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By Bob Atoo
October 2, 2014

As the nights start to draw in the burglars best friend is returning – darkness. So now is a good time to consider the security of your home.

Before we look at physically protecting your home it may be worth mentioning social networks.

If you announce to your 8,000 personal friends on Facebook that you and the family are going out for the night or leaving on two weeks holiday, perhaps a moment’s thought should be given to whether any of those 8,000 personal friends might actually be potential burglars collecting information!?

Home security should be considered in two layers. Firstly the actual building itself and secondly the perimeter…

Building security

Most modern houses have secure deadlocks on their doors and locks on the window latches. If your house does not it is well worth considering adding them. They are relatively cheap and provide real additional security.

Don’t forget that it is no good having all these effective window locks if you leave your windows open when you go out. Burglar alarms can be well worthwhile especially if there are monitored and regularly serviced.


There are several types of lighting systems that you can put around the outside of your house to deter burglars. PIR or passive infrared lights work on body heat to switch them on.

Many have a sensitivity adjustment which should be set at a level where a neighbour’s cat doesn’t keep setting it off, (otherwise you will just become paranoid that someone is in your garden all the time!).

Dusk to dawn lights have light sensors that turn on at night and off in the morning. High – low lights are always on during the darkness hours but when the PIR is triggered the brightness intensifies.


CCTV systems used to be only for the very top end of home security. Today there are some very cheap and effective CCTV systems that operate a single camera and store the recoding on an SD card or that links through to your TV. The pictures can even be viewed on your smart phone.

So, unlike physical security, they may not prevent anyone actually breaking in but they can act as a great deterrent. As many of us have ageing parents living independently we are concerned for their security not only from burglars but from unscrupulous door step callers, a CCTV system that can be viewed on a smart phone can not only give our parents security they can help give us peace of mind as to their safety.


The value of pets as a deterrent to burglars should not be underestimated. Dogs are perhaps more effective than hamsters though! The dog does not necessarily need to be a big ferocious dog, a small dog is equally capable of deterring burglars as the noise can scare them away.

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