Tesco launches new £7.99 ‘Clubcard Plus’ – but is it worth it?

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By Bob Atoo
October 23, 2019

The Tesco Clubcard has long been one of the most popular supermarket loyalty cards in the UK, offering customers the chance to spend their Tesco Clubcard vouchers on anything from family days out to car insurance.

Now, with Clubcard Plus, regular Tesco shoppers will be able to get up to £40 off their shopping every single month – this means that, with the monthly fee of £7.99 deducted from any potential savings, shoppers could save a whopping £384 on their grocery shop every single year!

The new-and-improved loyalty scheme also comes with a range of other extra features, including:

  • 10% discount on Tesco branded products (F&F clothes, Go Cook, Tesco Pet, Fox & Ivy and more!)
  • ‘Double date’ on Tesco Mobile plans
  • A Tesco Bank credit card with no foreign exchange fees

How does it work?

When the scheme is rolled out across the UK (there is no exact date as of yet), Clubcard Plus members will be able to sign up via the existing Tesco Clubcard app – it’s through this app that members will also be able to cancel their subscription at any time, if they feel that they are not reaping its benefits.

With a Tesco Clubcard Plus account, members are entitled to a maximum discount of £20 on two separate shops every month – with the discount rate set at 10%, this means that shoppers must complete two £200 shops every month to get the most out of the account.

But that is not to say that you must spend this amount for the monthly £7.99 payment to be worth it – in fact, it would take two shops worth just £40 each (or one worth £80) for customers to make back the monthly fee.

Given that the average weekly shop for most families comes in at around £60, this could be a no-brainer for those who use Tesco for their ‘big shop’.

It should be noted that there will be certain exclusions to the deal and, while it is yet to be announced what these are, they are likely to include age-restricted items such as alcohol, cigarettes and lottery tickets. It is also likely to exclude spends on fuel and 10p carrier bags.

Once it is released, customers are able to opt-in and opt-out of Tesco Clubcard Plus on a month-by-month basis. This means that if you know you’ll be spending big (say, ahead of Christmas), you’ll be able to opt in for that one month only – just remember to opt out again before the month is out!

What’s been said?

Chief Customer Officer at Tesco, Alessandra Bellini, has said: ‘New Clubcard Plus is a breakthrough innovation giving customers even more ways to get the best value while shopping at Tesco, for their every shopping essentials, weekly shops, mobile and banking.’

There is no word as to when the new scheme will be released to the public, but we know that existing Tesco Clubcard members will be able to opt-in straight away via the Tesco Clubcard app using their Tesco Clubcard login.

Other than what has already been mentioned, information surrounding the scheme is limited, so keep an eye out for more information in the not-so-distant future.

Is the Tesco Clubcard Plus worth it?

Clubcard members can already benefit from the hundreds of Tesco Clubcard deals available both in-store, online and with some other leading retailers.

Customers can also get a Tesco Clubcard boost when exchanging vouchers to spend at selected retailers and attractions, with some offering to triple the value of your vouchers.

If you are a regular shopper at Tesco and spend more than £80 a month (over a maximum of 2 individual shops) then it is almost a no-brainer that you should consider signing up for Tesco Clubcard Plus.

If you spend less, or don’t shop at Tesco at all, then you probably won’t get your money’s worth with Tesco Clubcard Plus – instead, check out our guide to the best supermarket loyalty cards which you might be able to take advantage of!

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