Travel insurance for under 16s

By Bob Atoo
April 2, 2015

There are a number of travel insurance options on the market designed for children under the age of 16.  Which one you choose will depend on how your child will be travelling.

If your children are travelling with you, your best option will probably be a family policy.  However, if your children are travelling on a school trip or with friends, you’ll need to get individual cover for them.

Some family travel insurance will include your children for free.  Occasionally, insurers will allow children listed on your family policy to travel separately whilst still maintaining cover.

However, this is reasonably rare, so never assume this to be the case.  Read the fine print and check with your insurer to find out where you stand.

child and parent on beach

What travel insurance policies are out there?

The two main things you should consider are: will your policy give you the right level of cover should your child need to make a claim whilst they’re away? And will it cover any sports or activities your child is likely to take part in?

Activities like skiing, kayaking or anything considered to be an extreme sport will not be covered under standard insurance policies.  If you’re holidaying as a family, opt for a family plan that covers any sports you’re intending to take part in.  If you’re specifically planning on skiing, it’s vital that you have an adequate level of medical cover and piste rescue cover.

When you’re weighing up the pros and cons of various policies, you need to make sure the medical cover is around 1-2 million pounds.  You should also double-check that the specific activities your child will be taking part in are covered.  You’ll need lost-luggage cover that is equal to the value of the possessions they’ll be taking with them and sufficient cancellation cover for the travel costs and the costs of any excursions that were planned.

You should shop around for the best deal, but don’t be tempted to settle for the cheapest quote. Check and double-check that your policy is comprehensive and that your child will be protected for all eventualities.

European Health Insurance Card

Although a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is never a replacement for comprehensive insurance cover, it can be a useful supplement to it – allowing your child access to low cost (or even free) medical care and treatments if their travel is within Europe.

Make sure your child has their EHIC with them and they’ll be entitled to basic emergency health care in any country they visit that is part of the European Union.

Double check the Terms and Conditions

Never underestimate the importance of reading the fine print of your policy.  There’s no point in having a policy at all if it won’t pay out when you need it to.

Check what the excess is on your policy.  It’s often the case that cheaper policies have higher excesses to dissuade you from claiming for smaller sums of money.

If you do your research and thoroughly familiarise yourself with your policy, you’ll avoid any unexpected problems arising should your child need to claim.

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