offered its own bespoke app primarily for the purposes outlined above.

Along with the 26% of responders who said they would ‘definitely’ facilitate an insurance claim-making smartphone-based app in the event of it being made available, an additional 41% of motorists said they ‘might’ consider utilising such a streamlined provision.

Attempting to differentiate between those drivers who would routinely use a smartphone to trigger the claims process and those who do so without experiencing any hang-ups beforehand (therefore making it a more natural course of action), Consumer Intelligence discovered that a staggering 90% of motorists fall into the former camp, in contrast to the 20% who comprise the latter, for the sake of this specific study.

Delving deeper into the feelings and conscious of those motorists who don’t necessarily bat an eyelid at reaching for their smartphones when it comes to anything car insurance-primed, and this body of research appears to convey drivers as being generally satisfied with the standard of customer service they receive from their insurers, aside from a few outstanding concerns harboured by some respondents.

Those chiefly being the 56% who agreed that they would be dissuaded by having to make contact with a foreign-based call centre operation and the 47% who raised issues about being placed on hold. By and large though it seems that the broader rolling out of smartphone apps for car insurance purposes would be welcomed by a greater percentage than would view it with suspicion, a point picked up on by Etouch Solution’s Tech Director, David McKane who offered his own insight with this; “Apps are part of everyday life for millions of us and it makes sense that they would be popular for reporting insurance claims.”

McKane went on to add; “Insurers already do a good job in processing claims but apps would help them further enhance their service and reduce costs as well as helping motorists make claims more efficiently.”

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