The best van security locks and products

March 1, 2022

Improving the security of your van not only prevents costly thefts, it can also help you save money on van insurance. Here we identify some of the best van security products...

 If you use your van for work purposes, it is likely that it is often full of expensive tools and equipment. If your van is broken into or stolen, it can not only be expensive to replace the items that are lost, you can also lose a lot of time dealing with police and your insurance company - time that would probably be better spent working.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure, and that is certainly true when it comes to van security. Beefing up the security profile of your van not only deters thieves, it can also lead to cheaper van insurance premiums - as insurance companies will see your well-protected van as less of a risk to cover.

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If you're thinking about improving the security of your van, we've identified some of the best van security products to buy below:

Van door locks

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Van door locks are effective anti-theft devices that are usually fitted to the rear doors of your van and link the two together with a strong lock - making it very difficult for thieves to pry the doors open.

As some vans come with quite weak and vulnerable locking systems, buying an extra door lock can be a great investment.

Most locks can be fitted to rear doors as well as the side sliding doors, and are operated using a key.

Fitting the locks requires drilling into the door skin, so if you're not confident doing that yourself you should look to a professional to make sure it is fitted properly.

Van door locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so make sure you check that your lock is compatible with your van.

Van steering wheel locks

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Steering wheel locks have become one of the most successful anti-theft devices for both cars and vans in recent years, as they are a highly visible deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

The Disklok steering wheel lock is well-known for being the most difficult-to-defeat van security devices, and is approved by independent security experts Thatcham and comes recommended by the police. It is also recognised by most van insurance companies so is one of the best ways to get cheaper van insurance premiums.

Thanks to its reputation, the Disklok is one of the more expensive steering wheel locks you can buy for your van. We've also identified some of the others that, while not as well-known as the Disklok, also offer great security for a cheaper price.

All van steering wheel locks come is various sizes so make sure you buy the right size for your particular steering wheel. You can also find extra accessories to go with the lock like a protective steering wheel cover and storage bag.

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Van GPS trackers

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Anyone who has had a vehicle stolen before will know that it is usually very unlikely that they will get it back. That can be an even bigger problem for van owners that car owners as their van is often essential to their job.

The rise in GPS technology has now made vehicle trackers an affordable and effective option for van owners looking for peace of mind that, even if their van is stolen, they will be able to recover it quickly.

Some of the more advanced vehicle tracking systems also double-up as private alarms, notifying the owner via a smartphone app if the vehicle is tampered with or moved.

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