Top 10 travel apps for 2017

phone app for holidayAs the technology in our smartphones and tablets continues to develop, we are given more and more ways to organise our lives and connect with other people all over the world.

Perhaps one of the most exciting areas in app development at the minute is travel, with a multitude of new apps entering the market all the time to help us plan our holidays, manage our travel budgets, save money on flights, accomodation and activities, stay safe in new countries and record all aspects of our trips.

We’ve identified ten of the best travel apps to help you get started…

1. Tourlina

Tourlina travel appDesigned specifically for solo female travellers, Tourlina helps users find like-minded holiday-makers to share part of their trip with. Whilst solo-travelling can be a rewarding and life-affirming experience for women, there are many who miss out because they are not comfortable with the thought of travelling alone. Tourlina helps by enabling them to find a companion – whether it’s just to meet up for a coffee or a bite to eat, or to share a leg of the journey with.

It works kind of like Tinder, with a very easy to use interface that allows you to swipe left or right to match with other solo travellers.

Find out more and download Tourlina for free here:

2. Cape

Cape travel appIt may not have fully launched yet, but Cape has the potential to change the way we pay for flights for ever.

The app allows users to sign up to by ‘standby tickets’ – which are basically unsold airline seats that are reserved for employees of the airline, members of their family or maybe travellers who missed an earlier flight or connecting flight.

As long as you are prepared to get your tickets on very short notice, Cape could help you save 70% or more on the cost of airfare – which could make air travel affordable to more people around the world.

The app works by letting you sign up to a waiting list for standby tickets and provides updates on your likelihood of getting on a particular flight. You will only then be charged when your tickets are confirmed.

Find out more about Cape here:

3. Culture Trip

the culture trip travel appThis app is a new version of the popular travel and lifestyle website The Culture Trip, which helps you discover the cultural highlights of whatever area you are in or planning to travel to. Just type in the destination and a whole world of suggestions will fill your feed, including food tips, arts (music, film, galleries etc…), history and so on.

The Culture Trip app is a lot like having an instantly searchable guide book at your fingertips to help you discover the hidden gems of any location in the world.

Download the Culture Trip app for free: iTunes | Google Play

4. FindPenguins

FindPenguins travel appThis is the perfect travel app for people who want to create an ongoing record of their travels to share with their friends and family back home.

FindPenguins allows you to create your own travel blog/journal and update it quickly and easily while on the move – checking in at various locations, adding photos and text etc… for your ‘followers’ to see.

Maps and photo albums are all fully integrated into the app to enable you to create your ‘footprints’ everywhere you go.

Creating and updating a travel blog in the more traditional sense can be quite time-consuming – not ideal when you are travelling – so FindPenguin’s intuitive interface is great for holidaymakers and long-term travellers to record and share their experiences.

Find out more about FindPenguins and download the app here:

5. Bungee Girl

Bungee Girl travel appBungee Girls is similar in spirit to Tourlina, in that it helps solo female travellers to connect with each other. The difference though, is that Bungee Girl has the more specific aim of getting them to visit each other’s city or town.

The basic idea is for women who want to visit a new place can connect with like-minded women who live there who want to visit their counterpart’s city. They can then both arrange to visit each others location and have the added bonus of a bit of local knowledge.

The app also boasts a wealth of information for travellers, such as places to visit, fun things to do, hidden gems etc… to help users get the most out of their visit.

Bungee Girl is currently only available for a selection of major cities around the world: London, Paris, Copenhagen, Sydney, New York and San Francisco, but as it grows we can look forward to more and more destinations being added.

Find out more about Bungee Girl and download the app here:

6. Lola Travel

Lola Travel appIt wasn’t too long ago that we all used to book our holidays by going to a travel agents and actually talking to a real human being, who would input everything we wanted into their computer and find the perfect package holiday for us.

This may seem like a distant memory now, but Lola Travel is an app that is bringing back the personal touch to holiday planning. The app allows you to deal directly with a real person who can deal with all the laborious and time-consuming parts of planning a trip, which is perfect if you are suddenly thrown a curveball and need to postpone or quickly plan a trip. Just use the app to tell them what you need and when and it will all be sorted for you.

Find our more about Lola Travel and download the app here:

7. TrabeePocket

Trabee Pocket travel appIt’s easy to get a bit carried away and lose track of your spending when on holiday – particularly if you are in a mew country and dealing with a new currency.

TrabeePocket is a handy app that acts like a travel expense tracker, helping you keep a close eye on your holiday spending. To use it, just enter your total holiday expense budget and then log the money you spend. It will automatically calculate what you have left and show you exactly what everything is costing you in your own currency.

The app will help you get to grips with a foreign currency and the current exchange rates without the need for constant mental arithmetic. It will even provide you with a detailed spending report at the end of your trip so you can analyse your holiday spending habits.

Find out more about TrabeePocket and download the app here:

8. GeoSure

GeoSure travel appStaying safe is a paramount concern for all travellers and holidaymakers, especially when venturing to completely new and unfamiliar destinations.

The GeoSure app is a fantastic resource for all travellers who want to stay safe while enjoying their trip. It works by collating crowdsourced data on thousands of cities, giving users an up-to-date and accurate picture of the risks in whatever city they are in.

Users can share their individual experiences and advise other visitors where to avoid, and it also has a whole category based on female safety.

Download the GeoSure app here: iTunes | Google Play

9. Modern Atlas

Modern Atlas travel appModern Atlas is the app for those who like to get a feel for a place before they visit it. You could scroll through Google Images and sites like TripAdvisor but this can often have the opposite effect and leave you feeling less familiar with the place.

The stated aim of Modern Atlas is to “mimic and augment the feeling of wandering around a new city and stumbling on a special spot” – which can be done by browsing or search for locations and revealing informative text pop-ups on interesting landmarks and places of interest.

Modern Atlas features photos taken by other users and uses information sourced directly from Wikipedia to provide extra context.

Find out more about Modern Atlas and download the app here:

10. Citymapper

citymapper travel appGoogle Maps may be all well and good for basic use, but Citymapper is the go-to app for the more hardcore traveller who wants a bit more from their map app of choice.

Citymapper offers more detailed journey planner information than Google, including real-time departures and disruption alerts, as well as Uber integration and cycle routes. It is available in around 30 cities worldwide, with all the obvious city-break destinations covered.

Find out more about Citymapper and download the app here:

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