Poll: What fashion item would you consider insuring?

Sarah Wong Mulberry handbagWe all know we need to have car insurance, and that it is a very good idea to have home insurance, life insurance and travel insurance policies – but insurance cover isn’t just restricted to these ‘essentials’.

Insurance can be used to cover just about anything, and can be useful if you own items that are valuable or that you cherish – which includes your clothes.

The average person could easily have a few thousand pounds worth of clothes in their wardrobe – even more for those who like to treat themselves to designer labels every now and then! So it’s easy to under value just how much it would cost to replace your favourite fashion items.

To help illustrate the importance of insurance, we asked some prominent fashion bloggers about what items of clothing they would consider getting insured…

Eva from Glamazon BlogEva Mazuchova
Twitter: twitter.com/Evaglamazon
“I personally have insurance on my Chanel bag and also my camera which are two things fashion bloggers always carry around.

Items like that are key parts of our lives but due to travelling and also busy lives we need to insure them in case of a damage or loss.

Whether you are a blogger or not nobody wants to lose that amount of money. It is a security for me and anybody that would could replace our favourite items.”


Patrica from Peexo blogPatricia
Twitter: twitter.com/peexo
“If I were to insure one fashion item, I would definitely insure my Michael Kors handbag (and it’s contents haha) because it’s my favourite piece in my wardrobe, and definitely my favourite handbag too!

It’s not the most expensive piece in comparison to other designer bags but I don’t often go for designer purchases so it’s one of the most expensive things in my wardrobe.

It also carries great sentimental value as it’s my first luxury bag and was a gift from a family member – I couldn’t bare to be separated from it.”

Patricia with her bag:

Patricia Peexo Michael Kors handbag


Gabrielle from A Glass Of Ice blogGabrielle
Twitter: twitter.com/aglassofice
“For me, it would be the first pair of Christian Louboutin heels I bought with my very first pay cheque as a way of marking the important milestone.

I opted for the classic black Decollete 554 in ‘shiny calf’ as a way of justifying the purchase, although that didn’t prevent me from selecting the 100mm heel version!”




Gabrielle’s Christian Louboutin heels:

Christian Louboutin heels


Ruth DawsonRuth Dawson
Twitter: twitter.com/chiccheerful
“The item I would consider insuring is a little gold ‘R’ pendant necklace that my Nana gave to me on my first birthday.

It wouldn’t be anything special to the fashion world, and to be honest it is quite 80s looking but it means the world to me.”





Lauren from Fashion KillerLauren Nicole
Twitter: twitter.com/TheFashKiller
“‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ – Marilyn Monroe, and wasn’t she right?

For my 16th birthday I became that girl. Gifted my first ever dual diamond ring from Thomas Sabo by my mother, I was beyond excited.

So, if I were to insure any item, it would have to be that. This ring symbolises trust, unconditional love and a new chapter in my life.

I genuinely would be lost without it.”



Wendy from thankfifiWendy H Gilmour
Twitter: twitter.com/thankfifi
“There’s not a doubt in my mind that my most prized possession is this pair of Sophia Webster boots…

I managed to score them in a crazy sale on Net-A-Porter but even so they are irreplaceable!

The fit is perfect for me and every time I wear them they get compliments…

The dog is insured too obviously because he’s priceless.”


Here’s Wendy wearing here Sophia Webster boots:

Wendy in Sophia Webster boots


Sarah Wong from Temp SecSarah
Twitter: twitter.com/tempsec
“The fashion item that I would consider insuring is my Mulberry handbag, which is the most expensive thing I have ever bought.

Even though it’s a designer handbag, I was quite sensible in picking one that I could wear all the time.

It’s a black satchel with gold hardware and it goes with everything, so I’ve definitely got my money’s worth.”



Sarah’s Mulberry handbag:

Sarah Wong Mulberry handbag


Charlotte Ellis fashion bloggerCharlotte Ellis
Twitter: twitter.com/CaptainCharghli
“I was going to try and cheat by insuring my wardrobe, with all my clothes in it, but alas, I shall play by the rules :).

My 1 fashion item I would insure would have to be my favourite jumper. It didn’t cost me the World, but it’s not everyday you come across a French designer cashmere jumper with your name across it in a charity shop for under a tenner!

It’s the softest jumper I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, and is so easy to throw over the top of a pretty collared shirt or a cute printed dress.

Having my name across it makes it the perfect fit for my sometimes quirky style”

Here’s Charlotte in her special jumper:

Charlotte fashion jumper


What fashion item would you consider insuring?

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