Prepaid cards – Top up before you go on holiday – All of your travel money in one place.

By Bob Atoo
August 6, 2014

Bob knows that when travelling abroad, it can often be a risky business carrying all of your holiday money on you at once.

Here at, we offer a prepaid Mastercard, which allows you to top up the card before you jet off, allowing you more convenience when travelling, peace of mind and a lighter wallet.

It allows you to use it abroad wherever you see the MasterCard logo, with no overdraft facility, you are simply spending what you have budgeted for and better still if you lose your card you don’t lose your cash!

Pre paid credit card

How does a prepaid card work?

A prepaid card lets you pay for goods and services in the same way you would with a debit or credit card, but you have to deposit your own money into the card account before using it.

You’re not borrowing any money so there are no intrusive credit checks, it’s simply your money to spend how you want to.

For convenience, you can choose either euros or US dollars too!

Bob has found a prepaid card which he thinks is good for everyone: The Cashplus Prepaid Gold Mastercard.

The Cashplus Prepaid Gold Mastercard can be used by anyone and offers:

  • Guaranteed acceptance (no credit checks or bank account needed – terms and conditions apply)
  • Worldwide service, wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • The same security and fraud protection as a credit card.
  • Can be used like a bank account for wage payments and direct debits.

Bob hears you ask “but I don’t have a great credit history”

That’s ok, with the Cashplus Prepaid Gold Mastercard, it’s your money, nothing borrowed from a lender or bank.

Better still, the prepaid card doesn’t have to be stopped when you arrive back from your holiday. It can be used as an everyday card. Have your wages paid into it and even set up direct debits.

The prepaid card can be really helpful in both managing your money and actually building your credit history too.

Find out more about prepaid cards at or call us on 0800 080 6376.

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