UK parents pay an average of £100 – £300 on days out during the summer – with trips to the beach voted the best value for money

UK parents took their children on more than five days out this summer, voting the beach and certain theme parks as the best in terms of value for money.

The results of our Summer Spending Survey 2017 are in, and they make for very interesting reading.

To coincide with the kids going back to school earlier this month we asked 2,571 UK parents about the days out they enjoyed this summer as a family: how much they spent on them; what they spent the money on; which ones they would recommend for value for money and how much they plan to spend next summer.

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Key findings

60% of our survey respondents said they took their children on more than five days out this summer. Regardless of whether parent’s work full-time or part-time, or how many children they have, the most common amount of days out was always more than five.

How many Days Out did you take the kids on this summer?

how many days out

On average, dad’s spent more on days out than mum’s. Dad’s spent an average of between £200 – £400 while mum’s spent between £100 – £300. Entry costs to attractions were the most expensive part of days out, followed by food and travel.

What did you spend the most money on?

what did you spend the most money on

In terms of value for money, a trip to the beach was by far the most popular choice. Theme parks were second, but it seems some parks offer better value for money than others as theme parks were also voted the least likely to offer value for money.

Nearly half (46%) of parents said they plan to spend more on days out next summer. 24% said they will spend ‘about the same’, with the remaining 30% saying they will aim to spend less next year.

Do you plan to spend more or less next year on summer Days Out?

how much do you plan to spend next year

See the full data: Summer spending survey results