What is Pass Plus and how to get it?

Pass Plus

By Bob Atoo
September 17, 2014

What is Pass Plus?

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) set up an additional driving qualification, available to anyone who holds a full driver’s license (i.e. those who have passed their driving test as opposed to those taking driving lessons and have a provisional driving license).

The aim of Pass Plus is to help you gain experience in areas of driving that you will not have covered in the standard driving lessons, for example motorway driving. By taking this course, not only will you gain driving experience, you also have the chance to enhance your current driving skills, become more confident when driving and all in all, become a safer driver.

The qualification can be gained by taking part in a practical driving course lasting a minimum of six hours. The course can be taken at any time, but it is most useful to new drivers in the first year of them passing their test.

What does Pass Plus involve/cover?

During your Pass Plus course, the following modules will be covered:

  • Town driving
  • Out of town driving
  • Driving in all weather
  • Night time driving
  • Driving on dual carriageways
  • Motorway driving

Throughout the course, your instructor will take you through each module, making sure you know all there is to know about each one. He/she will monitor and assess your driving and report your progress. When the instructor is satisfied that you have completed each module, you will be issued with a certificate. You do not have to take a driving test like you did to get your license.

How much does Pass Plus cost?

Pass Plus fees are not always the same amount, as most driving instructors charge slightly different. However the average cost is around £180.

Some local councils are now offering a discount to people who take the course, so it is always worth checking before you book yours.

How do I book Pass Plus?

To book your Pass Plus course you’ll need to contact a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor (ADI).

Not all driving instructors are Pass Plus registered, but you can contact the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) to find out.

Do I need to take the Pass Plus course?

The Pass Plus course is not compulsory but there are benefits to having the qualification that may appeal to you.

Benefits of the Pass Plus course

As mentioned above, you will gain driving experience in areas that you may not have come across on your lessons. An example is motorway driving, which is not covered in driving lessons. If you know you will be doing a lot of motorway driving, this experience will come in handy.

As well as experience, you will also gain confidence on the roads which will make you a safer driver.

Another benefit to taking the Pass Plus course is that it could lead to your car insurance premium being lowered. Not all insurance companies offer a discount for taking and passing the course, but many do. The companies that do will not offer the same amount of discount, so you may benefit from shopping around before settling for an offer.

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