Potential risk of travel insurance invalidation if holidaymakers ignore insurers’ vaccination advice

June 8, 2016

Vaccination being given to traveller

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Travel insurance experts are advising holidaymakers to ensure that they’re up to date on all of their vaccinations before they jet off to sunnier (and more exotic) climes this summer, as failure to do so might well mean you fall foul of your policy agreement.

The timely warning is to make sure that you take suitable precautions to safeguard your chances of recouping financial losses if and when you put in a claim with your travel insurance provider post-medical treatment.

As highlighted by this recent news piece it’s worth noting that many countries DON’T provide free health service and therefore any bills which accumulate in recognition of medical treatment or procedures a holidaymaker requires when placed in perilous situations can quickly escalate; leaving the travel insurance policyholder who DIDN’T check to see if they’d received all the jabs and inoculations they needed BEFORE heading off up the proverbial creek, minus a paddle.

A significant number of British travellers remain in the dark when it comes to appreciating the importance of having the correct vaccinations prior to escaping to a land of adventure, a knowledge shortfall which could easily end up with a future claim being declined.

As an increasing number of people plan on sojourns to more exotic locations than ever before, thanks in the main to cheaper and more convenient air travel, this reminder comes to ensure they address the underlying fact that the bulk of travel insurance policies nowcomprise the all-important wording which could see a claim denied if – and to paraphrase the pivotal sentence in question – ‘the policyholders hasn’t had the recommended inoculations and/or taken the recommended medication’ in relation to the contracting of a tropical disease whilst away.

GoCompare’s travel insurance expert, Alex Edwards told The Express; “If you’re heading to an area which has life-threatening infectious diseases you need to make sure you have the right vaccinations. Otherwise, if you fall ill with a disease for which you haven’t been vaccinated against or taken the required medicine - your insurance may not cover your medical treatment.”

Essentially should you visit a country where you were advised to take an anti-malaria medication beforehand, failure to act on this advice might well invalidate your travel insurance cover, were a holidaymaker to fall victim to such a disease.

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Ideally there’s a range of diseases which tourists need to vaccinate themselves against picking up when they’ve set their sights on visiting the more far-flung of worldwide destinations, including cholera, diphtheria, rabies, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid and yellow fever, according to GoCompare.com.

Especially with news that some 1 in 5 British holidaymakers intend to explore the sights and sounds of countries they’ve never previously travelled to as ABTA highlighted recently.

According to the Association of British Insurers, it has no accounts of previous occasions when disputes have arisen over insurance pay-outs in regard to vaccinations, yet a spokesperson representing the ABI added a cautionary note by saying; “Travel policies do expect you to take reasonable care to protect yourself and your property. So not following recommended medical advice and having the appropriate vaccinations could have potential implications if a claim arose in respect of one of the medical conditions that you are advised to be vaccinated against.”