Student contents insurance – a guide


September 10, 2015

Starting university can be an exciting yet daunting time. With so much to think about, protecting your valuables can be easily overlooked.

This guide aims to help you understand the importance of contents insurance and the options available to you.

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What is student’s contents insurance?
Student’s contents insurance is a policy designed to compensate you should the belongings you take with you to university or college are lost, stolen or damaged. Your belongings will also be protected against loss or damage caused by fire, flood, storm and burst pipes

Do I need contents insurance whilst at university?

Picture this: you’ve settled in to your new accommodation, you’ve bonded with your new flatmates and now you’re enjoying your first night out during Fresher’s week. You return to your apartment to discover that the building has been broken into, and your laptop, your iPad and your digital camera have been stolen.

Now imagine you have purchased a contents insurance policy, and will be able to replace these belongings without losing out financially. Relief?

Having a contents insurance policy in place can make situations like this a lot less stressful and upsetting.

With the average university student owning several expensive items of technology, it is no wonder that they are three times more likely to be the victim of theft and burglary. Tweet this

How do I insure my contents?

There are four main ways in which you can insure your belongings whilst at university. These are listed and explained below:

An existing home insurance policy

Chances are, your parents have a home insurance policy in place.

Your parents may be able to extend their policy to include your belongings whilst you’re away.

However, not all insurance companies will offer this extension. If this cover is available, it is important to check the limitations as these can range from £750 up to £5,000.

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Student accommodation insurance

First year students often live in student accommodation or halls of residence. It is common to be offered some level of cover as part of your accommodation arrangement. This cover may not be adequate for your needs and you may want to purchase a more comprehensive policy in addition.

Home contents insurance

Depending on your living arrangements, a home contents policy can be purchased to protect your belongings. You will need to be living in private rented accommodation such as a house or flat rather than halls of residence to be eligible for this product.

Specialist student contents insurance

Insurance companies offer specialist student contents insurance which is very similar to the home contents policy but is available to students living in halls of residence.

When insuring your contents there is often a limit on the value of individual items. For example, there could be a £500 limit on your policy, but your laptop could be worth more than this. It is vital that you ensure that the single article limit on your policy is adequate to cover your most expensive item.

Things to remember about student contents insurance

  • There are often exclusions in student contents insurance policies. Common exclusions are bicycles and musical instruments. If you have an item which is not included in your policy, you may need to purchase extra cover for this.
  • Extra protection can also be added to most policies, for example, accidental damage. This could be worthwhile with several people living under the same roof.
  • Within the total contents sum insured there is often a ‘valuables’ limit. This means only a certain amount of your belongings can be ‘valuables’. Valuables can include jewellery and other expensive items.
  • Most policies carry an excess. This is the amount you have to pay should a claim occur. This can start from £50 upwards.
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