Top burglar alarm myths


March 27, 2015

There is no other home security method that can give you the same peace of mind as a burglar alarm system.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths regarding home burglar alarms which can make it more confusing for anyone who is looking into getting extra security for their home.

Here, we look at some of the more prevailing burglar alarm myths in detail and explain them in easy to use language.

Myth: Burglar alarms must be installed by a professional
False: There are many alarm systems on the market that are simple enough to install at home by anyone possessing basic D.I.Y. skills.  Wireless systems are often particularly easy to install.
Myth: Burglar alarms are expensive
False: There are a huge number of different makes and models of burglar alarm system available to consumers and most of them are made up of the same essential components.

Whilst some alarm systems can cost thousands of pounds, there are plenty of domestic alarm systems that are low-cost and can be fitted without the need for professional installation.

Myth: The presence of a burglar alarm makes my house a target
False: Some feel that having a burglar alarm visible from the outside of their home signals to thieves that they have valuable property worth protecting.

However, the vast majority of domestic alarm systems are protecting nothing more than everyday valuables such as TV sets, stereo equipment etc…

Also, statistics show that houses fitted with burglar alarms are 4 times less likely to be burgled than houses without.

If you do have items of considerable value in your home, over and above everyday items such as televisions or personal computers, it is advisable that you invest in more sophisticated burglar alarm systems.

Whilst a standard alarm system will deter opportunistic thieves, they may not be sufficient to safeguard against more professional criminals who target specific properties they know to have extremely valuable contents.

Myth: Burglars can easily cut the alarm cables
False: If you’re concerned about burglars cutting your burglar alarm cables, simply opt for a wireless system.

That means there are no visible wires to cut and it makes it much more difficult for any intruders to circumvent the system.

There are many cost-effective wireless alarm systems on the market, many of which are easy to install.

Myth: You don't need a burglar alarm if you have insurance
False: Whilst insurance will cover any property damage or theft that occurred during the course of a robbery, it can’t protect you from the sense of loss and violation that accompany a home invasion.

Insurance will not be able to replace any sentimental items that may have been taken or damaged.

It is also useless in the event of thieves stealing personal or sensitive details stored on items such as laptops, PCs, tablets or mobile phones.

Whilst it’s very wise to have comprehensive home contents cover, it can’t give you the same level of security as an effective burglar alarm system. 

Myth: Alarm monitoring is expensive
False: You don’t have to pay expensive alarm monitoring fees to a private company.

You can  set some systems to auto dial your mobile phone or a landline of your choice so that you can effectively monitor the system yourself.

Myth: Burglars aren't interested in my home
False: Most burglars are opportunists.  That means they select homes more or less at random (although they tend to avoid houses with visible burglar alarms!).

Therefore, any house can be a target.

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