Travel insurance guide for diabetics

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Nobody wants to imagine been struck down with an illness while they’re enjoying a holiday, yet for the 3.2 million people diagnosed with diabetes here in the UK there’s always the possibility that their condition could resurface just as easily when they’re either home or away.

The simple fact of the matter is that diabetes doesn’t care that you’re holidaying if and when it rears its ugly head, so the best policy to safeguard against finding yourself out of pocket (and mind with additional worry) should this unwelcome situation arise, is to insure against it with any one of the numerous travel insurance policies targeted specifically towards diabetics.

In spite of the condition never being that far away from the minds of sufferers of diabetes, those with both Type 1 and Type 2 forms of the life-long health condition can and regularly do circumnavigate the globe, and ensure that their underlying health issue doesn’t compromise their ability to travel and explore the incalculable wonders of the world. And why should you let it be a barrier to expanding your horizons, as preparing yourself correctly should reduce the impact of any potential problems? And part of that preparation is making sure that, as a diabetic, you have arranged a suitable travel insurance policy which works for you.

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Always disclose all details about your diabetes to ensure the best possible travel insurance coverage

When broaching the subject of travel insurance policies with an insurer, as a diabetic you should always disclose your condition from the outset, regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 strains of the condition.

Universally recognised by the insurance industry as a pre-existing medical condition, it is not something that insurers automatically provide a level of cover for, so should be flagged up at your first convenience.

Although it’s not compulsory to arrange diabetic travel insurance as such, it’s worth noting that standard travel insurance policies do not protect you against your diabetes causing any problems while travelling, holidaying or on any form of break.

Dedicated diabetes travel insurance cover – as readily offered by a number of insurance providers these days – affords you peace of mind while you’re away, thanks to a raft of potential eventualities having had provisions made for.

Like for instance being covered should you lose/have stolen insulin, metformin or any other medicines prescribed to control your diabetes, while the cancellation and emergency medical assistance section of most tailored diabetes travel insurance policies will also extend to incorporate any unpredicted complications which result from the condition flaring up during your holiday. Thus allowing you to claim out of pocket expenses if you are deemed too unwell to travel or require hospitalisation and treatment, especially important if abroad at the time.

If proven to be controlled, diabetes travel insurance policy premiums needn’t be excessive

As sufferers and experts alike will tell you, diabetes doesn’t come without associated medical conditions which again are asked about (and potentially screened for) during the initial stages of arranging diabetes travel insurance policies as part of the protocol.

These often extend to evidence of high blood pressure and cholesterol, leg and foot ulcers and bad circulation, all of which episodes experienced by the potential policyholder should be divulged at the first juncture so as to avoid any issues at a later date.

Honesty is always advised as the best policy as if in doubt, insurers can request medical records from GPs and hospitals if required.

In summary, diabetes travel insurance cover is widely available from a host of reliable insurance providing sources, only like with every other insurance product we would urge interested parties to always base your final decision with regards which company to go with on more than just the most competitively priced premiums promoted, as level of cover should be of the paramount concern, more especially when it’s to do with an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Having said that, diabetes travel insurance shouldn’t necessarily prove that much more expensive than ordinary, run-of-the-mill travel policies if you can prove you have it under control and have made all the necessary preparations beforehand.

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