The top toys for Christmas 2016 revealed

Minions Pie Face game product image
September 26, 2016

The UK’s biggest toy store – Toys ‘R’ Us – have revealed the top 10 must-have toys that are expected to be right at the top of your kids’ Christmas lists.

The big list of the most popular toys for Christmas 2016 includes a robotic dog, a Furby, several Lego sets, a Minion’s version of the popular ‘Pie Face’ game and lots more.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, Toys ‘R’ Us expect the most popular toys to start flying off the shelves over the next 14 weeks – with Christmas shopping expected to peak in November, so get in there early and start striking the below toys off your lists before the demand really ramps up…

1. Chip Robot Dog – £199.99

Robot Dog Chip toy

The days of buying real life puppies for Christmas are over, as Chip the Robot Dog acts just like the real thing. Chip responds to voice commands to be trained to do new tricks, and can also be operated via a smart-phone/tablet app.

It also comes with a ‘SmartBall’ so you can teach Chip to play fetch.

Buy now from Amazon – £199.99


2. Furby Connect – £89.99

Furby Connect product image

It seems that as long as there has been lists like this one, there has been a Furby toy of some description in it. In this world of smartphone and apps, the Furby has taken on a new lease of life – and the Furby Connect is expected to be one of the most popular Furby toys of all time.

Buy now from Amazon – £89.99


3. LEGO Friends Party Shop – £24.99

LEGO Friends Party Shop product image

Just like the Furby, LEGO is a perennial favourite in any top Christmas toys list.  This 176-piece LEGO set combines all the fun of construction with the vibrant world of the Heartlake party shop.

Buy now from Toys R Us – £24.99


4. LEGO Ninjago Samurai X Cave Chaos – £144.00

LEGO Ninjago Samurai X Cave Chaos

The second LEGO entry in this year’s list is one that is sure to keep the Dad’s busy on Christmas morning just as much as the kids! From building a jet plane in the hi-tech inventor launchpad to making the powerful Samurai X bike, this set has plenty to keep you entertained.

Buy now from Amazon – £144.00



5. Minions Pie Face game – coming soon

Minions Pie Face game product image

The Pie Face game took the world by storm in 2015, and now the special Minions version of the game is expected to dominate Christmas 2016. There’s no official release date for Minions Pie Face yet, so keep your eyes open for the news because they will fly out of stores in no time.


6. Nerf Tri Strike – £43.59

Nerf Tri Strike product image

Another firm festive favourite, the Nerf brand of toys continues to provide popular products every year. For Christmas 2016 we have the Nerf ‘Tri Strike’, which offers three different ways of shooting your friends/annoying sibling.

Buy now from Amazon – £43.59


7. Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss Truck – £29.99

Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss Truck

The Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss Truck lets kids make their own flavoured lip gloss, store their creations in cute little sundae containers and even showcase them in the truck.

Buy now from Amazon – £29.99


8. Paw Patrol Air Patroller – £39.99

Paw Patrol Air Patroller toy

The Air Patroller can quickly and easily transfrom from a helicopter into a plane and has real lights and sounds to let children play out their favourite Paw Patrol scenes.

Buy now from Argos – £39.99


9. Selfie Mic – £19.99

Selfie Mic toy

The Selfie Mic allows kids to sing-along to their favourite pop songs using the free Starmaker singing app, record themselves and then share with their friends.

Buy now from Amazon – £18.99


10. Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck – £19.99

Shopkins Shoppie Smoothie Truck

The popular Shopkins is back for Christmas 2016 with this fun smoothie truck that comes with two Shopkins, two stools and a blender and is also compatible with all existing Shoppie dolls.

Buy now from Amazon – £19.99