How much do UK music festivals cost? – Survey results

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September 27, 2017

Along with BBQs, picnics and evenings spent in beer gardens, musical festivals are synonymous with the Great British Summer.

Every year there are more and more summer music festivals for the UK music-lover to choose from, but as festivals have become big-business for the organisers they are getting ever more expensive for festival-goers up and down the country.

With the festival season now over for another year, we asked over 2,000 people in the UK who attended at least one music festival this year about how much they spent and what they spent it on.

See the full results of the survey below…

Key findings

  • Average spend per festival: £354.54
  • On average, men spend more (£400) at festivals than women (£300)
  • The older you are, the more you spend. Those aged over 30 spent 37% more (£450) per festival than those under 25 (£280)
  • Glastonbury is the most expensive festival – with an average spend of £425
  • The biggest outlay during a festival is spent on food and drink (35%), followed by tickets (29%) and travel (22%)
  • Despite the cost, the overwhelming majority of festival-goers (82%) said their festival experience represented value for money
  • However, the one area they think is over-priced is festival food and drink (63%)

Full results

Festival spend – men vs women

men spend more on festivals

Festival spend – average spend by age group

average spend by age

Most expensive festival

cost per festival

What did you spend the most money on?

festival spend

Did your festival experience provide value for money?

festival cost value for money

What aspects of music festivals do you think are too expensive?

festivals too expensive