How to get proof of no claims discount

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carWhen your car insurance is nearing its end, rather than renewing with your current provider you may find it worthwhile to shop around and compare different prices. This is because you will often find that insurance companies give better deals to new customers.

Comparing policies before renewing is one of our top tips to save money on your car insurance.

If you decide to switch providers, your new insurance company may ask you whether you have a no claims bonus. By having this, insurance companies can offer you a no claims discount on your premium with some companies giving over 70%!

What is a no claims discount?

A ‘no claims discount’ or ‘no claims bonus’ is earned for each year that a driver does not make a claim on their car insurance. By not making any claims and earning a no claims discount, you are viewed by insurance companies as a safer driver and will therefore be rewarded with a cheaper premium.

How to get proof of your no claims discount

Different insurance companies have different ways of providing you with proof of your no claims discount. For example, one company may send out a renewal or cancellation letter with your proof of no claims included, whereas another may only send you proof if you request it or via email.

It is common for an insurer to ask to see proof of your no claims discount when you take out a new policy with them to stop fraud. Because of the different ways in which proof is provided by different insurers, you should contact your previous insurance company and request to be sent the information or advised on how to go about getting it. You may find that your annual renewal letter serves as confirmation of your no claims bonus.

Want a great deal on car insurance? Get a FREE quote now.

Things to remember with proof of no claims discount

There is usually a time limit on providing your new insurer with proof of no claims discount, which tends to be from 7 – 10 days. If you fail to meet this deadline, you face the risk of your policy being invalid, leaving you uninsured, or the premium being loaded.

Some insurance companies will only accept the original letter proving your no claims discount confirmation so make sure you make a copy of the letter for your own records.

When your insurance company has received your proof of no claims, they should send you some sort of confirmation to let you know. If you haven’t heard from them a week after you have sent your letter or email, it is worth contacting them to find out. Never assume that they have received your proof as you could be driving around without insurance.

You can also protect your no claims bonus with many insurers – for an additional premium – which means that you don’t always lose what you have built up in the event of a minor accident.