UK travel insurer says that 34 million Brits are looking to holiday abroad in 2016

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No sooner have we waved goodbye to Christmas than our thoughts quickly turn to this summer’s holidays. Once we have avoided buying a sale-spec sofa or bought a job lot of Easter eggs in advance. It’s just what we Brits habitually do.

Yet according to the findings of new research conducted by a leading UK travel insurance provider, a significant percentage of us planned and booked our holidays BEFORE the recent festivities took place.

That’s right, according to Sainsbury’s travel insurance division more than 34 million British sun (or adventure) seekers have already set the wheels in motion with regards to planning our summer getaways.

And a massive 67% of adults are preparing to jet off abroad in 2016, while an even larger 75% (or in other words, 38 million of us) intend on enjoying a staycation here in good old Blighty.

Then there’s the fortunate (not so) few who are gearing up to combine both home and away sojourns this year; a figure believed to be in the region of 58%.


However it’s the seeming timing of summer holiday booking this year (or rather as the case is, last year) that grabs the headlines on this particular occasion after it emerged that some 8.7 million ‘early bookers’ arranged their jollies before Big Ben struck Midnight on New Year’s Eve. That’s a single-minded 1 in 5 of us hell-bent on getting away from it all this year; yet signing on the dotted line BEFORE 2015 was out. And if that’s a surprise, what about the 12% who had already booked this year’s excursions to sunnier climes before Halloween was even experienced last year!


Of course, many people are slightly more predictable, in as much as they’re leaving it until this January to book their hols (as is more conventional), with 1 in 8 planning on tying things up before February is ushered in according to the same studies.

Over 8 million UK holidaymakers had arranged their 2016 holidays BEFORE Christmas

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Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance spokesperson, Tom Thomson speaking on the subject of his insurance provider’s research, said; “A good proportion of holidaymakers are early bookers, who plan ahead and like to have something to look forward to.”

Having said that Thomson was keen to address the vital issue of travel policies at the same time, adding; “We’d encourage people to put a similar level of planning into choosing their travel insurance as if they don’t choose the right policy they might give themselves something to regret. Those booking independently rather than through a travel agent, must ensure they have good quality independent traveller cover as they may not benefit from protection under the ATOL scheme.”

In terms of what types of holidays Brits will be looking forward to this summer, both abroad and on familiar shores, and overall city breaks (27%) head up the domestic polls, whilst overseas and beach destinations (31%) top the holiday pops as such. The other favourites getaway pastimes pan out as beneath.

Most popular overseas holidays in 2016 (and percentage of adults planning one);

  • Beach holidays (31%)
  • City breaks (16%)
  • Cruises (8%)
  • Arts, culture, food and wine holidays (7%)
  • Activity and sports holidays (6%)
  • Spa / retreat holidays (5%)


Most popular domestic holidays in 2016 (and percentage of adults planning one);

  • City breaks (27%)
  • Beach holidays (13%)
  • Walking holidays (10%)
  • Spa/ retreat holidays (8%)
  • Activity and sports holidays (6%)
  • Arts, culture, food and wine holidays (5%)

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