What is single trip travel insurance?

By Bob Atoo
July 31, 2014

As the name would suggest, single trip travel insurance are policies designed for single trips abroad. For example, a week away to Greece or a weekend trip to Prague.

If you only travel once or twice a year, it could save you money to purchase single trip insurance for these trips, rather than pay out for annual cover or multi-trip travel insurance.

Travel insurance

What does a single trip travel insurance policy cover?

You will be covered for a number of different events during your holiday. These could be:

  • Injury, illness and medical treatment
  • Holiday/flight cancellation
  • Public liability
  • Baggage loss
  • Baggage/possession theft
  • Emergency repatriation

It is important to bear in mind that different companies offer different levels of cover. Don’t just assume that you will be covered for everything without checking the details in your policy.

If you find the perfect policy at the perfect price for your trip but notice you’re not covered for something specific, for example an extreme sport, you are usually able to add additional cover for an extra premium. This is common for activities such as skiing, scuba-diving and bungee-jumping.

Advantages of single trip travel insurance

  • You will usually be given a 24 hour contact number in case of emergencies.
  • As mentioned above, you can tailor a single trip policy to the needs of your holiday.
  • You are able to get cover for the exact amount of days you are travelling, therefore you will not be paying any more than you need to.

However, single trip policies are not for everyone. If you travel abroad more than twice a year, it may be more cost effective for you to purchase a multi-trip travel policy. Also, if you are travelling as a family or in a large group, it may work out better for you to purchase a family or group policy.

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